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Overwhelmed? Don't know how to get setup in Hong Kong?

Want to get started with your international business with the top notch service you need and deserve? Then look no further – Michael Michelini and the team at Global From Asia will help ensure you don’t miss a beat and optimize your company setup here.

I wish this service existed when I was getting started in Hong Kong. Being a Westerner in Asia is tricky business, and having someone with the same perspective and concerns as you is critical in being confident moving forward.Michael Michelini, Host of Global From Asia

Introducing the Hong Kong VIP Package

The Hong Kong VIP Package includes the following:

  • Company Name Selection

    Company Name Assistance – together we’ll decide your company name, and if you should get a shelf company or file a new company.

  • All Government Forms & Fees

    Completing all the government documents and applications. All government fees are included in our price. This does not include the “Green box” and chops and seal, as we cater to online based business owners who don’t need this.

  • Courier You The Documents

    Can’t make it to Hong Kong to pick it up in person? Upon request, we can courier you the paperwork for you to review and sign

  • Issued Certificate of Incorporation & Business Registration Certificate

    Issue your completed Hong Kong company setup documents. We will have up to 3 certified copies for you ready to apply to the bank accounts when needed.

  • Company Secretary & Address for 1st Year

    Office Address and secretary services for 1 year (in my office in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)

  • Bank Account Application Assistance

    Banking Application and appointment booking for 3 recommended Hong Kong banks. We work alongside you on preparing all the supporting documents.

  • 1 on 1 Consultation Before Banking Appointments

    1 on 1 Coaching meeting in Hong Kong before going to the banks interviews – You need to come to Hong Kong (or Mainland China) to apply for the bank accounts.

  • Access to Our Private Member's Forum

    Don’t go it alone! Connect with other business owners in your shoes (1 year access)

+ These Free Bonuses! Because

  • Consultation Call

    Personalized consultation call with our team of professional consultants. One of our representatives will be in touch with you right away and evaluate if this is right for you or not.

  • Local Business Introductions

    Introductions to HK contacts relevant to your specific business. Up to 3 businesses or people.

  • Podcast Interview

    Interview on my podcast – If you’re interested, I’ll interview you after the process is over and share on the Global From Asia podcast

  • Listed as Featured Client

    Featured client on the new services page, if you so desire.

So, what do you think?

As excited as I am to rock and roll with your global business via a Hong Kong limited company structure?!

SPECIAL OFFER - Fully Online GFA Company Setup Package

As an approved partner of Neat HK, we want to make a special offer to readers who want to leverage the power of a Online Virtual Financial Solution (we have multiple options) we have put our GFA incorporation package together with a virtual financial solution in one go.

With this package, you will get the same GFA company setup package covering you for the first year, plus all the goodies and benefits of GFA’s member benefits combined with the power of an online banking solution in an expedited and smooth way.

So let’s make it happen, and get this unique offer to support online business owners growing and succeeding again with Hong Kong business structures.

Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a great place to do business.

Yes, you could set up in BVI, Seychelles, Singapore, but if you want set up in a country that provides: good tax incentives, low set-up costs, access to merchant accounts, great multi-currency banking, an entry to the biggest and most promising continent and a company name that looks legit, then Hong Kong is the only place that offers that.”

The biggest hassle has become opening a bank account, and I will work with you to make sure this happen. I have helped a few people in DC work through this process and have a lot of strategies to make it work.

Here it is in simple bullet point terms:

  • Safe / respectable place – I love using the HK skyline background, don’t you?
  • Low corporate tax rate of 16.5% taxes inside HK, 0% if outside of HK
  • China at its doorstep and can receive Chinese cash!
  • Banking – Great Multi-currency banking (Update 2017: it is challenging without physical presence)
  • Merchant Accounts – Multiple merchant account options
  • Streamlined Upkeep – Yearly upkeep as painless and transparent as possible


Step 1

Fill Out The Getting Started Form
Select the plan and complete the form. A client representative will be in contact with you shortly to collect your personal information and the company information you want to setup

Step 2

Schedule Your Consultation
Use the automated scheduling system to reserve your time slots with our sales specialist. They will give you the proper setup information and ensure you are doing it properly.

Step 3

Company Setup – Come To HK For Your Banking!
Your company will be setup and you will be ready to arrange your trip to hong kong for bank applications. Depending on your package level, we will assist with arranging bank appointments.


As excited as I am to rock and roll with your global business via a Hong Kong limited company structure?!

What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Set Up Your Hong Kong Company With our White Glove Service Today!

Running a global business is an awesome privilege we have – maximize it with a Hong Kong company structure.

Regardless if you use my service or not, I’d love to chat with you if you have or are thinking about opening a company in Hong Kong!

Fully Online Solution Discounted Online


USD, 1 Time Investment
  • HK Limited Incorporation (including government fees)
  • Personal Assistance With Company Name Selection
  • Hong Kong Limited Setup & Address for 1st Year
  • Expedited Assistance with Online Virtual Financial Solution Business Banking Solution (we have multiple options)
Buy Now!

US Citizens * Full HKVIP w/ American Help


USD, 1 Time Investment
  • HK Limited Incorporation (including government fees)
  • Personal Assistance With Company Name Selection
  • Hong Kong Limited Setup & Address for 1st Year
  • Private Member’s Forum (1 year)
  • One Hour Meeting In Hong Kong before Bank Application
  • Arranging and Assisting in Bank Account Application
  • Ultimate Bank Account Opening Service
  • Hong Kong Supercharged Guide Book & Video Course
  • Special arrangements and assistance for US citizens on 1st year personal tax filing
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Looking to Open on Amazon Seller Central?

We understand many of our clients are e-commerce business owners – and would like additional help in registering their Amazon Seller Central Account.

Bundle With Amazon FBA Setup

Our team of experts will also work with you during the account registration on Amazon FBA. When completing your questionnaire, add this option in your answers.

* Alternative Option for American Citizens

As we are American owned company in Hong Kong, we will request you specifically tell us that you are going to satisfy the requirements back in American on reporting and filing with your own service provider, or do it yourself.

American HKVIP with Disclaimer

We'll process you the same as the others. But will ask you sign a waiver on our behalf that you will be declaring your company to the US and do not give us any liability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which package, or if this is right for you?

We have a couple different options for you to choose from to help you do your research.

Hong Kong Supercharged


The textbook and guide for someone opening their Hong Kong company for the first time or at the beginning stages. There are 3 levels of this package, first is the guidebook, then there is a full online training course with members forum, and then there’s the VIP package with weekly calls and all!

  • Setting Up a HK Company
  • Business Banking in Hong Kong
  • Operating, Cashflow, & More!

Book a Private Call


Want to hop on a private 1 on 1 consulting call with us about business in China, Hong Kong, or business in general? We have calls you can buy in thirty minute increments and we can have a detailed call about your specific business need.