Bank Account Done With You Service

Lately it has been getting harder and harder to get a bank account for business owners in Hong Kong.

We all need someone on our side to consult with.

Be confident on your bank account application process! Work with experts who have relationships and experience doing it over the years.

You Need Professional Bank Account Application Assistance!

Don’t risk flying to Hong Kong to go from bank to bank alone. There are various regulations popping up all the time. The documents and format needed is always changing.

Introducing, your professional bank account application assistance program.

Business Banking Applications

The core of our assistance is in the bank account application. We have a system to check over all your application forms and documents. There are many supporting documents you may have as well that we work with you on. Such things as invoices, personal bank statements, and business plans.

Yes…Banks are asking for business plans now when applying.

Nervous you’re not sure how to write a business plan?

No problem, that is what we are here for. We have a selection of formats and styles of business plans to help you get started. We work alongside you to ensure it is clear and complete for the bank account opening process.

When you come to Hong Kong for your bank account opening interview, we will consult with you beforehand. We give you all the thought processes and get you in the mindset for your banking interview.

But not just talk. We hand over copies of the supporting documents we have been working together on over the application process.

We will have the bank account opening interviews scheduled for you, so you just need to show up on time!

Next, we’ll go with you to the banks (up to 3, depending on your service package) and introduce you to our contacts. Many times banks in Hong Kong are asking for introductions and referrals of account holders. This is where a big value in our service comes into play. Over the years we have built up networks of relationships with various bank account clients in various banks in Hong Kong. You can leverage this network!

After your bank account interview, we will ask you how it went. Did you mention everything, did you apply for all the bank account options and features you were meaning to? Many times clients get nervous and forget to ask for certain things. We help you walk back right into the banker’s office and remind them to add an extra feature that the client forgot to include.

Boom, saved you a trip back to that Hong Kong bank.

Despite applying for my HK bank account just after the leak of the Panama Papers, the likelihood of a HK account being opened was quite uncertain – with its fair number of challenges and obstacles. Nevertheless, Mike and Valery persevered and ensured I was taken care of despite the increased strictness and regulation. I recommend and trust they will provide this level of professionalism and service to all that decide to proceed with GlobalfromAsia.

Business Credit Card Applications

Besides business bank accounts, we all want and need credit cards, right? This has been always a tricky one in Hong Kong, and this service aims to solve this mystery!

If you don’t mind a secured credit card – it is much easier.

What’s a secured credit card? Honestly it is as close to a debit card as one can get. You need to put up a security deposit, oftentimes it matches the amount of your account balance you can draw upon. So for example, if you want a 10,000 Hong Kong dollar credit card available balance, you need to deposit a 10,000 HKD security deposit.

Don’t want to deal with a security deposit? This is possible, to get an unsecured credit card in Hong Kong – but what is your credit history in Hong Kong? Are you a Hong Kong resident (i.e. Do you have a Hong Kong ID card?). There will be a lot more paperwork required and the banks have been getting tighter about issuing these.

We will help you with as the same as a bank account application. We’ll give our best tips and advice on which is a better choice based on your specific situation, and work with you to apply for it.

Things We Look Out For (We Got Your Back!)

What are some of the features you are looking for in a bank account? Based on today’s internet entrepreneur, who we love and understand ourselves well, you are looking for:

* Debit Card for Online Transactions
* Online Banking Enabled
* Multi Currency Account
* Banking Alerts / Notifications
* Chinese Yuan option (if client desires)

Things banks seem to care about, but we don’t think you do:

* Ability to go to the bank teller a lot
* Ability to get VIP lines at the branches
* Coffee and tea in the small business center waiting lobby.

You’re aligned with these needs and feature requests? Hope so, this is what we are focusing to get you in this account service package.

So How Does This Work?

