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Are you losing money to customers who insist to pay you by credit card? Want to accept credit cards online for your Hong Kong company? There are more and more options! Today we’ll discuss our merchant account application assistance package.

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The selection process for finding the right merchant account provider can be a bit overwhelming. And once you find them, what information you need to provide is another huge hurdle.

Do you need all those supporting documents and forms? What forms are essential, and which are nice to have?

Sometimes talking to all these different merchant account providers can get your head to spin! You will have trouble understanding which one is which.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full service that worked ON YOUR side to help you, rather than look to reject you on your application process?

Introducing Global From Asia’s Merchant Account Application Assistance

We have “been in the game” for almost a decade here in Asia. We have a team with experience in building up e-commerce shops, selling digital products, and information products, so we know what is up! It is unfortunate, but to merchant banks, these businesses are often seen as high risk for many banks.

Our network and our relationships are our most prized asset, and we want to offer this service to you. Because we remember when we were just starting out, it was such a lonely place. And Google didn’t show much help, and still doesn’t!

Banks and merchant account providers can’t tell you the “real deal” as it’s their company policy not to. Let us work with you to understand your business’s situation, what products you’re selling, your tax preferences, and your target customers.

Help You In Mainland China Merchant Banks Too

It’s also worth noting, if you are also looking to sell in Mainland China, it is a different processor. The normal visa/Mastercard merchant account won’t cut it. We have relationships inside China in merchant accounts that can help you receive money from customers there.

When applying to work with us below, please also mention where your target customers are. The more information you can share the better we can help you in seeking out the right providers.

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So what are you waiting for? We have a couple different packages for you to choose from:

  • Analysis & Introduction

    Our basic plan comes with the bare essentials. We review your case, give you some pointers on a personal phone call and then introduce you to the right service provider.

  • Full Service Application

    Too busy to prepare all your application information and apply for the merchant banks? Well, this plan is for you! We’ll not only do the merchant account analysis and introduction in the basic plan, but also work alongside you on the application process. Notifying you which documents you need and giving you examples and explanations all along the way. We have templates and other tools to help you write up some letters and board minutes too when/if that is part of the application process.

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Giving You The Power To Accept Credit Cards Online

We know how important it is for your business to accept credit cards online. Global From Asia is all about helping business owners from around the world have access to the same tools and tricks to stay competitive in today’s online world.

So there you have it! This package is something we thought a lot about and hope you agree is a service many will need! Best of luck on your international business expansion and let’s get you setup on a merchant account!

Shadstone’s Credit & Debit Payment Matching Service

Because of the international financial crisis, the world’s major banks tighten. More and more customers ask for a letter of credit (L/C) to relieve financial pressure. If the provider receives a letter of credit, financial pressure is quite large, on general credit collection, 7 days is the fastest, and the slowest period may be in 30-40 days. In order to ease the financial pressure for your customers, we have launched the “Disbursement of loan credit” service.

After receiving the original letter of credit, and the application for investigation, we immediately prepay the part of the purchase price, with the shipping on the same day, whereby the Department pay the full purchase price.

If necessary, contact our customer service representative.

Non-dollar Foreign Exchange Settlement

As the United States of America experiences economic crisis, U.S. dollar may have future uncertainties.

This year, Division I has been having a large-scale proposal to abandon the U.S. dollar clearing partners, the appropriate use of conditional trading country in local currency, that is a non-dollar currency and the settlement in non-dollar currencies, including common foreign exchange settlement, foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange agency.

To present, our company can be settled in collecting foreign currencies including the Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, British Pound and other major non-dollar currencies. Another credit collection T/T D/P can also choose a non- U.S. dollar and other foreign currency.

Shadstone’s advantages of non-dollar settlement:

  • Fast

    Our company has opened a good amount of money to be verify accounts, that can be immediately available for a settlement.

  • Safe

    Regular operations ensure a safe trade.

  • Professional

    Our company has accumulated many years of foreign exchange experience, allowing you to avoid exchange rate losses. Professional staffs help you analyze the exchange rate, allowing you to have a safe trade.

Export Credit Policy Can Pay You?

Many customers did not import and export, factory, or when the individual is usually exported, exports are pay, some are exported through a proxy. No matter how, they have collected the foreign exchange, some foreign exchange income through private accounts, some by Hong Kong companies to receive foreign exchange, usually they do are T / T, but one day, foreign customers asked to do the letter of credit (L / C, LC), they are ignorant, and do not know how to operate, they will ask, Why, Export credit policy can pay? I do pay for exports, how to receive credit., long list of problems come one after another.

