Looking for an Asia Based Fulfillment Center?

Are you already doing e-commerce but only at the dropship level? Want to move up the supply chain by owning your own inventory, but don’t want to bother with having your own warehouse?

Then you need a third party fulfillment! As the internet world and the e-commerce industry has grown mad over the years, more and more companies have setup fulfillment houses. That means they will hold your inventory and ship anywhere in the world direct to your customers – as if it was your own warehouse!

Want a Quality Asia Based Warehouse Center?

You’re buying goods from China and are sending them to your customers in USA or Europe, right? What the trend has been is to buy up a container and send it by ocean to the other side of the world. And then you pay for the customs clearance, the truck delivery to a warehouse there, and the monthly fee for storage and the workers to ship it.

Why not skip all that and have the goods kept on Asia’s side of the world?

But maybe you’re not here, and you’re searching online and not sure who is good and who is full of it.

Well, you are in luck!

Introducing the Warehousing & Fulfillment Matchmaking Program

Do you want to work with Global From Asia to help you find the right warehouse provider for your e-commerce business?

We have made this package just for you. It is where you give us the information about your business, where it is now, and where you want to go in the future. The warehousing and fulfillment package then gives you our best suggestions for how to go forward with an Asia-based fulfillment provider.

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We know how complicated it is to change your warehousing solution. You may not be so happy where you are currently shipping from, but you feel that the hassle can be so overwhelming, you’ll just stick to where you are.


Don’t settle for less. To stay competitive in today’s world, you need to always stay ahead of the curve. If you think you need to change, maybe working with us will be the motivation you need to keep pushing forward.

We have a couple of plans for you.

  • Analysis and introduction.

    Just want us to hear how you are currently set up and get some ideas on how to improve your supply chain and be more Asia-centered? This plan is for you! Tell us about your company and what your future supply chain plans are, and over a personalized call we will give you all the information we have. Afterwards, we will send a summary and introduce you to the right fulfillment service providers.

  • Done With You.

    Want us to get involved with the actual implementation? We will do the service in the above package but also help work with you during the application and transition period. This can be a simple procedure or a complicated one. So over our first phone call, we will dig into the details and then give you a price for working with you on an ongoing basis.

Choose your Package For Asia Supply Chain Bliss

So here you go, let’s do this. Pick the plan that is right for you and your business.

Analysis and Introduction


  • Review Your Business Case
  • 30 Minute Personalized Phone Call
  • Find the right warehouse + fulfillment provider for your case
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List of Logistics Services

Our company mainly helps you find the right provider for the following services:

  • International shipping, air transportation (FCL / box; bulk)
  • Inland Guangdong – Shenzhen Port Trailer
  • Declaration (general trade pay, commodity inspection, brand agent, etc.)
  • Shenzhen – Hong Kong Inland Transport
  • Export documents operation (Certificate of Origin CO, FORM A, FORM E, as well as embassy documents endorsement, etc.)
  • No. 3 country clothing, footwear transit business
  • Letter of credit, T/T Deputy foreign exchange, tax settlement
  • Hong Kong to mainland China or seaborne imports, customs clearance services.

How to Calculate the FOB China Price?

Many factories’ clients often say they have to open an ex-factory price (EX-WORKS, EX-FACTORY) and they will ask how to do foreign customers FOB quotes, which is confusing. But in fact, Price FOB is very simple.

First, we must understand what is an FOB Price. FOB is an international trade acronym which means Free On Board. Let us first define what constitutes an FOB. Generally, we reported that FOB price is not simply how much money is on hand, but usually, an FOB contains port names such as: FOB SHENZHEN, FOB NINGBO, FOB SHANGHAI, FOB SHANTOU, FOB GUANGZHOU. FOB DONGGUAN, FOB SHUNDE , FOB CHINA, FOB HONGKONG, and so on.

The port name on FOB indicates the offshore’s port name. For example, FOB Shenzhen means the cost of leaving the port of Shenzhen.

