Hong Kong Virtual Address & Mail Receiving Options

On the road a lot? You’re looking to have a Hong Kong address for your mails?

You’re in luck – Global From Asia can now be your trusted mail service in HK! Our office where we do these amazing podcast recordings is also used to receive mail from clients!

Let’s dig into a few different service packages you can choose from.

Plan 1: Virtual Office HK Address

The core offering is a virtual office address in Hong Kong – a place for you to have your government forms go to, as well as bank letters if needed. This service is our most economical plan for those who just need the basics.

Features of this plan:

  • Unlimited letters from official HK government and banks. No matter how many letters you may get from the government or banks, it’s all included
  • Email Alerts On New Mail. We will send you an email that you have received a new letter in the mail.
  • Complimentary scanning. On the road and not able to pick up the mail in Hong Kong ? No problem, if you opt-in we can open and scan your mail for you. This is an optional service wherein we will require you to sign an authorization form empowering us to open your mail on your behalf.
  • Mail Storage. We can hold the mail for you up to 1 month. You can have the mail forwarded to you in Hong Kong or out of Hong Kong, or you can pick it up on your next trip here.

If you choose this plan, you should just be planning to use this address for your government and bank mail in Hong Kong. However, when mail comes outside of these 2 areas, we will need to charge a service fee for each piece of mail received. For more details on rates, check our pricing table at the bottom of this page.

Plan 2: Premium Mailing Address

Want to have an address in Hong Kong for your business and your mailing needs? We can receive packages for you, as well as letters from customers and suppliers. Use this address on your website and invoices if you so desire.

It also includes the basic plan (Plan 1) for your government and bank mail, but also includes:

  • Receive 10 pieces of mail per month with e-mail alerts. The service plan includes receipt of up to 10 pieces of mail per month. After 10, check our pricing chart below.
  • Scan 10 pieces of mail per month. We include up to 10 scans of your mail fee per month. After 10, there is a fee on a per scan basis that you can find at the bottom of this page.
  • 5 forwarding requests per month. We can forward to you up to 5 mails per month. Past 5, we will charge service fee per forward request.

This is a great plan if you want to have someone in Hong Kong be an extension of your office. We will assist you in receiving mails that you want and keeping your business operations running as smooth as if you were here yourself!

Plan 3: Fulfillment of Mail in Hong Kong

Do you need to send out mail to your customers or suppliers in Hong Kong? To China? Or maybe worldwide from Hong Kong? Global From Asia can help you out in making personalized mailings as well as mass mailings to suit your needs.

  • Personalized Mail – Do you need us to print out a specific document for you and have it mailed to a client or supplier? We can be like an extension of your office, receive your email instructions, and complete your request.
  • Mass Mailing – Do you have brochures or sales offers you want to send out? We can assist from beginning to end – printing, addressing / mail merging, and getting shipped out.

Most clients may not need this service – this is an add-on package for those who need outbound mail support. For pricing, please contact us on a case by case basis.

Package Receiving

Are you looking to Receive Samples and Packages From China and Other Parts of Asia?

We have a Hong Kong mailing address and upon approval from our client, our services team can accept larger parcels. While we do focus on letter mail, if you need to receive samples from China, or in Hong Kong, and want us to consolidate, or simply receive and then forward, you can speak to our account manager for details.

Hong Kong Returns Center

Looking for a Hong Kong Address to Have Your Global Product Returns?

Our services can also include the ability to have your end customers or distributors send their defects or refunded goods back to this HK office. Our services office can process these returns (based on your requirements) and help you be a global brand from Hong Kong!

Pricing and terms for using this address as a returns service center is on a case by case basis, please speak to our customer service representative.

Choose Your HK Address & Mailing Package!

Ready to pick the service package that is right for you?

All plans are the core offering, and if you need any additional services, choose from the pricing menu after the basic plan sections.

Business and Personal Address Plans

Virtual Address


USD Per Year
  • Unlimited HK Bank + Government Mail
  • Complimentary Email Alerts + Scanning
  • Non HK Gov’t / Bank Mail Included
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  • Premium Address Package
  • Send Out Mail On Your Behalf
  • Send Packages On Your Behalf
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Mail Offering Menu

After selecting a plan above, here are the a la carte prices. If your plan includes some of these, you can skip them, until it passes the plan’s monthly quota.

Receiving Mail (1 piece) with Scanning –
Forwarding Mail (letter) –
Forwarding Mail (package) –
Storage (after 1st month) –

$1 USD
$1 USD
$3 USD
$10 USD/Mo

Introducing a New On-Demand Personal Mail Service

For those who have personal mail needs that isn’t as frequent, we have this special offer.

Hi, I am interested in using your mailing address. I will be receiving about 5-10 packages per month.Singapore reader

Hong Kong Mail Forwarding Service

Do you want to have a Hong Kong address you can trust and rely on? One that is flexible and easy to work with?

Then we have an offer for you – a flexible, pay for what you need, mail service here in HK.

This is how it works

Step 1 – Choose Your Plan

We have free to paid plans, depending on the volume of mail you expect.


Free plan

  • No monthly fee
  • charge of 20hkd per letter received
  • 50hkd for a small package received
  • Max 20 letters per month and 2 packages
  • There is no storage included
  • We will either forward it to your address or you pick it up within 2 business days
  • This is for mail only, not for company registration or company website / business cards / details.

Paid plans

A fixed amount of mail included per month plus the ability to put the address on your website and other marketing and sales materials.

Step 2 – Configure Your Forwarding Preferences

Do you want to pick up the packages / letter or have us forward them to you instead?

If you pick them up, you need to do it within 2 business days or else additional fees will be incurred.

Or, you can have us forward them to you for a fee of 20 hkd per letter and a variable fee for package plus the cost of shipping.

However, when you would like to have the letter scanned, there is an additional 50 hkd per letter. Or upgrade to our paid and fixed address options.

Step 3 -Receive The Mail Like a Local

That is it, when a letter is sent, we will notify you and ask how you would like it to be handled.