In fact, whether you have the right to import and export, is not whether you pay exports are to receive credit. only because customers pay for exports, not import and export rights, the company does not have a fixed account, so the surface can not be received, if the customer to do is to pay for exports, Hong Kong companies account if he is received by Hong Kong companies to letters of credit. But Hong Kong companies received more obvious shortcomings of the letter of credit, first, operational problems, sometimes requiring the document be sent to Hong Kong, the notice also from Hong Kong, the operation is very convenient. Second, the Hong Kong company received the letter of credit bank fees than domestic banks for letters of credit generally higher, because Hong Kong bank charges are higher than those of domestic banks, although the service is good, is not conducive to cost. Third, the settlement complex, as the company’s money is offshore in Hong Kong, Hong Kong needs foreign exchange, the operation of the troubles, but also the cost of an innocent to be spending. Fourth, with Hong Kong companies to directly receive credit, the company should be equipped with a professional letter of credit single trial,a single letter of credit, so as to avoid unnecessary credit risk.

Therefore, the proposed Shenzhen Tian Jie, pay export letters of credit to income customers, factories, individuals receive the letter of credit in addition to using the Hong Kong company, the Shenzhen-day Czech Republic, you can use to collect letters of credit, letters of credit using the Shenzhen Tian Jie collection of the shortcomings of the above almost does not exist, the first formal corporate action, convenient, worry-free one-stop service. Secondly, bank charges, and fees low, third, rapid settlement, credited into account the same day, the day of settlement, the fourth, with professional credit card operations team to ensure the safety of the credit. If you pay export, need to receive letters of credit, Welcome to Division I dwell on the details of operations, and contract details. We will solve all your problems on the letter of credit. Shenzhen Tian Jie years, import and export trade, addressing problems of SMEs in China, we import and export trade, known as China’s SME partner. welcome to call the day of Czech national unity Hotline :4008-110-650, Advisory.

Letter of Credit Bank Charges

Many customers ask how much would letters of credit can cost? What are the things you need to pay? How much a bank charges? Let’s analyze the components of the letter of credit. Understanding this can help us understand the letter of credit bank charges, so you won’t have to hire others to do it for you.

Credit for the beneficiary, the letter of credit includes two major components:

1) domestic bank charges

2) the foreign bank charges

The cost of domestic banks is divided into following:

A) Letter of credit fees notifies you the general fee which is RMB100-RMB400 range, some banks offers high as they have low income.

Generally, foreign banks have the higher income than Shadstone’s account in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, for example, a ticket to RMB200. Bank of China informs the fee is relatively low, RMB100 / tickets Wachovia income is RMB325 / tickets or so. Standard Chartered around RMB250. Different banks have different charges based on their own standards.

B) Modify the letter of credit fees letter

The cost of the credit changes, if the credit is modified, and the bank informed the Amendment, it creates the costs, the general standard of the amendment notice costs between RMB100-300. But it is still dissimilar in different banks. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China modify the notification fee with the revenue RMB200.

C) Letters of credit transfer fee

This costs much, the beneficiaries are required to notify the credit to their bank accounts. Most often, due to not issuing the bank, beneficiaries will find third-party banks on behalf of the transfer credit. At Shenzhen-day McNair De bank ICBC, the customer has an issuer in Bangladesh Mou small banks. On Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, you have to attach to them the letter of credit from China to the bank, the Bank of China in turn notify the credit Zhuan to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, then Industrial and Commercial Bank of China further notice Shadstone International Freight Co., Ltd. With this way, the day of Czech companies notify the fees payable to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, but will also pay the Bank of China the transferring fee. Standard transfer fee and the notification fee are the same. However, the present-day Czech Republic, and a number of banks in Shenzhen have a relationship, including: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shenzhen Development Bank, Bank of East Asia. Therefore, the present-day Czech Republic, have mastered Shenzhen issuing rules to a certain extent, customers can save the credit transfer notification fee.

D) The proposed letter of credit payment

Also known as the collection fees, the standard is a lot more different from banks to-day Czech Republic. For example, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: has a one-thousandth of the value of point 25, the lowest consumption of RMB400. However, the inter-bank are much the same.