In this way, it is clear on how to report an FOB price, and I am sure you are aware of the ex-factory prices (EX-WORKS, EX-FACTORY).

Here is a sample computation of for an FOB SHENZEN:
Ex-factory Price plus (+) the Shenzhen Terminal’s costs equals (=) the FOB price.

Other Things Included In The Cost

What’s included in the cost apart from all the costs spent on Shenzhen’s factory?

FOB costs include trailer fees, customs fees, and local costs. Local costs may include terminal charges, documentation fees, certificate, and so on. If the shipping is not via container cargo and is via LCL, there may be consolidation costs, CFS, and etc. If we will consider the number of warehouses, there will be many Miscellaneous fees. There are also intangible costs, including VAT tax point of cost, CARRIER shipping agency fees, and handling charges.

In short, all expenses regardless of the cost of potential export is simply possible to complete the process. Shadstone is offering free training courses on FOB where new and old customers can register and participate. If you are a Shenzhen exporter, then you need to know how to report an FOB SHENZHEN price. You can call Customer Service I Division staff which provides advice for free. With our many years of experience in the operation of FOB SHENZHEN, we can help customers reduce the potential risks coming from FOB. We believe we are experts in Shenzhen FOB.

Furniture Exports Trucking in FOB Shenzhen Customs

Shadstone specializes in the major ports of Shenzhen, Yantian, Shekou, the former Gulf, Ma Wan, and Chi Dachan Bay in crossing furniture export agency business. However, we can not import and export to enterprises or small-scale factories that are export customs agents.

Our trailer customs service is now a leading service company in Shenzhen, with an excellent price and good services.

We also provide a one-stop service to furniture manufacturers, including booking, trailers (Trucking), furniture declaration, certificate, debit of the FOB costs and other ancillary services. These services are offered to remove the worries in all our customers and just concentrate on the production of furniture.

At present, Shenzhen and Dongguan Hou Jie Jie day, Longgang, Shenzhen, Shunde Longjiang furniture factories, other major business corporations, and many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta provide strong logistical support. Furniture exports in Shenzhen and FOB Shenzhen is the Shadstone traditional business which relies on a stable operation, the formal declaration, and all the furniture business to solve problems.

Why choose FOB to complete the trailer customs service:

1. Sufficient vehicles to ensure a sufficient car season source.

2. Declaration price both in Yantian and Shekou customs broker, first-hand price which are updated in real time. Commodity inspection, fumigation, and other incurable diseases can be resolved.

3. Shenzhen trailer + declaration with professional company services and has a set of auxiliary systems and shipped FOB security.

4. Full electronic tracking service. GPS satellite positioning to ensure cargo security.

5. Years of professional colleagues to help you avoid all the risks in an FOB trade.

6. Order all network tracking through SMS and EMAIL at any time to ensure the safety of your goods.

More than 50 company-owned trailer units can guarantee the best season in the section to provide an adequate capacity, availability, and punctuality, plus a customs staff team lineup, peripheral harmonious relationship between customs services and the guests. They provide time, commitment, negative declaration, and cost generation, all while assuring you full responsibility for the Division.

Certificate of Origin and Other Types of Export Documents

To facilitate trading partners, we take all kinds of export documents with a long-term agent.

Anyone who needs information about Hand prices with good services are welcome to contact us.

Included Documents:

  • Certificate of Origin CO
  • Export White Paper for Endorsement
  • Pratt & Whitney Card FormA
  • FormE
  • Chile FormF certificate
  • India FormA; and other documents.

Methods of Foreign Exchange Earnings

As the Chinese government prevents the influx of foreign “hot” money in China, according to China’s economic imbalance structure, beginning July 2008, the government exported foreign exchange income to the amount of new reporting mechanisms, and each year with 50,000 settlement amount.

To present, Chinese enterprises export foreign exchange income, which is mainly divided into two kinds: one is the formal export revenues through foreign exchange within the company, and the other is the foreign exchange export earnings through offshore companies. Informal exchange within the company’s export revenues are more common, but there are many small and medium enterprises tax shelters, which are all exported by offshore foreign exchange income. The use of export revenues from offshore foreign exchange company is an operation which is almost similar to the underground banks who receive foreign exchange black market approach, and that the export income of foreign exchange operations, in a sense, has violated the state law.

