Overwhelmed? Don’t know how to best setup your business in the United States?

Want to get started with your international business structure involving USA with the top notch service you need and deserve? Then look no further – Michael Michelini and the team at Global From Asia will help ensure you don’t miss a beat and optimize your USA company setup here.

We understand how challenging it is being a foreigner doing business in another country. Being a foreigner doing USA business is tricky business, and having someone with the same perspective and concerns as you is critical in being confident moving forward. Our international team knows US business and is here to make it as smooth as possible.Michael Michelini, Host of Global From Asia

Introducing the USA VIP Package

  • Company Name Selection

    Company name check and recommendations – make sure you like the company name you file with.

  • All Government Forms & Fees (For 1st year)

    Filing of Certificate of Incorporation / Formation (depending on Corp or LLC) – all filing with government will be handled, you don’t need to worry about anything. Filing with Secretary of State of Delaware – make sure everything is square with the state of Delaware.

  • Electronic Versions Of All Your Documents

    We are an advocate of providing electronic copies of Certificate of Incorporation (or Formation) – since we are all online businesses, let’s keep the documents online (and save some trees at the same time)

  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application Assistance

    EIN (Employment Indentification Number) this is your Federal (USA) tax ID that you will need for banking and other applications.

  • Registered Agent & Address for 1st Year

    One year registered agent service – have a trusted agent in Delaware you can rely on One year USA virtual address service – you can use this as your own USA company address One year USA mail forwarding service (or PDF scanning) – have mail sent to your new Delaware address forwarded to you, or scanned and sent as pdf – your choice!

  • Bank Account Application Assistance

    Depending on your package (see below) we will offer consultation and assistance to banking solutions (online financial services or “traditional” offline banking)

  • 1 on 1 Consultation Before Banking Applications

    We want to make sure you are ready before applying to your banking solutions

  • Access to Our Private GFAVIP Membership Program

    Don’t go it alone! Connect with other business owners in your shoes (1 year access)

+ These Free Bonuses! Because

  • Pre Sales Consultation Call

    Personalized consultation call with us, whether you sign up for this service or not, we will discuss your current business, and evaluate if USA is right for you before proceeding.

  • International Business Introductions

    Introductions to business contacts relevant to your specific business. Up to 3 businesses or people.

  • Podcast Interview

    Interview on our podcast – If you’re interested, we’ll interview you after the process is over and share on the Global From Asia podcast

  • Listed as Featured Client

    Featured client on the new services page, if you so desire.

Expedited service – we want to get you setup as soon as possible, normally once we get all the documents and information from you (and confirmed company name) it will take 5 business days.

So, what do you think? As excited as I am to rock and roll with your global business via a United States company structure?! Or add it to your current global empire (recommended)

Our Popular Fully Online USA Company Package

Many of our clients aren’t able or willing to visit the United States for their company formation and banking. Being Global From Asia – we totally understand, and have put together a 100% online USA company formation package. We have partnered with various online banking and payment service providers so that you can operate your new USA company and banking as if you were there. Open your Amazon Seller Central account, Shopify, and others all remotely from overseas. These are new Fin-tech businesses that have worked hard to help international companies run their banking and financial functions from their laptop anywhere in the world. Your GFA rep will help find the right solutions provider upon signing up.

If you would like the traditional USA banks that have a physical office, you will need to come to America in person. We will discuss this with you upon signing up and advise if you would have a high chance of success or not.

Why Incorporate in the United States?

Why Incorporate in the United States of America?

There are many reasons why you would want an American company, asset protection and anonymity from your home country is a popular one for European business owners. Here are a few others, for a Delaware company specifically.

Here it is in simple bullet point terms:

  • No corporate income tax (Delaware LLC)
  • No shareholder or director public disclosure (ownership not publicly available)
  • Multiple tax benefits
  • Banking – Plenty of financial options once you establish and grow your US company
  • Merchant Accounts – Multiple merchant account options
  • Streamlined Upkeep – Yearly upkeep as painless and transparent as possible
  • Lower paperwork and yearly upkeep than other countries
  • Able to operate 100% remotely

How it Works

Step 1

Fill Out The Getting Started Form
Select the plan and complete the form. A client representative will be in contact with you shortly to collect your personal information and the company information you want to setup

Step 2

Schedule Your Consultation
Use the automated scheduling system to reserve your time slots with our sales specialist. They will give you the proper setup information and ensure you are doing it properly.