E) Letter of Credit courier

This is where the bank sends documents to the foreign bank, where DHL charges arises and the general reimbursement. Every state has different fees, in Southeast Asia:100, Middle East, India and Pakistan: 200 or so, and the other: 300 or so.

Letters of credit: for example, the basic cost of domestic banks have insurances that are against the costs, that are discounted costs, which we will explain in the next article. So, how much is the sum of 10,000 dollars letters of credit on domestic bank charges? Shadstone tells us that in general we can control that for about 600-800.

LC foreign bank charges

Foreign bank charges has uncertainties, there are discrepancies in cost fees charged by the foreign banks (generally letters of credit agreement), plus intermediate bank fees. Because the standard is not necessarily between banks, we can only predict through experience, and can not establish standards. For those which has no discrepancies in the case, can generally costs between USD0-USD150.

On general letter of credit operations, additional costs will range in about 1500-2000RMB. Only those who have a good experience and are expertises avoid unnecessary costs out. Shadstone company credit credit column will be updated regularly to spread knowledge, so our customers can operate a more smooth and more secure trade.

TT Dollars to Provide a Full Set of Foreign Exchange Collection Services

Shadstone has professional agents who receive foreign exchange, T/T, U.S., and do foreign exchange services.

No professional import and export rights for domestic enterprises, received foreign exchange T/T, U.S., and foreign exchange services.

Why Shadstone?

1. Fees are low.

Our company provides a very low standard procedures.

2. Settlement speed.

Our company credited the account at the same day that can be completed in the reporting and settlement of all the formalities.

3. Transfer speed.

General corporate transfers may take 3 days or a week to complete the transfer, no later than 2 banking days. Transfer of more than 3 days, no more charge for the Secretary contract agreement.

4. Safe operation.

Contracts are signed face to face for regular company operations and corporate direct contracting. Integrity can be found on specific companies to request our company information.

5. Operational flexibility.

Our company can provide a variety of ways to transfer, and eliminates the middle part of the majority customer trouble.

6. No limit on the amount.


1. Small and medium enterprises, import and export companies factories and enterprises without foreign exchange income.

2. Long-term use of personal account foreign exchange income T / T of the individual trade or factory

3. Hong Kong offshore company settlement, long-term operation of the company through this way.

What is D/P?

D/P (Document against Payment) is an important international trade payment, most of the people defines D/P as “against payment.” But in fact, this definition is not accurate. Shadstone defines D/P as a “pay a single payment.” Details explained below why it’s called “cross a single payment”.

1) D/P is a simple process

The seller will export documents to the local bank, local bank send documents to the foreign banks (client bank) for collection, buyer pay fees for a single delivery. Bank does not assume responsibility for any risk. So on this case, only the first delivery ask customers for a re-payment.

2) D/P classification

Credit is divided into Forward and Spot. Spot D/P’s basic operation is: Seller under the sight draft (DRAFT AT SIGHT), and export documents (bills of lading, packing list, invoice, etc.) are prompted by the collecting bank, the buyer then see the ticket (DRAFT) after the required payments. Loans get paid when importing the export documents, and customs clearance to delivery. Forward D/P means that the seller’s issued draft (DRAFT 90DAYS AFTER SIGHT). The collecting bank give instructions to the buyer, after the buyer’s acceptance, the collecting bank must release the documents to the buyer in advance before the maturity or money order expiration date (The above example is 90 days) of payment. Baidu Encyclopaedia further explained which on long-term D/P (long-term pay single) has of a bit error.

3) D/P of Risk

The Bank of D/P collection process does not take any risks and liabilities. But how to avoid a D/P risk? Experienced foreign trade staff will check customers’ bank credit, it’s degree and level of risk, then the customer credibility to determine whether the client can do D/P, then the way through the concrete implementation of the trade, such as the risk of FOBor CNF on the right to seize such goods to ensure the D/P’s safety. On this regard, Shadstone’s D/P has a unique risk-control methods and ideas, customers are welcome to contact us.

4) Are there discrepancies on D/P?

On letter of credit L/C, there are certainly a lot of credit terms that must be understood. As long as there’s any file that cannot be found, discrepancies may occur (DISCREPANCY). Are there discrepancies on D/P? The answer is no. Because D/P is different from the documentary letter of credit, there are no specific conditions to apply. But D/P notes that the general customers will be re-exported before the documentation requirements. As a result, customers export documents and are issued according to customer requirements. Record the amount and it should be noted. If there is too much problem because of invoices, it results in one client to refuse redeeming it.

