Want to make sure you get the best deal when talking to a Chinese factory? Make sure you have someone to translate for you.

They have their own English speaking sales people.

Oh, well. Remember.

Those sales people WORK FOR THEM.

You need someone on your side, someone who is interpreting on your best interest. Someone you can trust will tell you what the factory owner said, no fluff. Will really translate correctly and directly each word you say. Or, maybe they are really smart and will leave some of the offensive and “dangerous” items out.

Not sure where to find a trusted interpreter, then read on my friend, read on.

Taking a Trip To China?

Making your first trip to China, and overwhelmed with all the details. Maybe you haven’t yet even found a single person outside of the network of factories and companies you are a customer of. No problem, this is where we can help. We have a network of interpreters throughout China, skilled and ready to help you out.

While you can rely on the factory’s English speaking staff, it is a hit or miss. Sometimes they are so busy they can only help you when you visit their factory. Other times they are just not the best suited to help you in certain circumstances. Plus, in a way you will “owe” this favor to that factory in the future.

They may not say it direct. The factory boss will say their team can help you. Yet later down the line when an inflection point comes up in the business relationship, its brought up. They will bring up certain favors they did for you. I’d recommend reducing these favors as much as possible, to keep you with a bit of an upper hand. Or at least with a more equal playing field.

You invested all this time and money coming out to China, may as well have a professional interpreter to make sure you do things right!

Tap Into Our Chinese Interpreter Network

The Global From Asia team has a long reach into most cities in China. And chances are, the city(ies most likely) that you’ll be visiting are ones where we have representation.

How does it work?

Pretty straight forward. Contact us before you fly to China and reserve the dates you’re coming to town. In a rush? We can always accommodate as best we can those in China and in an emergency. Buy the amount of days you need and we’ll find the right person to help you out.

Let us know your agenda for the trip – are you doing it for business or pleasure, or both? Maybe you just need help some of the days, not every day. Or maybe more important, you need help before you come! All is possible. Our Global From Asia sales representative will work close with you to find the best Chinese interpreter for your trip.

Once you confirm the amount of days you need, you can pay us online – we accept all forms of payment – most of the time by credit card or Paypal. We’ll get you in touch with your interpreter in advance so that you can get things moving forward before you fly over.

Then, the rest is coasting! Your Chinese interpreter (in a way, travel assistant) will work with you beforehand getting the heavy lifting done. When you arrive to China, it will be smooth sailing. We also provide you a checklist of items to go through, tools and tips from our years helping visitors come to China.

So ready to get started, check out our plans and pricing below:

Chinese Interpreter Pricing

Convinced you should make this investment in a Chinese interpreter. Great, we think so too! It will definitely be a positive ROI on the headaches reduced so that you can focus on the real business at hand.

China Preparation Package

Don’t think you need someone to interpret when you get to China, but do like the idea of having someone help you arrange the China itinerary. This plan is for you! We’ll assign you your own travel assistant, and they will check hotels and transportation options for you for your trip. This is for a maximum of a one week trip or 3 cities, whichever comes first. If you would like to have a longer China preparation package – no problem, buy additional packages to cover the amount of time or cities in China you will be traveling.

Its best to buy this a week in advance latest. This way, you can ensure the travel assistant has all the information upfront. They can help book the hotels and confirm the other items such as taxi cost, train cost, subway maps, and other arrangements for your trip in the city. Take a load off from trying to figure it out yourself or trying to patch it together with one of your Chinese factory staff.

1 to 2 Traveler Package

This includes the China preparation package above, but also includes 3 days of full time help for your China trip. The Chinese interpreter will go with you to the factories, trade shows, company offices, or sightseeing with you and be your right hand assistant.

This interpreter will prepare to interpret your business items. Because you have booked in advance, we have ensured that we sourced the best interpreter for your business terminology and product line. Interpreting can be quite exhausting and specialized. Therefor different interpreters are better in certain industries.

The 1 -2 Traveler Package is great for you and another one of your company executives coming to China. You’ll feel much more at ease when you have someone taking care of the phone calls, planning, taxi bargaining, and more.

Have a bigger group coming to China? Check out our travel group package below.

Travel Group Package

Traveling in a large group? Maybe taking a department from your company to China? Or this is a special event where a group from your school or organization is coming over.

Then making sure you have qualified interpreters is even more important! This is because the problems and delays that can happen when traveling in China is now multiplied by a factor of the additional people in the group.

Depending on how many people are traveling in your group, we may need even more interpreters in addition to the one! A travel group coming to China is a great chance to learn about the culture and the people. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

China Travel Assistant Pricing Plans

Ready to get started? We laid out the different packages clearly here so you can just pick one and get on your way!

We want to make your China business trip as comfortable and streamlined as possible. Any questions, please contact us, cheers!

China Prep. (Remote)


USD, One Time
  • Discuss with you your China travel plans
  • Arrange travel and accommodation
  • Assist with coordinating transportation from one factory / office / trade show to another
  • Up to 1 week of travel or 3 Chinese Cities (whichever comes first)
  • Meeting You in China and interpreting
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Travel Group


  • All Items from China preparation package
  • 1 (or more) Chinese interpreter for your travel group
  • Assistance In planning your event or meetings in China
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Maximize Your Trip To China (and reduce headaches!)

The team at Global From Asia made this package as we kept hearing the stories of newcomers to China getting lost and wasting a lot of time on their short trip. You spent a lot of time and resources to get on the other side of the world! Don’t skimp at the end. We hope you agree spending a little bit more will make the trip that much more fun, effective, and with a higher ROI.

Any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us! Have a great trip in China, for business, pleasure, or both!