Looking to formally setup a company in China? Then you have come to the right place! Let’s get going.

Want To Avoid Getting Lost In China Business?

I remember back in 2007 I wanted to setup a company in China for my e-commerce business to do trading. So excited, I had went to China for a month and was ready to take the next step.

Coming back to USA, I started looking online for information and companies to help me do it.

Ya, nothing really there.

Lawyers I rang up said their fee for China company setup started at $100,000 USD.

So, I decided to move to China for at least a half a year and figure it out myself.

Let’s just say it took longer than that to figure things out!

You’re new to China? Just starting out with coordinating getting your China company and business operations setup? Make sure you are working with an expert who knows what you’re going through.

Someone who has been on both sides of the table. On the international side trying to figure things out, and on the China side as the service provider.

What Does Our China Company Incorporation Package Include?

Many wonder what exactly we will do once the process starts. Here is a basic outline.

Also, rest assured that we know how China goes. Unexpected things happen. Delays in processing, requirements to submit more information or extra forms and documentation. So when these things come up, we won’t just tally up the extra costs and hours – we have you covered! It is all inclusive of unexpected “China risks” in changes in policies and paperwork.

  • Personalized Consulting Session on Company Structure

    We discuss your business model and long term goals. Find out if it even workable to open a company in China! Yes, we may suggest this service isn’t right for you even if you have already paid. Crazy for us, great for you. Rest assured you will only go forward if we also feel it is right for you.

  • Company Name Search

    What is the best company name for your business? Do you have a company overseas already and want to use that in China? Or start a new brand. We’ll give you some suggestions.

  • Chinese Company Name Suggestion

    In China, you must have a Chinese company name. You may have no idea how to pick one, and our team will give you our suggestion and what the meaning is when a Chinese person reads it. Names matter, and you don’t want to have your image and identity negatively affected by using Google translate!

  • Preparing Paperwork For Filing

    There will be quite a few forms and documents to fill out and prepare. We will work to fill out as much as possible on our side, leaving you with needing to sign and send back

  • Assistance in Getting International Bank Lette

    What bank will you use as your overseas bank? You will need to mail in some notarized documents, and we’ll work with you on this.

  • Assistance in Getting Your Chinese Business Bank Account Application

    Once the company is setup, we’ll work with you on applying for the Chinese business bank account. Forms, as well as advise which bank is right for you.

  • Chinese employment contract advising

    You will want to hire local Chinese staff once you get the company established. When is the right time, how much to pay, what contracts to sign? We will work with you on this process.

To summarize, we will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your company is setup correctly and smoothly. We made this service in response to the team’s own issues when starting up in China and all the unknowns and risks.

Work With Someone Who Has Been In Your Shoes

Why try to struggle with emails and Wechat conversations with a service provider who has no idea what you are thinking.

We are Western run and managed, and have been where you have been before.

It’s not just about having an English speaking Chinese lawyer, it is about having someone who understands you.

  • Making sure you’re correct with the Chinese company setup for your international tax situation
  • Long term effectiveness of this new company for your business vision.
  • Hiring staff, when can you do it.
  • Money flow, who should put money in, how much for your new Chinese company business account, and your personal situation
  • Chinese visa, investment visa. What is necessary for you, at what point, and for others on your team.
  • And so many more questions and concerns.

We have dealt with all these questions and countless more.

Michael was introduced to me by a web design partner in Shanghai and since arriving to Shenzhen, he has been instrumental in connecting me with the right people – people that I can trust. He is no doubt one of the most visible and connected expats in Shenzhen.Steven Suh
Mike is THE guy to talk with for insights about China. I had great time talking to him and share business insights as fellow entrepreneur. He has been VERY helpful and I’m keen on working together with him on future projects! He defiantly should be your #1 guy for entering the Chinese market. His knowledge is invaluable!Shlomo Freund

Get A Free China Company Setup Checklist

Wondering where to even begin with your China company incorporation process?

We totally understand.

No need to pressure you to make a quick decision. We are offering a free checklist on what you need to prepare when setting up your Chinese company. Print it out, put it on your office wall.

Get the Checklist Now!

Do these items seem reasonable? Are you ready and willing to go the next level. We’d love to work with you on your case. It is a stressful and delicate time and you will be happy you picked our service to smooth things out.

Ready To Dive into China Business? Limited Time Offer For You

As we have only been offering this service on a select basis for those who requested it, this is our first time to make a public offer online.

So we want to make a special offer to incentivize you to act now!

Once we reach ten clients on this new offer, we will go to the full fair and market price for the service.

Below is the price for our incorporation service.

China Company Setup Package

Work alongside us to setup and optimize your new Mainland China company

$3,000 US dollars, Start Now!

This price is for a limited time offer. You will be well taken care of and get your business in China started on the right foot.

Focus your efforts on building a great team, researching the market for your product/ market fit. Don’t get tied down in the red tape and headaches, work with experts to take care of that for you.