5) If D/P charges you, how much are the fees?

D/P charges with the L/C, like letters of credit, D/P costs are divided into the cost of domestic banks and foreign banks, foreign banks are generally common between 30-50 dollars but sometimes the cost of foreign banks can be 0. Domestic bank fees and bank fees of letter of credit are the same, but the operation of the letter of credit is less for a notification fee.

6) What companies can do D/P?

Most are those regular import and export enterprises, whether small-scale general taxpayer or just a taxpayer, the depositary bank can collect D/P. Enterprises or SOHO individuals must entrust the import and export rights of qualified companies to collect D/P. In the collection of D/P in Shenzhen-day Czech Republic, we do not import and export without the rights for the enterprise SOHO or any individuals to provide collection of foreign currency T/T and the collection of D/P. We ensure you a completely worry-free export D/P proxy-stop service.

How to Operate Credit Check Goods Going to BV (BUREAU VERITAL (BIVAC) INTERNATIONAL SA)

On Bangladesh, letter of credits require regular inspection company to do BV. BV means BUREAU VERITAL (BIVAC) INTERNATIONAL SA, in short, BIVAC International (Bureau of Inspection, Valuation Assessment and Control) – Shanghai Bi Co., Ltd., Department of Bureau Veritas (France Ship Association). Bureau Veritas (referred to as BV) is an affiliated professional company responsible for import and export commodity inspection and valuation. Bureau Veritas has 140 countries in 600 centers with more than 20,500 experts, ready to provide you the professional testing, certification and other related services. As for the exports from Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle Eastern goods, Customs require importers of other importing countries to provide certification by recognized international goods company issued certificate of conformity (COC, certificate of conformity), while the BIVAC/Shanghai grams of test completion method Co., Ltd. can provide you the compliance testing (VOC, verification of conformity) and issue to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle East countries who recognize certificate of conformity (COC). It will help you export to the Middle East plus the rapid clearance of goods. Meanwhile, BIVAC Inspection Co., Ltd. Shanghai offers completion method for the export of Kuwait, Russia, Yemen and Lebanon merchants to provide inspection, testing and certification services.

How does it work when a credit check requirement for goods should undergo BV (BUREAU VERITAL (BIVAC) INTERNATIONAL SA)? This situation confuses many of my friends, but it is very simple. Generally, as the letter of credit in Bangladesh, it must be checked as BV, including the country of destination customs regulations, all importers who usually import and those who opened letters of credit before, those who has already applied for local inspection requirements can pay the associated costs, so Chinese companies are not required to pay the cost of BV inspection. Just before the shipment, with the import side, the buyer will ask for an identification number, this number is also called BDH numbe. With BDH number, you can contact with BV in Shanghai, and their number is :021-58352011, they will send “the Application Form” by fax to you, you just fill out the request and fax invoices, packing lists to them, as they requested, and make an appointment time to check goods. Note that BV check goods’ truck can not be late, because they have hundreds of dollars in fines, so pay special attention to this.

If you check the permit requirements for BV goods (BUREAU VERITAL (BIVAC) INTERNATIONAL SA) and do not know how to operate, please call our company’s unified hotline :4007-169-011 for query, our customer service representative will provide you our service. If you are in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other ports export, you may want to stop by our agency for BV inspection, and complete the installation cabinet, we will also welcome you to call us. Shadstone is an FOB trailer declaration professional enterprise.

Credit Process Letter

As China joined the WTO round family, and experienced the international financial crisis with objective factors and international trade, payment by letter of credit(L / C) has become increasingly common. As for the customer requirements, we must understand the credit process in order to have a better, more secured operating credit letter. Following the Czech Republic’s letter of specific credit analysis by foreign exchange experts and by enterprises who have the right to import and export.

Letter of credit process:

1. Exporters and foreign customers must confirm a good order situation, to confirm a good number of products, unit price, terms of trade, for example, offer FOB, CNF and all the basic information.

2. Exporter must sign the contract with the buyer, the company which offers free samples of Czech Republic letters, welcomes the customers with free of charge. If you do not sign contracts, generally, Proforma invoice can be issued (PROFORMA INVOICE) to buyer clients.

