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Running a cross border business is a serious endeavor. Michael Michelini breaks down the overwhelming process of running and growing an international business into a GFA VIP you can follow along with. This VIP club will be your go-to resource to optimize your current business as well as an ongoing reference you will come back to again and again.

Many international businesses don’t make it because they ignore or underestimate the changing business demands. They fall victim to complacency and stop paying attention to the details and complexities of a global business. When it comes down to it, the most talented businessperson needs to understand and follow the fundamental concepts of running a global business.

Don’t let your international business dreams disappear like that. By now, you know better. You know that you can’t afford to cut corners on your business plan. You know that using the right business tools and tactics will set you apart. .

And if you didn’t know all that, you do now. Knowledge is power. We can help you use it.



Global From Asia VIP (GFAVIP) is the definitive and complete resource that will be alongside you for the entire process of starting your global business, from your first question about forming a company all the way through yearly upkeep and business operations, sales and marketing.

This GFAVIP stuff is no “fluff” – get direct to the “goods” offering—Michael Michelini breaks down the overwhelming process of running an international business from Asia into a regular resource you can follow and refer to again and again.

When you get as a Global From Asia VIP, you’ll enjoy a wealth of valuable information and connections: things that many have taken years of trial and error to discover. All of that is possible because, with this access, you will have access to:

  • Connector.

    Just getting started? Are you setting up your business the right way?

  • Connector.

    Banking, how is it configured? Do you have one, and if you have one, do you have plan B (and C) in case?

  • Connector.

    Maintaining your books and business operations, everything going smooth?

  • Connector.

    As you grow, are you setting up the right business structure to go to the next level?

  • Connector.

    Case studies and examples of real business people and how they opened and operate their international businesses.

  • Connector.

    Dealing with PayPal, merchant accounts, and cashflow. Verifying, withdrawing, and dealing with limitations.

  • Connector.

    Comparisons of when you should open local country based operations and when you should centralize your operations.

  • Connector.

    How to capitalize on all of the amenities that running a business from Asia has to offer.


That’s just a quick overview of what’s included as a VIP. There’s a lot more that you’ll enjoy. To get a better appreciation for what’s inside, take a look at what’s offered.

Don’t need to read the full offer to start?

Awesome, Let’s do this!



When you purchase Global From Asia VIP, you receive access to premium resources designed to help international businesses grow. These tools will get your business on the right track and give you the knowledge and power to go forward with confidence.

Depending on which level you purchase, you’ll receive the following:


Monthly Online Workshop on Global Business

Stay on top of your game. You’re smart, that’s why you’re here. You know that in order to keep on top of the latest trends in business, you need to be constantly learning. That is one of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur – learning. Once you stop learning, you fall behind. So let us help you stay on top of the trends. Our VIP workshops are exclusive content that dives deep and direct to solutions for running your international business. From topics on managing staff (in Asia and beyond), to cross-border e-commerce, to just being a better leader with productivity, these workshops are action packed.

Full Library of Previous GFAVIP Online Workshops

Can’t attend the online workshops live? Or worried you are signing up now and missed out on the previous workshops? No problem! Becoming a VIP member gives you instant access to our entire back catalog of previous workshops. Topics from Chinese Wechat Marketing to bookkeeping tactics and audits – don’t feel you are missing out. Tap into the power of our entire back catalog and watch at your leisure! #winning

Valuable Business Contact Rolodex

As anything in business, it is who you know. You can skip steps and get through to the right people and places. In our private member’s area, we have company lists that will be your go-to source for getting things done in your “global from Asia” business operations.

Templates & Forms

What are all the forms I need to fill out for an ongoing global company (empire)? Where do I get them? What about payment instructions, invoice templates? We know the overwhelming flow of information, and we package it all together in one source. Find out from the extra articles in this special section for our VIP members.

Special Partner Offers

We constantly have different service providers wanting to give us free stuff to try out their business. They are doing this so we give them more chances to reach you! So, let’s flip this around and give you some exclusive freebies and discounts. As a VIP member, we will share these deals only with you and give you savings and perks that will pay back your investment immediately. Talk about ROI!

Discounts on GFA Opportunitues

Receive priority access and special price to all things Global From Asia has to offer. From events to education, retreats to books, we got you in the front line with a special discount pass ready!

GFA Toolbox: Jobs, Experts, Market

Global From Asia has a network of platforms to help you as a growing and scaling business owner. List your jobs on our job board, offer your service in our GFA market, and present yourself as an expert for workshops, meetups and courses. All these tools can be your special resource with our VIP community manager helping you get that extra bonus and exposure inside.

Exposure on GFA Media

Are you looking for more exposure for your business? Who isn’t right? As a GFA VIP member, we will give you the chance to reach our audience with news and updates on your business. Each week, Mike will select a VIP’s story and share it on the podcast, newsletter, or social media. You can choose if you want to target our Chinese social media channels – such as Wechat and Weibo, or our International channels such as Facebook. And of course, our blogs and podcasts go both ways – so being on that will get you Chinese and International recognition. Tell us your story in our private forum for your chance to get featured!