Step 3

Banking Help – Come To USA For Your Banking!
Your company will be setup and you will be ready to arrange your trip to America for bank applications. Depending on your package level and situation, we will assist with arranging bank appointments.

What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our international clients have to say:

Are you ready?

Set Up Your American Company With Our White Glove Service Today!

Running a global business is an awesome privilege we have – maximize it with a United States of America company structure in the mix.

Regardless if you use our service or not, we’d love to chat with you if you have or are thinking about opening a company in the United States!

Fully Online Solution Online Banking Solutions


USD, 1 Time Investment
  • USA Delaware Incorporation (or LLC) (including government fees)
  • Personal Assistance With Company Name Selection
  • USA Registered Agent & Company Address & Address for 1st Year
  • USA Company Online Video Course
  • Private Member’s Forum (1 year)
  • 30 Minute Session On USA Online Banking Options
  • Expedited Assistance with Online Banking Solutions
Buy Now!

Dual Banking Both Online & Traditional Banking


USD, 1 Time Investment
  • USA Delaware Incorporation (or LLC) (including government fees)
  • Personal Assistance With Company Name Selection
  • USA Registered Agent & Company Address & Address for 1st Year
  • USA Company Online Video Course
  • Private Member’s Forum (1 year)
  • Expedited Assistance with Online Banking Solutions
  • One Hour Meeting In USA before Bank Application
  • Arranging and Assisting in Bank Account Application
  • Ultimate Bank Account Opening Service
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* Don’t Need Banking Help?

So we have been listening to your feedback and we have a deal….we will NOT be involved with your banking needs and simply process your application like the rest.

As we are American owned company in Hong Kong, we will request you specifically tell us that you are not interested in any help with banking or the online courses and consultations

Open a USA Company Without Banking & Bonuses

We'll process you the same as the others. But will ask you to accept this is purely for company setup service and no banking or online workshop products.

Looking For Walmart Marketplace Help?

Looking For A Full Package To Get Your Walmart Business Running?

We have an alliance with a USA representative to help you with everything from A-Z. This will include starting a new USA company with the proper address and other vital information. After the company is setup, we will assist with the application process to Walmart for you. There will also be parts of this service to assist with the address verification process which is a unique and valuable assistance.

Here’s the package:

  • USA VIP Company Setup
  • USA Online Payment Setup Assistance
  • WalMart Application Assistance
  • USA Dedicated Office Address (first 2 months included)
  • USA Warehouse Setup Assistance For Walmart fulfillment

Get the Walmart Pack Today

Work with USA business experts to get your Walmart Marketplace account in the works, from start to finish

* Already Have a USA Company? Just Want Banking Assistance?

We also understand many of you have already registered a company in America and are at the point where you need USA banking help. While this is more difficult for us to be honest – as we are not as familiar with you and your company structure, we do have USA banking only packages for you.

Discussing with our client services team, we may determine that while you do have a US structure already in place – there may be cases when it is simpler and more smooth for you to start with a fresh incorporation with us for the banking process.

Nonetheless, here is our USA Banking Only Package:

  • Work With Our Client Success Team
  • 30 Minute Phone Call Consultation
  • Evaluation Of Your Current Business Structure & Compare to Banking Requirements
  • Assistance In On-Boarding Of Online Banking Solution(s) That Best Fit Your Needs
  • 30 Day Free Client Support As You Use These Solutions
  • Access To Our USA Incorporation & Banking Training

USA Banking Package Without Company Setup & Bonuses

We'll process you the same as the others. But keep in mind that we need to work with you on evaluating your current structure and may take longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which package, or if this is right for you? We have a couple different options for you to choose from to help you do your research.

USA Incorporation Workshop


As a benefit for our USAVIP clients, you will gain instant access to this video course. If you are not yet ready to invest in opening a USA corporate structure but want to learn more about why and how it works – you can buy this course as a standalone product. Learn the thought process of why USA is right for you, state selection, LLC vs Corporation, upkeep for your company, banking, and more.

  • Why SetUp in USA?
  • Business Banking in USA
  • Operating, Cashflow, & More!

Book a Private Call


Want to hop on a private 1 on 1 consulting call with us about business in USA, globally, or business in general? We have calls you can buy in thirty minute increments and we can have a detailed call about your specific business need.