3. Customers receive the invoice form on its own bank, that is the issuing bank for opening a letter of credit. The customer must fill up a credit application form (APPLICATION FORM)

4. Customer needs to open a bank account to submit an application form, and an open letter of credit, which is generally based on international banking telex (SWIFT) that is way out to the sellers bank account. The letter of credit issuing bank to reach the seller’s bank is possible by the middle of the transit.

5. Seller’s bank, also called the advising bank, is the letter of credit L/C in the original form to inform the buyer and receive the notification fee (ADVISING FEE).

6. Seller receives the letter of credit, as for the arrangements for a single trial. For changes, notify the customer what to modify, if no changes, the seller directly do the production. In fact, before issuing it to the customer, the first communication with the customer is deeply amended.

7. In the production of the goods, the seller must undergo with the L / C requirements, arrange shipping, customs clearance, and shipment.

8. In shipment, we begin to prepare the required letter of credit documents.

9. Prepare the letter of credit documentation, and the file from the bank for negotiation (NEGOTIATION)

10. Bank will file with the International Express, the general use of DHL, the file sent to collection of foreign banks, and the issuing bank.

11. Issuing the audit file, if there is no discrepancy, notify the customer to redeem bills.

12. As customers redeem bills, the bank informs the pay line, that is also possible in issuing bank itself for payments.

13. Customers will negotiate bank received payment, after deducting its letter of credit bank charges.

14. Credit end.

The truth is, the letter of credit process is much more complicated than what this article says, because issues involved are very large, so if customers have any questions, please call Czech Republic, our customer service will answer the letter of credit process for your passion.

How this part of the business, Credit Process Letter, can be right? It’s very simple, just see the import and export rights, and such days Jie of China are so powerful and company Caozuo collection of letters of credit, where customer cash flow. For problems, choose the debit-credit services, it is even more suitable for some clients who own a letter of discounting credit, and letters of credit loans service.

Day Czech is professional in collecting foreign exchange of T/T collection and D/P, and has been collecting letters of credit services for years.

Packing Credit (LC discounted) Service

Packing credit loan is a discounted letter of credit in a way. Shadstone honors letters of credit package to provide loan services. Currently, the leading credit collection foreign exchange service provider is Shadstone, who now provide clients with packaged loans, and letters of credit with discounted services. Subject to the provisions of the Banking Division I, Division I who apply letter of credit can have packaged loans (credit discount) services.

Packing Credit process (letter of credit discounting process) and the requirements:

1. Detailed flow equivalent to Division I for the collection of letters of credit.

2. As long as the issuing customer’s bank meet our company’s trade finance bank credit lines, our company can provide loans for the credit package (discounted letter of credit) services.

3. We only charge for a fee depending on the amount of packaging loans for the duration of the discount, the bank will offer different interest rates. Shadstone does not charge fees,the letter of credit bank fees are reimbursed.

4. General Packing Credit (LC discounted) time: process in 3-7 days after a single bank.

5. Are discrepancies in the documents can package a loan?
A: No, discrepancies in the documents can only package loans (credit discount).

6. If in doubt, contact days of Czech corporate client representatives.

7. What letter of credit L/C can apply?
A: You can apply for the success rate that is relatively lower than the long-term letters of credit, and Shadstone has a lot of successful stories to support.

Note: compliance with the letter of credit bank loan package list:

