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Hong Kong is one of the world’s most trade-oriented economies and it is well-known globally for its shipping and logistics. As ecommerce knows no borders and barriers, many companies expand their businesses both locally and internationally through various logistics service providers.

Hong Kong is ranked as the biggest and busiest air freight hub in the world for two main possible reasons: Hong Kong has a duty-free port, and the city is just across from Shenzhen, China, where many major manufacturers are based. Moreover, Hong Kong is ranked as the 4th largest container port in world.

How to Choose the Best Logistics in Hong Kong

There are hundreds of logistics companies in HK you can choose from, but to help you choose which company best suits you, make sure to take note of these characteristics you need to look for in a logistics company:

  1. Fast delivery and real-time parcel tracking: Of course, above all else, it better be fast and have a real-time package tracking capabilities. Both of these play a vital role in logistics industry simply because it enables customers to trust that their packages will arrive on time, and certainly, customers are most likely captivated by fast and reliable shipping options.
  1. Streamlined infrastructure: A logistics company should have a streamlined infrastructure so it can easily cope up with the fast-pacing world of e-commerce.Basically, it should be able to handle a growing amount of work without slowing the operation down.
  1. Scalability: A good logistics company must have high scalability in handling inventory, shipping, returns and fulfillment.
  1. Large distribution networks:  A good logistics company must have organized storage facilities and efficient transportation systems to achieve high margins.
  1. Digital Fluency: With today’s fast-growing technology, digital fluency basically makes everything a lot easier. Don’t settle for a company that still solely relies on telephone calls and is still paper-based.

Top Logistics Providers in Hong Kong

JSI logistics: JSI Logistics has been in the industry for nearly 35 years. As a 3PL or Third-Party Logistics, JSI provides customized supply chain solutions to companies around the world, whether they need help with warehouse space, global distribution or sensitive shipments.

Kerry Logistics: Kerry Logistics was crowned the “Global Logistics Provider of the Year” at the Payload Asia Awards in 2016. Kerry Logistics is Asia’s premier logistics service provider offering end-to-end supply chain solutions for multinational corporations and international brands. Kerry’s expertise covers all categories of merchandise, non-merchandise, Point-of-Sale Materials (POSM), and more.

CEVA logistics: CEVA Logistics is a young company with a distinguished parentage that includes one of the founding fathers of the modern freight and logistics industry. CEVA is a full service transportation and logistics company with freight management and contract logistics operations spanning 1,000 locations in 160 countries.

Yusen Logistics: Founded in 1970s, Yusen Logistics (Hong Kong) has a highly experienced and professional team that offers a full range of logistics, transportation services and supply chain solutions to customers.

Lalamove: Lalamove began life as EasyVan in December 2013. Founded by Chow Shing-Yuk, EasyVan was originally about leveraging the sharing economy and satisfying a specific logistical need — van hiring. The name EasyVan was conceived out of the desire for something catchy and easy to remember.

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