Overwhelmed with how to start your online marketing for the Chinese market? Feel like it is a totally new world than what you’re used to and wishing there was a one stop place that could catch you up on everything.

Well, you are in luck – our Chinese internet marketing package is just for you! We have worked with hundreds of Western companies over the past 10 years. We enjoy helping them understand the Chinese market and building and growing their Chinese internet marketing presence!

Chinese E-Commerce Strategies

Read a lot on the internet and various books on the Chinese internet consumer buying like crazy! Yes, it is true. But it isn’t as simple as translating your products and listing on a “Chinese eBay”. You need to be strategic about it.

Working with us, we will cover insights and personalized tips for you in:

  • Warehousing and logistics inside China
  • Chinese payment processors such as Alipay and Tenpay
  • The Chinese consumer mindset and expectations for their order
  • Customer service strategies
  • Cash Flow and inventory control
  • Which marketplaces in China are worth you focusing
  • Making your own Chinese e-commerce website and hosting it

Chinese SEO and Online Marketing Strategies

We all know Google is out of China. Probably if you’ve done some research you’ll see Baidu is the top of the search engine market share in Mainland China. Is it the same as Google?

Other common questions and topics we discuss with you:

  • Do I need a Chinese website to do Baidu SEO?
  • When I make my Chinese website, do I get an ICP license?
  • How to get this ICP license? Can someone in China register it for me?
  • Is it all about backlinks and content, or are there other things to consider?
  • What are the differences between Baidu and Google search engine optimization?

This is just a few points of what we can cover in our discussion with you. We’ll review your current English website, as well as Chinese website (if you have it) and determine if you should even put Baidu in your strategy.

For the Chinese market, there are a plethora of strategies and channels, the key is finding the right one for your business and focusing on it.

Will you do paid advertising on Baidu, or just focus on organic (free) search? There are pluses and minuses of each, which we will cover for your situation during our consultation.

Chinese Social Media Strategies

And last but not least – social media in China. This has taken the country by storm! The whole population from teens up to grandparents are on their mobile phones checking social media throughout the day. The numbers are insane, and if you want to build your brand in China in today’s market, being on social media is a must.

We will review your business and marketing strategy to decide which social media platform is right for you.

  • Wechat

    The dominant player in mobile messaging and a complete social media platform. Should you get an official account setup, or use personal accounts to start?

  • Sina Weibo

    Not as popular as in its peak, but still relevant depending on your target users

  • Youku Video

    Will you use video? What style, how will you get eyeballs on it?

These are just a few of the many social media platforms brands are paying attention today. Let us help you sort through them and find the correct Chinese social media strategy for you.

Get Started Now, Dominate the Chinese Internet!

Is your business ready to tap into the Chinese market? Overwhelmed with what you’re reading online and want to work with a professional firm who has been there and done that?

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How to get started?

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We will then match you up with one of our Chinese internet marketing experts for a personalized call with you. Also feel free to make this a conference call with your team as well!

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