Companies who have no right to export. Personal foreign exchange income is the best choice, through formal export earning, Import and Export Company complete the exchange. Shadstone is available all year round to help customers collect T / T regular import and export company. We do this while ensuring customers the security of foreign currency export revenues, and ensure customers with the rapid export of foreign currency income.

To present, many import and export company on behalf of the client export foreign exchange income, requires 2 to 3 days for the customer to pay. According to Shadstone, way back in early 2008, China’s first launch of the day collection, was the same day of the regular payment service. And with all the formal procedures, the regular reporting was to be done on the same day of the implementation of the formal process of settlement. This is the not the same industry. The so-called formal declaration is the formal settlement of foreign exchange in export receipts. It is necessary because the export income in foreign exchange are in general currency or in U.S. dollars, and does not directly go into the regular import and export company account. They must undergo a bank report by filling out a declaration form, bank examination, then export receipts of foreign exchange dollars into the formal verification of import and export company on behalf of the account. Such money standing to the credit, some banks only accept the enterprises for foreign exchange. However, foreign exchange are required to complete an “Exchange Application Form” and so on. And through e-port IC card, limits are checked. Then comes the finalization of the settlement. It is a complicated process, but Shadstone can complete it in one formal day, which is highly efficient and that is still unprecedented in the industry.

How to Pay America’s Export Earnings

Customers pay for the exports’ fee that are usually small, on import or export power plants, trading companies and other customers save costs. Most of them pay through the export declaration to achieve export purposes. In accordance with national policy in exporting and collecting the money and is the principle of verification, which in a way, the customers pay to receive U.S. exports, and the company who receives the payment looks for revenue, so there is a considerable risk.

The provision of payments on the company is generally the number of registered irregular bag companies. If someone said they receive U.S. dollars, it might be rejected. Therefore, most of the payments made by customers are done in several ways to achieve the following purpose of revenue dollars. First: closing U.S. private account (more common, but each person has 50,000 settlement amount limit). Second: by Hong Kong companies receiving USD (high registration fees, settlement is not convenient) and third, the right to import and export income U.S. agency (if it’s simple collection and unreasonable).

Therefore, Shadstone pays for U.S. exports to charge customers directly to find such formal export import agencies, because we help you not just to complete the customs declaration, but also to collect foreign exchange, formal reporting, verification, solving all the worries with low fees and high efficiency. Paying U.S. export revenue is the perfect solution.

How to Find Agents Who Collects Euro?

The European Union is China’s second largest trading partner, and China’s international trade relations to them is indeed very close. Because its member states are now unified, the currency in circulation is the Euro. Most of the time, the request to send money to our business is in euros. If you have no import and export rights, and are a Hong Kong offshore company, you will need to find a formal agency collecting in Euros. We sincerely recommend the letter of credit foreign exchange settlement experts, Shenzhen Tian Jie.

  • Which companies need to collect the euro? Generally, clients do not import and export rights. They pay by export enterprises or individuals, trading companies and offshore companies in Hong Kong.

  • What countries will require our business income in Euro? EU countries generally, and some countries by the U.S. sanctions, such as Iran, and Libya. Due to the sanctions, most banks are not in their country and only conduct international wire transfers. The Meijin is transferred out, so they usually choose the Euro as trade settlement currency.

  • How do I find agents collecting Euro safely? Shenzhen Tian Jie is a formal agency known for collecting Euros in an absolutely safe manner because Shenzhen Tian Jie uses formal declaration and formal verification. In addition to helping clients collect Euros, they also help customers with their one-stop service export cargo. Their services include the export of goods to customers and providing our company with the formal verification form of foreign exchange.

  • How fast can Shenzhen Tian Jie collect the Euros? Very fast, in general. It can be credited into your account within 2 days after the formal completion of the day declaration and settlement.

