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Want to learn more marketing and business management skills, for you, and your staff, here you go!

Meetings in HK

HK Meeting Space

Visiting Hong Kong and need a private, quite place? We offer a complete meeting space.

Hong Kong Business Events

Business Events

In Asia on a business trip and want to network a bit? We hold regular meetings.

Consulting session

Private Call

Not sure even which service to start with? No problem, get on a call with a China expert today!

China Starter Package

China Expansion

Get on the fast track to Chinese business with our China starter package.

USA business expansion

USA Expansion

Are you a Chinese company looking to take the leap to America?

China factory sourcing

China Sourcing

Searching for Chinese factories + want to work with professionals?

Chinese Internet Marketing

Chinese Internet Marketing

Want to rock the Chinese internet with your foreign business? Baidu, Weibo, Wechat, let’s rock!

Internet Marketing Cebu

Internet Marketing

Global From Asia is a strategic partner in a SEO office in Cebu city of Philippines.

Get Hong Kong Investors

Hong Kong Investors

We have investors interested in you setting up shop in HK!

Philippines Call Center

Asia Call Center

Need a personal team to manager your inbound calls? With our call center service, you can!

Mobile app developers in Asia

Mobile App Developers

Looking for a reliable mobile app developer for the longest time? Let us help connect you with the right mobile app development shop.

Global From Asia’s Core Values


An educated client is our best client. You should be aware of the paperwork you are signing and comfortable you are making the correct decision for your long term business strategy.


Businesses need to pursue long term value creation. In our pursuit of excellence, we want to work with the best clients in the top of their respective industries.


We will lose money in the short term in order to hold up our credibility. In it for the long term, we want clients to feel safe and confident we are working in their best interests.


Like education, we want the client to understand what they are signing. Even if it makes more work for our agency, having clear pricing separating government and banking fees from our own, we do it.
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I’m looking for the team at Global From Asia to do the services for me. I’m busy and I just want to pay the experts to take care of things for me.

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Want to do it yourself? Power to you! We offer a range of training videos, books, and private consulting calls to make sure you’re on the right track.

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