Singapore Company Setup

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Basic Package

Incorporation fee- SGD750 (including all the government fee and disbursement)

Annual secretarial fee (including the Registered office address) – SGD750 (to be billed on a yearly basis).

The fee including:

  • The routine Annual Return Filing with Registry
  • Preparation of AGM Documents and all standard resolutions.
  • The quoted fee does not cover share related changes and any exercise that may require EGM.

TOTAL: SGD 1,750


  • Mailing Address – SGD188 per year (to be billed on a yearly basis). The fee does not cover the courier charges.
  • Nominee Director Services - SGD2,250.00 per year (to be billed on a yearly basis), with a security deposit of SGD2,000.00 (refundable).
  • Terms and conditions apply: when engaging our nominee director services, all the accounting and tax services must be covered under the package.
  • Certificate of Incorporation SGD50
  • Company Stamp Chop
  • Common Seal Pocket Type SGD65
  • Round Chop (Self Ink) SGD30

Singapore Company Maintenance

CorpPass Administrator- SGD250 per year (to be billed on a yearly basis).

Accounting- range from SGD625 to SGD1,000 (yearly) (with no more than 100 transactions)

A transaction is a deposit or withdrawal on the bank statement

Compilation Financial Report- range from SGD500 to SGD1,000

Taxation-start from SGD375 (yearly)

XBRL format financial statement for filing with ACRA- start from SGD250 (if required)

Bank account opening in Singapore – SGD625 (if required)

Employment pass application- SGD1,875.00 (if required)