What’s Been Happening At Global From Asia

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You may be wondering what is happening here at Global From Asia. We are growing super fast and pushing the limits. Something I recommend all business owners and entrepreneurs to do, it is a good test of your willpower.

Also, we are focusing on Global From Asia. It feels good that this is the main focus and it is making forward progress.

So, thought it was a good time to keep you up to date:

* Focusing on VIP members program – as the blog has grown, we have put together a GFA VIP program for those who want access to all our premium content, connections, community, and discounts. There is so much value here, we want you to make a positive ROI as soon as you invest in the annual membership fee. Learn more and apply here – www.globalfromasia.com/vip/

* A new event for top Amazon FBA sellers in China and in the West – the unique point of Global From Asia is we truly are cross border. We have a community of e-commerce business owners in China as well as overseas. This will be the first time anyone has taken top Chinese and Western Amazon FBA sellers and put them in a room to share their strategies, head to head. I’ll be hosting the event with Lucy Zhang another blogger and highly networker player in the Chinese export e-commerce world. On top of amazing simultaneous translated speakers on both sides of the globe, we will have tables in another room of suppliers looking to partner with Amazon FBA sellers from overseas. Get exclusive deals and terms with Chinese factories anxious to partner with sellers and willing to negotiate exclusivity and close alliances (or more!). This is a one of a kind event and we want you to be the first participant – learn more and apply here – www.globalfromasia.com/matchmaker/

* Members series and Business directory – we are going above and beyond for our VIP members. Angelica has joined us as VIP community manager and doing full time work connecting with all our VIPs to get their feedback and also write up on them. We have now created 2 ways to boost the exposure – a member’s series https://www.globalfromasia.com/vip-members/ and also a business directory – https://www.globalfromasia.com/directory/ to help showcase these amazing business owners and their companies to the community.

* E-commerce Gladiator and our new Amazon FBA Company – Over the summer, we decided to get back in the Amazon FBA game ourselves – and opened it up to the community to participate. Overwhelmed with applications, we narrowed it down to a few and started Para Living Inc and a new Seller Central Account. To make this a GFA experience, we are documenting it in what we call the Ecommerce Gladiator series. This is both a weekly podcast and a regular TV video series to keep the community up to date on what is developing as we take this new Amazon FBA business from zero to hero.

And of course – all the current podcasts, blogs, videos, newsletters, and more. We haven’t stopped what we were already delivering, so whether you’re a fan of the text blogs, audio podcasts, youtube videos, email newsletters – those are all still coming – for free – to the community who wishes to consume them.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! We want to learn which of the above sound interesting to you. Which is a waste of time. It is really a ton of stuff, and a ton of work – so we want to focus our energy on what people enjoy. If you can take a few minutes to fill out this short, 3 question survey, with an open ended text box at the end to submit any and all feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it

Take the survey now.


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