Serial Bank Name

1 Westpac Banking Corporation
2 National Australia Bank Ltd.
3 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
4 ANZ National Bank ltd
5 Bank of New Zealand
6 Royal Bank of Canada
7 Bank OF Montreal
8 Bank of Nova Scotia
9 Canada Imperial Bank Commerce
10 National Bank of Canada
11 Toronto-Dominion Bank
12 Bank of America NA
13 Bank of New York Mellon
14 JP Morgan Chase Bank
15 Wachovia Bank
16 Regions Bank
17 CITIBank NA
18 First Tennessee Bank
19 American Experss Bank (Cancelled)
20 Huntington National Bank
21 Wells Fargo Bank
22 Bank of Ireland
23 Fortis Bank SA / NV Fortis Bank
24 Jyske Bank A / S
25 Danske Bank A / S
26 Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG RZB Austria
27 Bank Austria Creditanstalt
28 LandesBank Baden-Wurttemberg
29 NordDeutsche LandesBank GZ (NORD / LB)
30 Deusche Bank AG
31 DEPFA Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG
32 Bayerische Landes Bank
33 Dresdner Bank AG
34 WESTLB AG of Germany
35 WGZ-Bank
36 HSH Nordbank AG
37 CALYON Bank of France
38 BNP Paribas
39 Societe Generale
40 Natixis, France’s foreign trade bank
41 Credit Industriel et Commercial
42 Banco Comercial Portugues, SA
43 ABN AMRO Bank
44 RaboBank Nederland
45 Svenska Handelbanken AB
46 Nordea Bank AB
47 SwedBank
50 Credit Suisse Credit Suisse (formerly Credit Suisse first wave of Dayton Division)
51 Banco Popular Espanol, SA
52 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA
53 Banco Espanol de Credito SA
54 Banco Santander, SA
55 Banca Nazionale del Lavoro spa Italian National Labour Bank
56 Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
57 Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena
58 UniCredito Italiano SpA UniCredit
59 Banca Antonveneta SpA
60 UniCredit Banca Di Roma SPA
61 Sanpaolo Imi SPA (have been mergers)
62 Barclays Bank PLC
63 Royal Bank of Scotland
64 National Westminster Bank PLC
65 Abbey National plc
66 Lloyds Tsb Bank plc
67 HSBC Holdings plc
68 Standard Chartered Bank
69 EFG Eurobank Ergasisa SA
70 Natiaonal Bank of Greece SA
71 Bank Zachodni WBK SA
72 Mashreq Bank psc
73 National Bank of Abu Dhabi
74 Mizuho Corporate Bank ltd
75 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp
76 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
77 Shinkin Central Bank
78 DBS Bank ltd Singapore
79 Overseas-Chinese Banking Corp.Ltd
80 United Overseas Bank
81 Wing Lung Bank Limited
82 Shanghai Commercial Bank
83 Dah Sing Bank Limited
84 Bank of East Asia Limited
85 Wing Hang Bank Limited
86 Nanyang Commercial Bank
87 Bank of China (HK)
88 Hang Seng Bank Limited
89 Woori Bank
90 NACF (National Agricult. Coop. Feder.)
91 Hana Bank
92 Industrial Bank of Korea
93 Kookmin Bank
94 ShinHan Bank
95 Public Bank Berhad
96 Mega Int’l Commercial Bank (Int’l Commercial Bank of China)
97 HuaNan Commercial Bank
98 ChangHwa Commercial Bank
99 ChinaTrust Commercial Bank of China
100 First Commercial Bank
101 Bank Leumi
102 Israel Discount Bank Ltd
103 DBS Bank (China)
104 Mizuho Corporate Bank (China)
105 Hang Seng Bank (China) Limited
106 Wing Hang Bank (China)
107 Deusche Bank AG (China)
108 ABN AMRO Bank NV (China)
109 Nanyang Commercial Bank (China)
110 Overseas-Chinese Banking Corp. (China)
111 United Overseas Bank (China) Co., Ltd.
112 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
114 PUSAN BANK Bank of Korea
120 Banca Popolare Di Sondrio
122 Credito valtellinese
124 Credit Du Nord
126 China Development Bank
127 The Export-Import Bank of China
128 Agriculture Development Bank of China
129 Industry and Commercial Bank of China
130 Agriculture Bank of China
131 Bank of China
132 Construction Bank of China
133 Bank Of Communications
134 China Merchants Bank
135 China Everbright Bank
136 China Minsheng Bank
137 Guangdong Development Bank
138 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
139 China Citic Bank
140 China Industry Bank
141 China Huaxia Bank
142 Bank of ShangHai
143 Bank of Beijinng
144 Shenzhen Ping An Bank
145 Postal Savings Bank of China
146 China Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company
147 Allianz Insurance Company
149 Branch Banking and Trust Corporation
150 China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation
151 Bank Sinopac Sovereign Bank
152 Bank of Baroda
153 Bank of India
154 Punjab National Bank
155 Banco do Brasil SA
156 Banco Itau SA
157 Eurofactor AG
158 Woori Bank (China)
159 First Sino Bank
160 China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Company LTD.

Any of these banks can be an issuing bank of our customers which can have a packaged loans (credit discount), regardless of credit at sight or long-term letter of credit L / C.