Private Membership Community

In the official Global From Asia VIP Membership Group, you’ll be in a community where you can safely ask the pressing questions on your mind as well as help others on their international business journeys. Business advice. Maintenance tips. Brainstorm business ideas. Staffing help. It’s all fair game.

Business Introductions

Looking to connect with other business owners like you? Or those that are a few levels ahead to cut down the learning curve? Let us know what your business is and who you’d like to meet, and we’ll find quality contacts for you to connect with.


Choose Your “Power Pack”

Each member can choose what we are calling a “power pack”. Power Pack A is for those in the Shenzhen and Hong Kong region who will attend our monthly meetups and other events. Power Pack B is for the member who is on the road and not in the local PRD (Pearl River Delta) area to attend these monthly events. Let’s dig into each power pack and you as a member can choose:


Power Pack A: PRD Member

* 12 passes to our GFA meetups in Shenzhen, China for you* 12 +1 passes to our GFA meetups in Shenzhen, China (you can bring 1 friend)* 25% discount from our in-person workshops in Shenzhen, China

Power Pack B: Global Traveler Member

* 12 online workshops* 12 +1 passes to our online workshops for your team or a special guest you’d like to have tune in.* 25% discount for our GFA Online course and intensive coaching program.


These power packs were made to cater to our 2 audiences, those living in the South China region and those who are living and traveling abroad. We love both of them equally, and had to make these power packs to deliver relevant value to each. Let’s succeed together!

Looking to do the math on the value you’re getting?

Massive Value Right Out Of The Gate

We want the GFAVIP membership to pay for itself immediately. Just take a look at all the amazing value you will get immediately once inside the member’s area:

  • Connector.

    12 Monthly Workshop Calls ($97 USD each, or $1,164 USD in a year)

    As a yearly member, you will be able to join us for our monthly GFAVIP member’s sessions. These are online and great ways for you to meet others around the world in our community. Online masterminds and more.

  • Connector.

    Member Onboarding Call ($197 USD value)

    Get personal 1 on 1 attention to you and your business once you become a member. Not only the phone call, but followups and introductions to our members and others in the business community. This will jumpstart your involvement with GFAVIP and expand your horizons.

  • Connector.

    Members Offers to new and relevant software and services ($195 USD +)

    As Global From Asia has grown over the years, so have the offers from companies who want to issue special discounts to our network. This ranges from lifetime VPNs, lifetime Amazon software access, free services in exchange for valuable insights and more. Because these companies don’t want us to post this publicly on our blog, the GFAVIP member’s area is a perfect place to share these limited and exclusive offers.

  • Connector.

    Hong Kong Supercharged ($97 USD value)

    Our complete guide, both written and video, to opening and running a Hong Kong business. This is the series that has helped so many learn the ins and outs of running their business in Hong Kong and Asia. Use this as a resource you can come back to again and again.

  • Connector.

    GFAVIP Member’s Workshop Archive ($995 USD + value)

    As our monthly workshops continue, you will always get access to the recordings for your future review. With years of this membership in existence, that means you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

  • Connector.

    Cross Border Summit 2017 Online Pass ($195 USD value)

    Missed the Cross Border Summit? No problem, we have all the “goods” and more for you to review on your own time. Other future events that we are able to record you will also gain access to.

  • Connector.

    Discounts and priority access to Cross Border Summit and so many more events ($500 USD ++ value)

    Always get first dibs to events we are hosting, from our annual Cross Border Summit to our local meetups, to masterminds, get the face time with other members and global e-commerce and cross-border business executives you deserve.

  • Connector.

    Promotion of your business in our GFA Jobs, GFA Media, GFA Market, and GFA Experts (priceless)

    This one we really have trouble putting a price on. We want to work by your side for the long term to help you find quality staff for your growing business, promote your services in our marketplace, give you the proper “high fives” on our various media channels, and promote you as an expert (when relevant) to our network. Because we know how hard it is to be found in the international and multi-cultural and multi-language environment in Asia, the is something hard to put a price on.


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So, wow! What are we looking at here – if you add this up it is a massive no-brainer that GFAVIP is the perfect membership program for serious international e-commerce executives. We want to get you this value right away and be by your side as your business grows to the next level. Let’s work together to give you this value and more – by being part of the GFAVIP membership, we create a win-win relationship to support the community and grow together.

Ready to go VIP?

That’s a whole lot of awesome info and values!
Ready to start building your global business dream into a reality?


Global From Asia VIP (GFAVIP) is perfect for any size business and budget! It is all ready to go.

GFAVIP Member’s Package

This combo is ideal for the global business enthusiasts who know value when they see it. Save money on a yearly plan PLUS get exclusive bonuses.

  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS (Power Pack A or B)
$497 per year, Buy Now


Hello there! I’m Michael Michelini, founder of Global From Asia. Like you, I’m an entrepreneur who knows just how challenging and rewarding it is to build your own global business. It’s overwhelming and scary. I remember running around the Central district of Hong Kong worried I was filing the wrong paperwork or losing precious time and money, and unfortunately sometimes I did.