  • Are you interested in Shenzhen Tian Jie collecting Euros for your business? As Shenzhen Tian Jie is a normal operation, you must sign a formal contract, face to face with the customer agency. Customers must provide a business license, ID cards and other documents to our company to stay underground.

If you have any questions regarding the collection of Euros, please contact us.


MAERSK on Booking, Booking a Warehouse, and Warehouse Services.

FOB has a lot of customers. Either doing the letter of creditor or the T/T or D/P, these are sometimes encountered by the customers abroad to specify Maersk Inc. (MAERSK). As Maersk (MAERSK) uses an online booking, online operation, and online supplement expected, there is no fixed operation and advanced customer services. Unlike traditional shipping companies or freight forwarding companies, there are always fixed service operators.

With Maersk, you would need to register to www.maerskline.com to become a member, and then download the authentication certificate. The steps can be tricky, but to get the original bill, you must also make an appointment and can not send through the original courier companies. Thus, those who do not have an operational experience of the client network system yet undergo a very painful process.

In order to facilitate our customers, Shadstone will introduce Maersk (MAERSK) on behalf of the booking and on behalf of the service to make you more convenient with the warehouse FOB.

Fixed Storage Services

The booking and fixed storage services of Maersk (MAERSK) includes the following:

1. Agent to Maersk (MAERSK) firm booking (booking, fixed position) services
2. Agency arrangements for FOB trailer customs service and the cost of reimbursement.
3. Agent to Maersk (MAERSK) to feed the company line.
4. Agent to Maersk (MAERSK) line of single identified.
5. Agent to Maersk (MAERSK) company, payment, payment of the FOB cost.
6. Agent to Maersk (MAERSK) to take the company booking the original bill of lading.
7. Send people to Maersk (MAERSK) company to receive the original bill of lading.

For all the operations, Shadstone will only be charged RMB200 yuan fee. All customers in FOB will be able to experience the best of the FOB Shadstone operational services, reducing the risk of FOB. This allows our customers to save time and improve customers’ efficiency which results in a more successful completion of international trade.

DHL Express Solutions for Import Declaration

Many do not have the import and export rights, and because a trade needs production, it often means customers will be sent by DHL to their small sample.

Under normal circumstances, DHL value of 5,000 yuan is not required to pay tax and customs declarations. But if there is an excessive number of samples with the value amounting to more than 5000 yuan, DHL staff requires export declarations documents from those receiving enterprises.

As a result, those who do not have the import and export rights are unable to complete this operation. Through the Baidu search everywhere: “Shenzhen Airport Customs, DHL import declaration”, the class action is rather complicated, a lot of freight forwarding or customs companies are willing to operate the Class of import customs declaration.

Shadstone, for such cases, specifically opena a green channel for such customer service, a worry-free solution.

DHL Solutions’ import customs clearance are more convenient to meet the customer needs, allowing customers to be more convenient and get a faster mentioned goods.

Cost of Freight Forwarding

There are a lot of risks involved in designated freights. Recently, some foreign Bahrain customers liked to specify a designated forwarder in Shenzhen for a cupboard from a factory in Shenzhen. As the factory price is FOB SHENZHEN, the freight forwarding company will complete the designated warehouse and arrange the trailer from Shenzhen to Bahrain. The designated freight then began with the bill of lading. The bill of lading should be on hold until the cows receive the Shenzhen FOB cost. Here we analyze in details:

Normally, on an FOB SHENZHEN container to the Middle East, the general customers pay the terminal fee and file charges. But in this bill, the designated forwarding list of some in Shenzhen are engaged in freight forwarding industry professionals in more than 10 years of service, so no hearing off costs.