Interested to get started and rock? Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Contact Us And Specific Your Needs and Requirements
To ensure we can help you, we’ll need to understand your specific situation. Do you already have a Hong Kong company setup? If so, for how long? How is your business, what is the revenue? What is your industry and business nature? Any high risk flags that might come up in the application? What is the residency of the directors?

Step 2 – After Vetting, We Will Work Together To Build Your Case

After we have understood your specific situation, we will decide to engage in your case or not. We want to take you on as a client, but we reserve the right to refuse clients that we are not confident we can help. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Once we get started, and you pay the service charge, we start to build the case. We have checklists and templates that we will provide you. Together we will build up the documentation and supporting documents for your bank account application.

Step 3 – Arrange Bank Account Interview Appointments

Next, once we are both comfortable with the banking account documentation, we plan your Hong Kong banking trip. We want to try to put all the appointments together in 1 afternoon, most of the time between 2pm to 5pm. We arrange this no later than 1 week before the date of the interviews. This is to ensure we prepare all parties and have a successful application.

Step 4 – Meet in Hong Kong and Go To The Banks

Now you’re ready! We will meet an hour before the first bank account appointment. This is where we get some 1 on 1 “pep talk”. Please come dressed in business attire, a suit or at least a blazer jacket with button down shirt and dress pants. Upon request we do have suits for rent that we can include in the package.

We’ll go together to the banks and make the smooth introduction. You transition and go into the banker’s office for the interview. Our representative will stay stationed outside during the interview.

This will happen for up to 3 banks, in one afternoon. Please refer to the service package pricing table for pricing options.

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be wondering how much we charge to assist in the bank account application service. There are a few plans to choose from:

Advising Package

Want to work with us remote and have us look over the documentation? This is our economical plan where we review your application documents before you submit it to the bank. We will flag you of parts of the application that may hurt your application. On top of that, we will identify areas where you can add more supporting documents to strengthen your case.

This is not including the meeting with one of our specialists on the day of the application. You will be responsible to print and prepare these documents on the bank interview day.

One Bank Package

Have a specific bank you are looking for, and want us to help you with it? This is our entry level and most popular service, we work with you to apply and fulfill all documents the bank is looking for.

The process will take approximately two weeks from start to application. We will check over your application documents, give feedback, and write parts upon request.

This is the recommended service to get started with applying for banks.

Three Bank Package

Flying in from overseas and want to make sure you get the maximum amount of chances to get approved on your first trip? Then this package is for you, we will work with you to prepare your application for three banks in Hong Kong. Aiming to do them all on one day, it may overflow into a two day process depending on the scheduling coordination with banks.

We recommend you allow at least 3 weeks from your Hong Kong trip to prepare all the necessary documentation for three banks.

You don’t need to worry about carrying lots of copies of all your application information, we will take care of it for you. We will prepare certified copies of your company documents in advance. We hand you over a binder complete with each bank account application documentation separated.

Service Pricing – Bank Account

Ready to get started? Here is our pricing chart:



USD, one time
  • Review Your Documents
  • Assist to Build Your Case
  • Assistance to Apply to Bank
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USD, one time
  • Review Your Documents
  • Assist to Build Your Case
  • Assistance to Apply to Three Banks
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Service Pricing – Credit Card

Already have the bank account and want personalized assistance for a credit card? We can work closely with you to apply for a Hong Kong credit card.



USD, one time
  • Review Your Documents
  • Assist to Build Your Case
  • Assistance to Apply to One Credit Card via Bank introduction.
  • Assistance with mailing of documents for signature.
  • Assistance with following up on the application case.
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Work With An Agency Who Understands Your Banking Needs

Many clients have told us how they enjoy our understanding of what they are going through. It is not like the normal services where the agency has no perspective of the stress and confusion the client is going through.

Getting a bank account for your international business is critical. Especially when traveling from overseas, you will need to make sure that you get it done correct the first time around.

So what do you say? Let’s work together and make your bank account application a success. Any questions or feedback? Please contact us and we’d love to hear more!