I started my first business in 2004 in New York City, re-incorporated in New Jersey in 2005, then Florida in 2007. Finally founded Hong Kong and Mainland China businesses in 2008. Experimented in a Philippines corporation, as well as a UK structure. Have an Estonian e-Residency and have worked with clients opening Latvia bank accounts. Lots of questions, lots of digging. Through a lot of hard work and trial and error, my business has been through it all. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about doing business overseas, outside of my home element. Asia Business Supercharged is my way of offering that experience to an amazing breed of entrepreneurs that I endlessly admire—global business people like you.

My team and I have worked tirelessly on this program for the better part of three years, and I have been conducting on-the-ground experience for almost ten. We’ve done the research, conducted the interviews, analyzed the markets, and—most enjoyably—met many readers like you. We merged keen entrepreneurial know-how with international business best practices. It’s the most complete program you’ll find (we’ve looked). I’m so excited for you to try it, I want you to succeed!


Like all entrepreneurs, you have to take a fair number of risks in your life. Therefore, we decided to remove one from the equation by making our program risk-free.

Give Global From Asia VIP a good, honest try. If it’s not working for you, tell us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money—no questions asked.

We would appreciate all constructive feedback and reasons why you were not able to execute on the actionable guide provided. Mike would love to reach out and understand more deeply in order to improve in the future.

Note: This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it. That’s just bad luck for all of us in building our businesses, let’s not jinx ourselves.

Choose the option that’s best for you. Your dream is waiting, and so are your global clients.


There’s never been a better time to grow your global business. And there’s never been a better resource to help you get started the right way. Now’s the time to take action, but only you can do that.


Running an international business is a dynamic and amazing process. So many cultures, currencies, and laws. While there are ways to deceive, we hope everyone is a responsible member of the global community. Use this power for the greater good.

Going global gives us a lot of power & opportunities.

We believe one should use that newly developed skill and power to enrich others and spread the wealth, not dodge taxes and plunder under-informed global business members.

Seize this opportunity to become a member of the positive influence around the world. Don’t just labor to avoid failure; work hard to find success. We’re rooting for you at every turn.

Go get ‘em!


More than grateful for the friends, the partner, the knowledge, and the willingness to share. I AM A REINVENTED WOMAN! and my business tells! Cheers to the success and happiness.

Carol Zurita

Accomplish all of your Asia business goals

Make this year absolutely incredible

Looking for like minded entrepreneurs to build your international business with?

Global From Asia has a private community just for you.

Connect with Business Owners Growing in China & Asia

Connect and engage with the right people for your business success.


“For years we have been connecting with people doing business in China, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia. We are so happy to be able to put them in one spot for people to connect, share, and help each other’s businesses grow. If you want to level up your business, and skip past a few of the steps in between, we are confident this is the place for you!”

Mike Michelini
Host, Global From Asia

What’s Inside The Members Forum?

It’s everything you expected, and so much more.


We put our valued connections into this community to help one another.

Fresh News

Some new developments just can’t be blogged about right away, find out here first.


Our partners and other members have deals for you! From travel to marketing to banking, get some discounts for your Asia business.


Join private online workshops as well as meetups that are exclusive to club members.

Stop Wasting Time Searching Online


We know how it goes. You get a question, you go to Google and search. You read a few blog posts, are they real? Are they relevant? Are they recent?

Stop guessing and fumbling around. Our private members forum is perfect for you to find timely and relevant information for your Asia business.


Useful for everyone, at any level

E-Commerce Sellers

Selling online – you are likely buying from China. Connect with other Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce professionals. Logistics, sourcing strategies, and general business networking with experts!

Product Designers

Doing product manufacturing? Or figuring it out as you go! We have all been there, done that. Share what product you are working on, and get some tips and insights on how to best approach this multi-dimensional endeavor.

China Expansion

Trying to tap into the Chinese market? Not sure how to get a Taobao shop open, or a license to host your website in China? Members have done this and want to help you skip some of the painful learning steps.


Ready To Apply? Here’s What We’re Looking For

This forum is a private community, and we want to make sure all members are doing your their own business relating or involving China, Hong Kong, or other parts of Asia. Once you click the apply now button we’ll ask a few questions and be in touch with you for the next steps.


Take your business to the next level

different forums
current members
discount offers
Upcoming workshops

“We are excited to have you join as our member. It is our pleasure to work closely with you and help you find your niche and success in your Asia business growth.”

Claire Chen
Community Manager

Start Growing Your Asia Business Today


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$497 USD/year

Go all in, be a GFAVIP member.

Go big now!

Common Questions

How long does the application take?

We will get back to you within one business day from your application. If your application is complete enough we may give you your answer in that email, or ask some clarifying questions as well.

What’s included in my purchase?

You will receive full access to our private member’s forum. Connect with other business enthusiasts who are doing business in Hong Kong, China, and Asia. On top of the forum access, we have member’s discounts. This also includes a monthly private online workshop about current trends you should be paying attention to in the market with expects. Invites to special meetups and ability to join a small mastermind to connect with others in your business level.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase, then we’re not happy. Email us and if we can’t make you happy, we’ll issue a refund to your credit card right away.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your purchase online with your credit card, debit card, or Bitcoin. We do not accept checks or gold.

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