FOB Cost

FOB Cost of astronomical history of the cattle bill is structured as follows:

1. Field Station fee: RMB200/40 ‘X1 = RMB200
2. Port charges: RMB200/40 ‘X1 = RMB200
3. Document fee: RMB150
4.THC: RMB760/40 ‘X1 = RMB760
5. Operation fee: RMB300 / votes
6. To pay the fee: RMB200
7. The original bill of lading fee: RMB200
8. Fanghuo fee: RMB200
9. Device location surcharge: RMB200/40 ‘X1 = RMB200
10. Peak season surcharge of accommodation: RMB200/40 ‘X1 = RMB200


An FOB SHENZHEN normal cabinet must pay the cost of RMB900. If forwarding of the hands is needed, it will become RMB2610. The normal cost will be RMB1710. That is the designated freight forwarding with casual operation of a container for high profits.

The costs in Shenzhen have never actually been able to specify the forwarding hands free to fabrication. The entertaining part is that the delivery of goods requires no payment of the original bill of lading fee. Plants take the original bill of lading, and actually have to pop up these costs.

Showing some of the designated freight and ignoring the interests of customers, these behaviors are shameful and should be condemned.

As the plant ought to do the letter of credit L/C, the right of the designated goods freight is already known. The customer prevents an FOB risk by paying the reasonable cost of FOB.

Shadstone reminds customers to be alert against the risk of the specified forwarding export before finding another professional freight FOB operations experts to help export. Doing FOB quotes and good communication before the export with the designated freight costs condition can avoid many unnecessary losses. We advise all freight forwarding companies do not affect the image of making things not for their own profit and ignoring the interests of middle and small customers.

In order to avoid adverse effects, our company holds off the publication of the names of the freight forwarding service provider to allow our customers to pay attention to the risk of export freight forwarding specified.

Trailer + Declaration (FOB Professional Services)

Why choose FOB Shadstone to complete the trailer customs service:

1. Sufficient vehicles to ensure a sufficient car season source.

2. Declaration price, both in Yantian and Shekou customs broker, first-hand price which are updated in real time. Commodity inspection, fumigation, and other incurable diseases can be resolved.

3. Shenzhen trailer + declaration that are most professional in services company, and has a set of auxiliary systems shipped FOB security.

4. Full electronic tracking service. GPS satellite positioning to ensure cargo security.

5. Years of professional colleagues to help you avoid all the risks in an FOB trade.

6. Order all network tracking, SMS, EMAIL notice at any time. To ensure the safety of your goods.

More than 50 company-owned trailer units can guarantee the best season in the section to provide an adequate capacity, availability, time and punctuality! Customs staff team lineup, peripheral harmonious relationship between customs services for the guests to provide time, commitment negative declaration, generate the cost, and assure you a full responsibility for the Division.

100% Deposit to Open Letters of Credit

Days Jie of China officially launched the “On Behalf of Open Letters of Credit” and “Pay the Foreign Exchange” services, and import customs clearance agent on a one-stop service.

Most often, 100% of our Buyers issue an irrevocable letter of credit, since there are many domestic buyers without the right to import and export, we provided the Secretary Zheng Shi, “Dai open letters of credit and pay the foreign exchange” service.

What Our Company Accepts

At present, our company only accepts 100% margin on behalf of open letters of credit.

Specific processes are as follows:
1) Customer to the Division I signed, “agent contract.”
2) The seller clearly reviewed the basic information to determine and provide the sales contract.
3) The customer paid to the Division I a 100% margin and the bank issuing the letter of credit fees and commissions from our company.
4) After receiving the deposit from Division I, the customer has 2 days for the order of the letters of credit.
5) For documents and files to Hong Kong, our company helps customers complete the clearance, shipping and other formalities.

Paying the exchange process and the generation of the basic processes is similar to open letters of credit.

Da Chan Bay Customs Declaration

This year, Da Chan Bay Terminal in Shenzhen is the new international standard terminal, located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen West Sea, 20 nautical miles north of Hong Kong, 40 nautical miles north to Guangzhou; land south of the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport . On Da Chan Bay, more and more shipping companies slowly started anchoring on Da Chan Bay Terminal, such as MAERSK Maersk and the United Arab Emirates shipping.

Shadstone’s grandly launched Da Chan Bay Customs Service and customs broker Dachan Bay Division. Customers are welcome to inquire.

