Have a Hong Kong company already but not exactly sure the status of your taxes and upkeep? We know how business gets ahead of itself and you are making tons of money (congratulations!). But then you remember, “oh yes, I need to take care of my company filing, my audits, what license fees do I need to pay again?” things like this.

Many Hong Kong business agencies and secretaries only email you when there is a fee due or a late penalty notice. Sometimes they may even miss the mail!

We get many people emailing us with companies existing for many years, wondering if they are in good standing in their taxes and with the Hong Kong government departments.

Is this you? Then read on my friend, read on!

When Did You Incorporate? When Was Your First and Last Filing?

When we start the evaluation, we will first look at our audit history. It is very important for us to take on a client that is in good standing with the IRD (internal revenue department) and by doing this evaluation together with us – we’ll make sure you pass the test.

What if you are late or behind? Then good thing you found us! We will offer you our services and a complete quotation for fixing the issue. We will try our best to bargain with the tax department to remove or reduce the fees. Whatever the case, we will get to the bottom of it as best we can.

If there is a profit tax return (PTR) and it hasn’t been filed 60 days after you received it, penalties and worse can pile up.

All Your Business Licenses and Annual Returns Up To Date?

Next, have you been paying your BRC (Business Registration Certificate) on time every year? This is a core document you need to keep up to date, else penalties and worse can arise.

Does your business require other documents as well? Depending on what type of business you are running, you may be required to also have more business licenses. Do you have them? Are they up to date?

Then the yearly NAR1, or Annual Return. Was this filed each year? Did it declare the correct owners and directors and address?

Making sure all of this is critical before signing on to our services. We want to make sure you are in full compliance and things are running smoothly.

Are Your Financials in Order, Bookkeeping Prepared?

Have you finished all your books up to the last audit reporting date? Are you prepared so that when the next PTR (profit tax return) comes we can make sure the audit is filed with the 60 day timeframe.

Are you using an online accounting software? Excel? Google sheets? Emails and file folders in different people’s computers. Shared Dropboxes around the world?

We have seen it all! When we sign a letter of engagement, we will check over your books and ensure things are running smoothly. We will give you insights on your business and ways you can better prepare your books going forward.

Free Company Secretary Transfer

As part of this Hong Kong business evaluation package, we will throw in our transfer fee as part of the deal (normally a $200 US dollar fee).

While you are under no obligation to use our secretary and address services, we stand behind our quality of service. We will work closely with you over this evaluation period and make things go as smooth as possible. So many of our clients for this service are happy and go ahead with our agency afterwards.

Buy This Hong Kong Business Evaluation Package Now!

So what are you waiting for? You made it this far on the page – there must be some parts of your Hong Kong company upkeep that we can help with!

For a one time fee of $1,500 US dollars, we can make all your stress go away. Take your mind off all this worry, and get some rest tonight.