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What Is a Company Secretary in Hong Kong?

As a Hong Kong limited, you must have a company secretary to keep your company in good standing. They are not a shareholder or director, but they can assist you with interfacing with the Hong Kong government.

You cannot be the company secretary of your own company, it must be a local Hong Kong person or a Hong Kong company. The team at Global From Asia has gone through the process and we can handle being your company secretary. This is via our parent company Shadstone Limited.

A company secretary can talk to the IRD (Internal Revenue Department) on your behalf. Then we’ll file the paperwork, and other needs you may have throughout the year.

Most of the time you assign, re-elect, or change your company secretary at each yearly AR filing (annual return). The Annual Return is the more common service that a company secretary assists with. The annual return is where you submit and update the Hong Kong government your company shareholders, directors, address and other matters.

Throughout the year, you may add or remove shareholders. The company secretary will help in keeping track of these changes in the year and updating the AR at the end of each filing year.

In summary, the company secretary is your local Hong Kong partner for your business! We can help when you’re not able to, to save you time and headaches!

Changing Your Company Secretary

Most cases the agency you use to open your Hong Kong company also is acting as your company secretary. You can check with them to confirm, they may have a partner for that service. But you are in no way forced to keep the same company secretary each year.

You can switch at any time, and there are just a couple forms that you need to fill out.

It is good business practice to let your current company secretary know. They will hand over any information they have been collecting over the past year. Such things as ownership updates, address information, and other notes you have given them. While you may not think it is necessary, we encourage you to have that discussion with your current company secretary before making a switch over.

How Much Does It Cost?

Agencies offer the company secretary position on a yearly basis. Below are the rates:

This includes the AR (annual return) fee and submission. Please note that it does not include the BRC (business registration certificate), that is a separate fee that is the government fee. If you would like, we can help pay that on your behalf for a small handling fee.

Basic Package

2,500 HKD

Per Year (Billed in USD at $320)
  • Good for 1 Year
  • Yearly Company Secretary
  • Annual Return Service
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Secretary + BRC Filing + Private Forum

5,000 HKD

Per Year (Billed in USD at $650)
  • Basic Package +
  • BRC (Business Registration Certificate)
  • Private Member’s Forum
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Switching Fee

Want to switch over to us? We can help you with the paperwork and filling out the forms. Please let your current company secretary know and we’ll handle the rest.

Let’s Get You Taken Care Of – Let Us Be Your Company Secretary

We are passionate about helping business owners get the support and transparency they need to operate their Hong Kong corporations.

This blog, podcast, and other free resources are supported in part by your decision to use our corporate services. So thank you in advance and we look forward to working with you.

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