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How Many Hours Have You Just Wasted Searching Online?
Reading Incorrect and Stale China Business Info…

Looking to crack the China market and doing your initial analysis? Frustrated with lack of quality information that is up to date and relevant to your business?

Stop spending hours on Google reading out dated and misinformed articles about China business!

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Talk To People in China!
(Yes, Even in Today’s Internet World)

There are still human beings and not just webpages. You may have read the book – Lean Startup by Eric Ries – and one of the tags lines is “get out of the building”

But for the China market, it isn’t just getting out of the building, it now involves:

  • Getting out of the building (same)
  • Getting in an Uber
  • Going to Airport
  • Flying to China
  • Finding Your way OUT of the airport building
  • Getting in an Uber (yes, it exists in China, awesome!)
  • Finding people to talk to (in English)


  • Leverage our China Business Starter Pack BEFORE all that!

What is this package you ask? Well, raise you seats to the upright position and put your seat belts on and let’s go through it.

Phone Calls With China Business Experts

We will arrange 3 phone calls for you with relevant China business experts, each a full thirty minutes each. They will be in an industry that is relevant to you.

The first call will be with Michael Michelini, who will get an evaluation of you and your business idea and model. He will give you feedback on it and then suggest 2 new business experts to speak with. Upon accepting these recommendations, you will then go forward to schedule calls with them.

This is something I wish existed years ago when I was first doing business in China. Finding these people alone was impossible, never mind getting a full and private 1 on 1 session about my own business with them!

Introductions To Relevant Industry Professionals

Many times we want to do everything ourselves. But in China – it is best to find people who already have the network and relationships and make a deal. Especially if you are just getting into the game.

Introductions start after Michael has the initial call with you. Over the next ten business days we will introduce you to up to 5 industry groups and / or professionals.

To maximize ROI from these introductions, please install and use the mobile chat app Wechat. This is the main app in China for communication. The introductions will be much more effective than emails and other communication methods.

Some examples of types of introductions:

  • Event organizers in your industry
  • Wechat groups on topics relevant to you and your business
  • Potential resellers and customers
  • Qualified staff to hire full-time or part time for your business
  • Industry experts that run agencies and provide services helpful to your business

If you have suggestions on which of the above you prefer, please tell Michael during your initial phone call.

3 Training Videos To Getting Started in China

Want to have something to review on your own time between the consulting sessions?

We understand you want to have something to pause, rewind, and skip on demand.

You will gain access to the training program after your initial phone call session. We grant you access to 3 training videos. These videos will be compact and focused on items relevant to your business.

Why 3 videos? In our research, we have noticed that when overwhelming new business people to China training it is overload. Thus we have selected the most popular and effective videos from our China Business Workshop seminar. We package them for this Starter package.

They will cover what you need to get started with your business: hiring, and getting your Chinese business online. Give your brain the booster of Chinese business knowledge it needs!

A Personal Review Of Your Business To Our Wechat Community

To finish up the China Business Starter package, we will have gotten to know each other quiet well! Michael and the team will write up a summary post of you and your business and share it with our Chinese social media community.

This will help get some initial exposure for your business. You can take it to the next level by following up on your Wechat to those interested people who read the post.

Ready To Take Action?

We have helped many companies evaluate and enter the Chinese market. We understand how nerve racking it can be and how one can become overwhelmed with “decision fatigue”. That is, you need to make so many decisions in a short period of time with limited information.

So we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you!

The offer above is solid. You have a concise package of our experience with clients from around the world into a systematized procedure. This allows us to offer you a special price unheard of in our consulting business.

Signup today for only $297 US dollars.

Yup, just one low price for:

  • Private Phone Calls with 3 Industry Experts in China
  • Introductions to Relevant Industry Leaders in China
  • Video Training on Getting Started in China
  • Blog Post Review of Introducing Your Business in Chinese Social Media
Get Things Going in China
Get Started Now!

So…What Are You Waiting For?
Take Your Business into China The Right Way

I’m glad you made it all the way through this with me. You are doing great and it is commitment like that which helps you succeed in the Chinese market.

Your time is valuable, so stop messing around researching online in English to figure out how to do business in China!

Get on the fast track! Take this offer: personalized calls, the introductions, videos, and business social media marketing introduction.

Click below and gain the insight and confidence you need to make big investments in China.

China Business Starter Package

Get things started in China. Take advantage of calls with experts, training, introductions, and business review to Chinese social media!

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