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Do you want help in the Chinese market? Are you a high tech company in Silicon Valley?

Let’s make a deal.

Willing to make a trade? Host a pro-bono intern from China work at your office helping you with , share some insights on tech startups in America.

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Chinese University Students Want American Tech Startup Work Experience

A lot of Chinese dream to one day work in USA. And in today’s world it is more than ever! The allure of Silicon Valley. Reading the headlines in Chinese tech news about Facebook and Apple and innovation have Chinese students drooling.

A program has started to allow Chinese interns to come to California and spend a month there. They don’t just want to be tourists though, in big groups with bright red hats following someone with a sign.

They want to experience the real Silicon Valley.

So – do you work at a Silicon Valley startup and want hard working and motivated Chinese interns to spend a month with you in the office? These are top notch students with technical and business skills.

What Kind of Work Can These Chinese Interns Do?

The interns qualifications allow them to do such duties as:

  • Translation from English to Chinese, or Chinese to English. Prepare your marketing materials for the Chinese market
  • QA (Quality Assurance) testing, looking for bugs or errors in your code or website
  • Chinese social media assistance – getting setup on the famous Chinese platforms such as Wechat and Weibo.
  • Research the Chinese market for your industry. Want to get more insights on your competitors in China? nothing better than a research report and explanation from a Chinese native.

Yes, this is awesome! And they are more than ready to start helping you out even before the program starts. The more prepared you are for their arrival, the more benefit you can receive.

How To Qualify For This Chinese Intern Program

Interested? Nice! Here are some qualifications:

  • In a Technology company in Silicon Valley California.
  • Can show your need for a Chinese intern, that you have work ready for them.
  • Have a desk and workspace for them in Jan/ Feb 2016.
  • Have someone manage their work during weekdays during this one month program.
  • Give them opportunity to take part in company meetings and events.

How Much Will This Cost?

So you’re wondering what does this cost? If you qualify as a company in the program, it is free. The interns are hungry for experience and are more than willing to spend their one month holiday at a fast growing American startup.

So to be clear:

  • Housing is not your responsibility. We are coordinating to have the interns live together at a central housing space.
  • Financial compensation is not your responsibility. The students want OJT (On the job experience)
  • Visa is not your responsibility. We are working with the government for this program, and it will be an unpaid project.

Your main job is to give them a good work experience in an American tech company. Challenge them, let them experience working on their toes and adapting to a fast paced environment.

So what do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have.

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