U.S. Personal Income Methods and Types of Foreign Exchange

As Individuals, how do we do foreign exchange? In order to avoid the large influx of hot money, China’s current Government regulations, individuals can only receive an annual foreign exchange settlement 50,000 U.S. dollars or equivalent in 50 thousand dollars in foreign exchange. Thus, for many who is not ineligible to import and export enterprises or individuals SOHO, personal income in foreign currencies into U.S. dollars at the photo as a great inconvenience.

Here are some common personal income of foreign exchange in dollars in methods and types of comparison:

1) The direct personal income account in foreign exchange dollars, almost all banks in China now is accounting direct income support to individuals of foreign exchange remittances from abroad and the U.S..
The main drawback: only foreign exchange 50 000 per person per year U.S., if the withdrawals, there will be exchange rate losses

2) U.S. foreign exchange income individuals through PAYPAL, but the more obvious shortcomings of PAYPAL, settlement of the troubles, and the fee is very high, only suitable for small collection.

3) Personal income payment by Western Union Foreign Exchange U.S. (WESTERN UNION). Western Union is a global collection of foreign exchange payment system, China has joined the bank in the system but only the Agricultural Bank and postal savings. Disadvantages: 50000 U.S. dollars per person per year settlement charges high, banks need to queue up waiting too long, a mistake of a letter could make banks hit back. Agricultural banks and postal savings service with a relatively low awareness of staff causes income point out the money with the same trial prisoners.

4) Personal income of Hong Kong companies opening foreign exchange dollars approach have no limits, but does increase the cost of registered companies that need to invest thousands of dollars each year, another obvious disadvantage is that the settlement is very troublesome.

5) The U.S. personal income foreign exchange can also be an underground banking, for foreign exchange black market income, the risk is very large and has violated state law, the Secretary may refer to my articles.

6) Foreign Exchange U.S. personal income is recommended by Shadstone as a safe, credible, fast import and export companies. Shadstone has been engaged in many years in the collection of foreign exchange and collection of letters of credit services to import and export business, particularly in the collection of T/T services in the industry. Having good reputation, we can help individuals receive the completion of the Shenzhen exchange of dollars in customer trailer, in Shenzhen customs, we have all the completion of trade patterns, FOB, CNF, CFR, CIF and other services, while effectively avoiding the risk of FOB to allow customers get more confidence to the completion of international trade.

These are the current market Shadstone’s popular methods for U.S. personal income and foreign exchange types of analysis and comparison.

Collection of Yen

To strengthen relations between the Japanese government and the Chinese government, Japanese companies with Chinese enterprises in trade increases after many years. Because Japan is an island in itself, it’s lack of raw materials, many of them are destined in extent dependent on imports. Trading with the Japanese companies, payment should be in Yen instead of Dollars, because they are greatly in debt problems for Yen. To solve this problem, the collection of foreign experts in Shenzhen-day Czech Republic, launched the collection of Yen special services.

Shadstone’s collection of Yen services include:

1) Receive regular import and export companies’ Yen to the customer account collection.

2) The provision by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange for the collection of funds for the Yen to trade declaration

3) Collection of Japanese Yen for foreign exchange settlement processing, Shadstone collection yen exchange rate is in accordance with the Bank of China for 4 day’s real-time exchange rates and proxy ports from China to Japan. The services include sea, air, express, bulk and other methods of transport, customs clearance procedures are all the regular export declaration.

4) All Yen amounts collected are ensured to be credited into account at the same day, the day of complete reporting, and settlement of payments, customers should not delay payment. To ensure customer safety, all collection of yen customers need to be signed with Division I contractual agreements to ensure the interests of both. Customers must provide identification, such as a business license to the Division I, so both parties can cooperate. Shadstone stops all the use of our collection yen services, the transfer of funds, money laundering, fraud and other malpractices.

What to Do When Foreign Exchange Banks do Not Give Any Amount of Foreign Exchange

Many newly established import and export company has the same problem with export declarations. By paying for exports, going to the bank foreign exchange is needed. Exchange earnings amount is not enough or no limit. Thus, no settlement can only result to face a refund.

Shadstone provided whole solutions for such cases. In these cases, our company customer representative will help you in the shortest time to complete the foreign exchange quota increase.

