Over the years, I have been hosting this podcast as well as here on the ground in Asia doing business. I have prepared these books and training programs with you in mind, to help avoid a lot of the issues me and many of my friends and colleagues went through. I hope these help you as you develop your international business career and knowledge. I will always still continue to provide plenty of free content via blogging and podcasts, but this content is premium content that takes all my experience and knowledge and packages it into concise guides and books.

Don't go it alone! with these books & resource guides

Hong Kong Supercharged


My first book, more of a textbook and guide for someone opening their Hong Kong company for the first time or at the beginning stages. There are 3 levels of this package, first is the guidebook, then there is a full online training course with members forum, and then there’s the VIP package with weekly calls and all!

  • Setting Up a HK Company
  • Business Banking in Hong Kong
  • Operating, Cashflow, & More!

Video Training

Hong Kong Supercharged Videos

Want to watch along as Mike shows you step by step how to open and operate a Hong Kong business, front to back?

Then this series is for you. Watch over 3 hours of in-depth training videos, each in bite sized 5 – 10 minute segments.

Destination China


This is a more fun book I wrote that is half my story of moving to China, and the other half tips and tricks I learned along the way that I share with those following the road to China. I wrote to the “young Mike”, the big eyed Western entrepreneur venturing over to China to strike gold. What’s Covered In Destination China?

  • Leading Up To China
  • Where to Live in China?
  • Rocky Road, Keep Pushing

China Startup


Tempted to conquer the China dragon and do an internet startup in China? Entrepreneur’s experience with actionable tips to learn from.

Want to read a story of a guy who did it, and get some laughs at the same time?

Then “China Startup” is a book perfect for you.

Book a Private Call with Mike


Want to hop on a private 1 on 1 consulting call with me about business in China, Hong Kong, or business in general? I have calls you can buy in thirty minute increments and we can have a detailed call about your specific business need.

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Done For You Services

We provide a wide array of services from setting up the company to ongoing upkeep and audits. In Hong Kong as well as Mainland China

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