Customs Price:

Customs fees: RMB250 / ticket + port construction fee

Division I also offers Da Chan Bay Customs Special Services: Agents do need to do regular inspection of goods.

Difficulty in providing green channel goods exports, paying customs fees are exempt from inspection counters.

Shadstone orders to standardize the customs declaration to avoid criminal elements using the platform of our company, smuggling or export of illegal goods, effectively prevent the export risk for customers and to ensure the interests of customers.

We hereby declare that we do not accept the goods counterparts. We only accept direct customer orders.

All commissioned Division I in Da Chan Bay Customs needs to be a registered regular customer company or an effective natural person, and customs with our company must sign an agency contract and must provide a valid document.

The Right to Import and Export Tax Rebates

If your company is a general taxpayer but does not have the export right, how does the tax rebate work?

First of all, we do not encourage small-scale factories to register for import and export rights because once the registration of import and export rights has been done, the future of the financial settlement process will be quite cumbersome, and must request the appropriate staff responsible for export verification services to increase company costs. Therefore, we propose that the minor plant (with the general taxpayer) find a factory to achieve the title.

Our company can help with the export tax refund. Operations are very convenient. Customers export the goods prescribed by the high value of high taxes and then vote for our company. Our company will then be a one-stop full service – tax rebate and the net costs associated with our company after the first tax return will be your company account. Safe and reliable.

Ocean FCL and LCL Service

Major shipping companies signed with cooperation agency is provided in Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports with worldwide a high-quality maritime transport resources, adequate accommodation, and a price advantage, with agents from more than 50 countries worldwide.

Provision of bulk services to the global consolidation may stop or straight fight.

Professional route: Vietnam, Taiwan, Southeast Asia Line, Middle East.

Inquiries are welcome!

How to Choose Shenzhen Customs Broker Company

At present, the Shenzhen customs declaration in the personnel industry or related businesses may be in hundreds or thousands. Facing such large service groups, naturally, there’s quite a mixed bag. Choosing a strong Shenzhen customs broker or customs company and the surplus is a complicated matter.

As a joke once said, a stone fell off the Shenzhen office, it hit 10 people. Nine of them gave declarations.

Although this is quite an exaggeration, there are indeed a lot of Shenzhen customs broker companies. The credit of foreign exchange settlement experts – Shadstone – will be in Shenzhen and the Shenzhen customs classification and customs broker to make a relatively detailed status report. In addition, you can choose the strength of the Corporation and the Shenzhen Customs in Shenzhen customs broker, there are certain understanding.

Shenzhen, as the reform and outposts opening up, the true meaning of the import and export is also from here, China has produced the most flexible way of imports and exports.

Shenzhen Customs

Shenzhen customs declaration companies can be divided into the following types of companies:

1. Shenzhen customs brokers and customs declaration line of such companies are equipped with their own customs staff. Customs registration are eligible. There are many customs brokers widely distributed in Shekou, Yantian, Shenzhen and other major gateway airports. The measure of the strength of a customs broker has been strong, mainly to see them in the event of the goods or incurable diseases.

How do you measure their processing speed and cost of the Shenzhen customs broker? Can the customers go directly to the Shenzhen customs for direct declaration? The answer is yes. But as an export in Qi Ye, better assess first the export situation yourself, and then select the customs, because these first-line are Baoguan lines. Their main target groups are forwarding Gong Si or Shenzhen customs agency company, the Shenzhen customs agents present more and more, Denghuiwomen will be introduced to.

As exporters, they are direct customers. Straight off the volume and container volume a little while, on Shadstone, Shenzhen is not recommended first-line customs brokers, finding such direct customer is not their main service object. We straight off line directly to first-line customs declaration in Shenzhen. Though some disadvantages are very clear:

  • The price is too high or the price is the same as the freight forwarding.
  • Services are not in place.
  • When a problem arises, there is no professional dealing and it may not taken seriously.