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Collection/Disbursement of Credit Services

If your company does not have the right to import and export letters of credit or are not familiar with file operations, we can help you solve your problem, even if you trade with SOHO owners, they can also use our program to complete a letter of credit. Our agents spent many years for credit letters operations with high-quality talent proficiency, and can help you design the perfect solution to help you avoid trading with risks, yet with an easy payment procedure.

The Standard Operating Procedure:

1. We represent your company name in letters of credit received.

2. In accordance with its letter of credit requirements, we arrange customs clearance and shipment.

3. Prepare the letter of credit documents and bills of lading to the bank.

4. The bank transfer the payment to your company (public and private households)

Collection of T/T, D/P process equivalents to the letter of credit operations. We accept payment T/T remittance, and the operating process is fast.

Settlement is on the same day whereby remittance shall be remitted to your designated account.

HK Check Collection

Domestic enterprises do business with people and are often asked for an open currency checks or U.S. dollar checks. Throughout the trade cycle in Hong Kong, the check as payment is a very important link. How can I receive Hong Kong dollars check? HK collection in the country has only two kinds of companies that can receive local currency checks, one is the regular import and export company, a Hong Kong company. Even if the it has the right to import and export, it has to receive local currency checks and provide trade contracts, verification forms, etc., to finally complete the exchange earnings.

No right to import and export companies or individual enterprises may choose Shadstone for such formal import and export company which has the right to collect currency checks. Shadstone from Hong Kong has extensive experience in operating the collection of foreign exchange collection of currency checks. We are collecting a check handling low fee of HK, with a quick operation. Hong Kong dollar foreign exchange, one-stop service. We welcome clients inquire details for the collection of Hong Kong dollar checks. We will do our best to resolve the collection of Hong Kong dollar check for your services.

A Letter for Credit L/C’s Loading Bills

To understand the letter of credit L/C when billing the lading note, we must first understand some basic terms: sea cargo, freight professional terminology, “LCL” which stands for “less than one container load”, or in Chinese it’s “Less than a container”, and the entire cabinet FCL, which stands for FULL CONTAINER LOAD. In doing credit L/C, you need to pay attention to some minor problems to avoid discrepancies.

1) Letter of credit L/C’s general requirements in billing lading cost

“FULL SET OF CLEAN ON BOARD OCEAN BILL OF LADING MADE OUT TO ORER OF ….” In this clause, you can see, the letter of credit requires documents for the original owner of one. In terms of freight, bills of lading is divided into 2 types, one is called the owner (OCEAN BILL OF LADING), also known as bills of lading, or called “master bill of lading” (Master), it is also expressed as “MARINE BILL OF LADING”. The name represent the owner as the one who shoulder the single issued bill of lading, so is the shipping company owner (SHIPPING LINE). While the other is the bill of lading freight forwarding (FREIGHT FORWARDER) the issued bill, and the HOUSE BILL OF LADING is issued by freight forwarders which do not have legal effect. Therefore, the letter of credit to do when billing the lading cost helps you distinguish your booking, and your freight bill is issued to the owner, so it will not end up into discrepancy. But many freight forwarding companies are not quite sure what are their freight bills. In addition, when doing bulk shipping in China’s territory, there is no single owner, and generally issued by the freight forwarding company (HOUSE BILL OF LADING). Because all owners are only responsible for the FCL, and shipping companies operate their own full cabinet, while in China and around the world, the basic operation of bulk cargo by freight forwarding company operations are shipped on behalf of a single bill of lading, with that way, the letter of credit L/C needs an OCEAN BILL OF LADING request in it. This situation is more intractable, to Shenzhen, for example, 90% of the freight credit bill of lading will be adhered. Only 10% of the bill of lading, the bank can barely audit.

2) Letter of credit L/C’s another point of note is the BLANK ENDORSEMENT.

General credit consignee’s order expects a blank endorsement. When the bill of lading is done, we must note that it must be stamped and signed in the back. This way will avoid paying for a single discrepancy, this process is called blank endorsement. Blank endorsement doesn’t mean you do not write anything, what you just need to do is simply stamp a signature. If the consignee ordered from any bank, this usually does not require a blank endorsement.

3) The bill of lading does not indicate generally who the carrier is, so it can be critical.

Doing letter of credit L/C for the bill of lading has many issues which require attention. We have to seriously study UCP600 requirements, this will be able to help us make a perfect document. If you are preferring for a bulk cargo or container cargo, please contact Shadstone. We export professionally and provide a solution to your problem to avoid credit risk.