Looking to get a website in China? There is more and more demand for businesses from around the world to get in front of the massive Chinese web audience. The first step in doing so is making sure you have the proper licenses and foundation setup!

If you’re looking for experts to work alongside you in the process, look no further…here we go!

Struggling To Figure Out What Steps to Take For China ICP + Hosting?

We speak to many people like you each day. You hear things from friends and what you research online, but still not exactly sure which steps to take. Maybe you have made some investments trying to apply and are sitting there waiting. Yes, waiting for weeks for a reply from a customer support email with a Chinese hosting company may not get too far.

Don’t let it just sit there, work with us and let’s take care of this! As a Western managed company here, we want to “push it forward” alongside you. There are a few “hoops” to get through, but once its good to go, you can move forward.

Plans For Different Stages Of Your Business in China

Where are you in the company structure in China? Have a Chinese company (Joint Venture, WFOE, local Chinese company, etc) and need help with the ICP license?

Once the government approves the ICP license do you have an IT department to setup the server on the hosting once the site license?

Depending on which stage you’re at, we have different plans for you.

Just Help Me on The ICP License (Have Chinese Co + IT Team)

Our core package is assistance with the ICP license. This is for those businesses who already have:

  • A Chinese company, or a Chinese person, who can go on the record as the ICP license holder. When we file the ICP license, there needs to be a company (Foreign-owned Chinese company, or a WFOE is ok)

  • IT Team. Besides having local Chinese presence, you also have your own technical team. This can be in-house or outside that will configure the server and website.

If you have these 2 parts ready, then we can work with the team you have to get things lined up and the ICP license filed.

It will take about 3 – 4 weeks from the time we submit the application. Also keep in mind the company representative will need to take a photo for the ICP license. Once all the parts of the application are complete, then this approximate 1 month processing will take effect.

ICP License + IT Help With Chinese Server

This plan is for those who have a Chinese company setup (foreign or local owned) but don’t have the technical staff. They’ll need someone who can setup the server and install the website.

So in addition to helping you with the ICP license (see plan above) we also will help you with installing the server. You’ll have it built overseas, and we’ll install it in China and get your website up and running. Keep in mind, that the website will not be able to come online until after the government approves the ICP license.

You may have Western technical people in America or other parts of the world. In this case, there are some Chinese technical parts needed, but they may not be able to follow all the instructions. We can work together to get this through and then your overseas IT can take over.

So this plan is for those who have a China presence, but not the technical people in China to assist.

Need Help With ICP, Chinese IT, and a Chinese Local Partner

The third package is for those who don’t have a Chinese company or Chinese local person to file the ICP license. This is where we can get involved and match you up with the appropriate local Chinese person (or company) who can file the ICP on your behalf.

This is a specialized service, and we will sign a contract between all parties to ensure that the terms are clear for all. If later you decide to open your own company and want to transfer the ICP from this local Chinese parter to your new company? We can help you with the transfer later too.

This package is for the overseas company who don’t have a presence in China (yet). They want us to take care of the whole process. From finding a person in China to hold the ICP, to filing the license, to installing the server on the Chinese host.

Choose Your Plan for Chinese Web Domination!

Now that you have the basic idea of the 3 levels of service, here is a basic outline of the packages so you can see them head-to-head.

License Assistance

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  • ICP License Assistance
  • Liaising with your IT team
  • Assistance on setting up your Chinese server
  • Matching you with a local Chinese partner for the ICP
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Local China Partner

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  • ICP License Assistance
  • Liaising with your IT team
  • Assistance on setting up your Chinese server
  • Matching you with a local Chinese partner for the ICP
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Excited To Help You Build Your Web Presence in China!

So there you go! We hope this service is as clear as possible. China is a big market with a lot of opportunities, but one thing a Western company needs to keep in mind is that you need to be patient. Respect the laws and the paperwork, even though you may not agree with it.

We will be patient and working alongside you for the process and wish you the best of luck on your Chinese website marketing plans!