In addition, the real strength of the Shenzhen customs brokers jargon is called “Shenzhen Customs Market Maker”. Customs brokers are generally not directly connected straight off the single. Even freight forwarding companies in Shenzhen do not take a single extraordinary strength, giving them generally a very low profile. They are only familiar with their cooperation partners or perennial contacts and only provides affordable services. Shadstone does not recommend to go straight off the direct line of the Shenzhen customs broker choice but to choose a more competitive one in Shenzhen with freight forwarding services and complete customs clearance services.

2. Engaged in agency trade company in Shenzhen customs declaration. The declaration of such companies in Shenzhen are also known as customs agents, who often, through their own channels in the forefront of the Shenzhen customs declaration, get the price first-hand, and then pick the size of the freight which are mainly single.

Man Kam Lo Wu is currently focused on such customs broker, the second office in Shenzhen. They vary greatly in size that can reach hundreds of large and small dozens. General on the Department of Operation and Business oriented, where a group of young salesmen just graduated. Because of their prices are in primary, there are these appropriate returns. They offer directly to the freight forwarding, more or less profit, as little as 50 yuan per container, as many as several hundred dollars. Quantity win. This company took part in the Shenzhen customs categories, one is the making type, a first-hand prices, there are some customs agents through the small price of making the primary type of Shenzhen Customs to take the price of the company, then sell them to freight forwarding peers and direct passengers. Shenzhen customs companies’ main business is to rely on a group of business, all day long sweeping floor or sweeping like the Yellow Pages market. Although the feeling is very imposing, in such business of salesmen, they are generally just graduated from college, the industry’s Ye Wu mobility is very strong and this has led to many customers in opting for these in-house services Jingchang substitutions with a single, Fu Wujiu very Dao Wei. And such customs services, the characteristics of liquid also caused a lot of digging clients and even more confusing than the Warring States Period.

3. The freight forwarding companies. Freight forwarding companies are a direct correspondent which are also the direct customers, so most of the time, they are with the Shenzhen customs agents who may provide different prices. Many kinds of freight forwarding companies are specializing in ocean freight forwarding which is limited in capacity in the customs area. A considerable amount of attention is placed on the ocean freight forwarding. Baoguan strength is generally weak. Basically, all the remaining freight forwarding services are for the direct customer.

Companies face a variety of Shenzhen Customs broker. What type of company is our direct client? First, Shadstone suggests that customers should choose a regular broker registered in Shenzhen and have the legal office from the Shenzhen Customs Corporation (Shenzhen customs broker). There are too many employees in this line so many companies in Shenzhen customs operation are not standardized. In addition, the declaration must be signed with the agency contracts to ensure Zhijie guests as well, since many of the Shenzhen customs declaration company Caozuo are not standardized. There is a probability that a container holding Ke Hu Qu will be reported as a large one. Huozhe reported tax rebate and the like, or incidents of Chong Guan problems may occur. Shadstone promotes direct contract with only the direct passenger and with the freight forwarding company in Shenzhen. Our company of Shenzhen Customs promises only a reasonable period of time. If the report could not pass, it may be because the goods to ship bear all the incurred costs terminals that change the cost of shipping.

In addition to the Shenzhen customs agency business, Shadstone also carry the terminal cost in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of the trailer business, and the early collection of letters of credit, the collection of foreign exchange, and the collection of D/P. We have a strong network of agents to organize a complete, smooth, safe, and fast kind of trade. Shadstone is best known as China’s Import and Export SME partners. Our business advantage is the Da Chan Bay Customs, where we have a direct line.

L/C Terms and Conditions

Credit terms are basically very similar. However, the online L/C’s terms of condition is a selection of Shenzhen Tian Jet to be typical to the new analysis of the revised English and Chinese allowing their customers to understand the basic credit structure and to have a better understanding of the message of Credit L/C.

27: Sequence of the total credit number.
1/1 means the first letter of the credit. If it’s an amendment, the general will show: 2/2
40A: Form of the documentary credit form, an irrevocable agreement of the credit.

