Have a business and want a qualified and personal team help manage your inbound calls?

You already know how important it is to have professional and quality call center service. Skimping on this will bite you in the end. Our team has worked over a decade in experience with clients to smooth out their customer service needs.

Work with people you can talk to directly?

You love that, to be able to call up your client services rep, or send them a direct email and see how the call center is doing. Personalized yet affordable customer service call center support. Right here in Philippines, the heart of call centers in Asia!

Service Your Customers in Multiple Language

International business is amazing. Billions of new customers at your fingertips.

But dealing with multiple languages can be a nightmare.

Do you have customers calling in multiple languages? The world of international business requires us to speak in the language of that local customer. This call center can be your secret advantage.

We have agents who can speak:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified, Mandarin)
  • Chinese (Traditional, Cantonese)

And can staff other languages if your account so desires.

Your Support Team Can Cover All Timezones

International business, again, a massive opportunity but you need to have the systems and tools in place.

Asia time, you’re probably asleep. But your customers in China aren’t!

Stop leaving money on the table and claim these customers.

Our call center works 24 / 7 so you don’t have to.

This is great for all kinds of situations:

  • 1. You need to have an emergency contact number during USA nights.

  • 2. You want to have an outsourced call center in Asia working USA times.

  • 3. You have multi-lingual support needed in Spanish and English around the clock.

  • 4. And more!

We want to be your long term partner and have customer service agents on call day and night ready to service your business.

Have Your Own Dedicated Customer Service Team

Want to make sure you know who is talking to your clients? Ya, we totally understand. We offer packages for those who want to have their own dedicated customer service reps.

What does that mean?

It means that we do not assign any other accounts to this agent (or agents). You can use them for your customer service, as well as any other projects on hand.

How many dedicated agents do you need? That is your call. Talking to one of our sales representatives we can work alongside you to estimate the call volume. Using our experience, we can predict how many agents can service your account. But ultimately you are in control of it, which clients prefer!

On Demand Agents, Only Pay For What You Need

Not interested in having a dedicated customer service team here? Want to instead leverage our trained and on-call agents to service your inbound customer calls.

No problem!

Speak with our customer service representative. Provide us all the information about your current in-bound calls. We will ask questions about what other tasks you may need our team to do. After fully understanding your account and business needs, we will give you a custom proposal.

Have your own estimate, heck we will take your offer and see if we can match it. Again, we’re real people and a personalized business trying to make a win-win long term cooperation. So shoot it over!

How The Call Center Works

Curious how the on boarding process goes? Let’s go through each step:

Step 1 – You contact us for a proposal

Want to get started, well let us know. You can request more information by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or you can purchase one of our standard packages.

Step 2 – Get Your Acount Manager Up To Speed

Once we confirm the deal and the contract signed and payment finalized, we need to learn your business. You will have an account specialist assigned to your account and will ask you a series of questions. This is a critical time to ensure the quality of your account is up to snuff. Overload us with information and details at this phase, we want to work through all the information upfront. By ensuring we have all your requirements and information, we can best ensure the quality of your service account.

Step 3 – Standard Questions Your Clients Ask

As a call center, we will field all inbound calls. What does someone ask for time and time again? How do you normally reply? We will work with you to document all these frequently asked questions. We will file it in your account manual and accessible by any and all call center agents who are on your account.

Step 4 -Turn Your Account Live!

Now the magic happens. Redirect your phone calls to our call center system and we will be ready to rock! Our customer service team will be prepared with all questions and normal answers for your clients. We have an account supervisor who will ensure that the call quality is up to your top quality standards.

Step 5- Regular Quality Reports & Check Ins

Once the account has started, we will give you weekly check-ins on the status of things. Depending on your preference, this can be in a call, email, or a report. Depending on your request for the amount of communications we send you – as we know you’re so busy. But we do recommend at the beginning of this account setup that you are ready to field in quite a few of questions as we’re still learning your account.

Step 6 – You Focus On Growing Your Business

With our call center team in place, you can rest assured things are going smoothly. Now you can get back to earning more revenue for your business.

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There is no long term contracts, and this proposal has no strings attached.

So, why not contact us and let’s see if we can work together!