20: Data of issue
87,654,321 credit number

31C: Date of issuing date

31D: Date and place of the expiry letter of credit, which expires on
20090901, CHINA 2009 年 9 月 1 号. Expiration date is the date of delivery. So pay attention, usually in China, if is abroad, then we should pay attention to what time is given.

50: Applicants must review the letter of credit issuing one person (usually a client’s name, buyer’s information)

59: The beneficiary (your company name, the seller’s location)

32B: Currency code and the credit amount

41D: Available bank for negotiation
BY NEGOTIATION any negotiable Chinese bank (note that, if by payment, then it should not be below 42C a)

42C: Open draft
FOR FULL INVOICE VALUE see XXX days of payment (full invoices) On long-term letters of credit, if it’s C, then it must show the draft.

42A: Drawee payer
AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA, XXX BRANCH a branch of an agricultural bank

43P: Partial shipment to allow

43T: Transshipment to allow

44A: Port of whom taking charge of the loading

44B: For transportation to the port of destination

How to issue the credit bills of loading:
Specific code sections of the correspondence with the bill of loading:
44A corresponds to the place of receipt
44E corresponds to the port of loading
44F corresponds to the port of discharge
44B corresponds to the place of delivery

Shadstone found out that 44A and 44F are rarely found in the letter of credit, so the bill of loading is properly handled.
44E corresponds to PORT OF LOADING, 44B corresponds to the PLACE OF DELIVERY without transhipment. 44B also corresponds PLACE OF DELIVERY and the PLACE OF RECEIPT. Many shipping companies do not show these, so if it does not appear, it does not matter.

44C: Latest date of the last shipment on the bill of loading (B / L) ri, where indicated ON BOARD DATE, sailing time.

45A: Description goods and / or services

46A: Documents Required
2.FULL SET OF CLEAN ON BOARD B/L MARKED FREIGHT PREPAID MADE OUT TO ORDER OF THE SHIPPER AND NOTIFYING APPLICANT with the full set of clean shipping bill of lading, where freight is pre-paid, and the consignee and the consignor are shown.

Please review:

Bill of lading, packing lists, invoices with the receipt of credit. According to different countries, there are different documents required.

47A: Additional conditions attached

Line for the specified payment


The negotiation of the power line of transmission should have the confirmation of the document of the issuing bank and instruct the invoice amount, then SWIFT code, or fax in the form of authorization for the Agricultural Bank of China.

Singapore Ministry of branch-line payments to beneficiaries. The Singapore branch will be fulfill payment withing five working days.

Conditional receipts of credit have different conditions attached.

71B: Credit Bank Distribution Fee
ALL BANKING CHARGES OUTSIDE OF THE ISSUING BANK (EXCEPT FOR THE DISCOUNT INTEREST AND DISCOUNT CHARGES) ARE SHOULDERED BY THE BENEFICIARY. The issuing bank other than the costs incurred by the receipt of credit are the beneficiaries responsibility to pay.

48: Period for presentation
DOCUMENTS MUST BE PRESENTED WITHIN XX DAYS AFTER THE LATEST SHIPMENT DATE BUT WITHIN THE VALIDITY OF THE CREDIT in the credit period which is no later than XX days after shipment. The documents will then be submitted to the bank.

49: Receipt of credit is CONFIRMED.
WITHOUT the receipt, it cannot be confirmed.

53A: Reimbursement Bank pay row

78: Instructions to pay
1. A DISCREPANCY (IES) FEE OF USDXX.00 WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE BENEFICIARY WHEN THE DOCUMENTS ARE PRESENTED WITH THE DISCREPANCY (IES). If the documents submitted are different, the difference are deducted from the credit.


All documents should be one-off forms sent via express mail to us

72: Sender to receiver information note
Highlighted additional note..

We occasionally release a sample of letters of credit analysis, including a typical letter of credit from Bangladesh, Middle East. This will benefit the customers with a better understanding of the credit. If necessary, please refer to our company’s collection of letters of credit, the collection of foreign exchange, the collection of T / T, debit and credit, the collection of D / P of related services.

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