Chinese Amazon Sellers React to Mass Banning

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Today’s show is a special edition, an experiment. As you may know, Mike Michelini is back in Shenzhen and back having meetups and gatherings (can’t help himself).

During the meetup with international and Chinese sellers, we decided it would make an amazing and unique GFA podcast to talk to the Chinese sellers and get their insight on what this crackdown on Amazon accounts has been like.

We worked hard to add captions and dub English over those who spoke in Chinese for our international audience.

We also kept the original Chinese version for those who prefer to listen to that with captions only.

Chinese Version with Captions:

English Dubbed:

Questions asked of these special guests:

  • How do you feel about selling on Amazon in 2021?

  • What do you think about the crackdown on seller accounts this year?

  • How has the Chinese seller community been reacting?

  • What is the future of selling on Amazon and e-commerce in your opinion?

Thanks to our special guests!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Miss Lee, Chinese seller 李小姐,中国卖家
Paul Gao,Founder of Globalebuy Supply Chain 高旋球, 环球易达供应链创始人
David Dai,  Partner of Yihe Electronic. 戴先生,弈和电子合伙人
√ Alex Huang , Amazon Seller 黄先生,亚马逊卖家
Alpha Liu, Custom Manager of Lingxing ERP 刘春阳,领星ERP 大客户经理
This Meetup Event Sponsor 本次活动赞助商领星ERP –
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Episode Length 21:18

Thank you to our special guests for being on the show, and thank you everybody for listening in.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] So how do Chinese Amazon sellers feel today, 2021 – account shutdowns, a lot of other stress.

We’ll talk about it today at Global from Asia podcast. Let’s tune in. So Mike here, Mike Michelini, host of Global From Asia.
我们今天在GFA播客上好好讨论一下这个话题。欢迎大家来收听。这里是Mike Mike Michelini,来自Global From Asia节目的主持人。

I’m taking a walk in the courtyard here in Futian in Shenzhen. Full circle, for some of you that don’t know,

I started the podcast here, started a lot of business here and have been back here now, it’s been over a month.

[00:00:27] And we trying something new in today’s show. Today, we did a Global from Asia meetup with Haimaohui and the amazing Chinese seller community just this September, 2021. 

And, I brought this camera here with me. We’re gonna do this in video and audio format. So you might be listening to this on iTunes or other audio players.

[00:00:46] So you might not see me, but hopefully you can hear me well. We’re talking to them after the meet up.

I just grabbed my camera, talked to about four or five different sellers in English and Chinese, if they were not comfortable or able to speak in English.

And we did a lot of work on this one, took a little bit extra time, but I think it’s a little bit extra valuable.

[00:01:05] So let’s tune in. We’re going to put captions, we’re going to dub over English for those that spoke in Chinese for the international community.

And let’s really hear what they have to say.

[00:01:31] Shout out to our sponsor, amazing, totally free, easy, online only US bank account for connecting your seller account, Amazon and your PayPal, other online and traditional ways of making payments.

It’s a great choice. And we also have a little bit of bonus for you and for us at Thanks again for sponsoring and supporting the show mercury.

[00:01:55] 怎么称呼?
What’s your name?

My name is Lee. Nice to meet you. 

Thanks for coming today.Thank you.Nice to meet you. 

So we’re talking about the market of Amazon today in 2021, you said you used to be an Amazon seller, but now you sell on your own website? 

Yes, I gave up on Amazon. I’m on Shopify now. I have been doing Shopify for one year now. 


[00:02:31]  因为亚马逊平台现在有很多卖家,当你在做的时候,之后会出现越来越多的意外“惊喜”。
Because there are a lot of Amazon sellers and a lot of competitors, when you’re in there, there are a lot of surprises later.  

Not much profit and also harder to market.  Also banned, so you can’t do review or anything. 

[00:02:48] 亚马逊上面有很多供应商,产品到处都是,用户太多的选择,你没办法拥有好产品,产品也没办法持久做,所以,我想做点不一样的,Shopify是个好机会。
and a lot of suppliers. Products are everywhere. So many choices,so if you don’t have a good product, you can’t have a product for the long-term. So I want to do something different, Shopify website is a good opportunity.

[00:03:19] 你在亚马逊上卖了多久?
So how long were you selling on Amazon? Before? 

Two years. 

Okay. And now it’s one year on your own website?  

Yes, I sell clothes. 

You sell clothes and then google ads or facebook ads?

yes,Google ads, facebook ads and instagram ads and I do some fans.

[00:03:42] 一步一步来,如果他们觉得我们的衣服很漂亮,他们就不会从别的地方买,
step one by one, if they feel our clothes is very beautiful, they can’t buy it from another place,

they will go back to you. I think you can do some different product, no big competitors.

[00:03:58] 非常好,

And also, you don’t need to buy a lot of products in advance. You have to put the money on the stocks.

But if you have others, you can buy. 

Yeah. Drop ship. So you ship from China?

[00:04:19]  是的,如果你做衣服,拥有库存是非常难的。
Yes,If you sell clothes it’s very hard to keep some stock. So many size and so many color,

[00:04:26] 很好,听起来你做的非常好,
Great. So sounds like it’s going well. 

Yes, it is. Awesome! 

Congratulations.Thank you.Thank you for sharing.

[00:04:34] 亚马逊现在的情况如何?市场现状如何?
How is Amazon today? The condition, the market on Amazon?

[00:04:38] 就是(问)说亚马逊的政策对中国卖家的影响是吗?
Is it (asked) What is the impact of Amazon’s policy on Chinese sellers? Chinese

Honestly,influence is too big, very bad, very bad.

[00:04:56] 非常糟糕?为什么?为什么非常糟糕?
very bad. Why, why is it so bad?

[00:05:04] 很多一些以前的精品大卖家,要么就是品牌化,现在账号挂,资金封,这肯定就会受到影响
Many of the previous TOP big sellers, or the brand, the account is sealed, the fund is sealed, which will definitely be affected.

Then their employees will also be affected, some sellers have dropped to 1,000 from the original 2, 3 thousand people, and now they have dropped to hundreds, even all collapsed.

This time as I know, there are about more than 50,000 sellers, and it has been blocked accounts.

[00:05:44] 他们为什么认为会发生这种情况?比如,原因是什么?他们知道原因是什么还是他们认为这些原因是什么?
Why do they think that happens? Like, what’s the reason? Do they know what reason or do they think what these reasons are?

That is to say is the impact of Amazon’s policy, the seller violates their policies,

Control comments, that is, what we said “brushing”, this is also caused by the Amazon platform itself, because their REVIEW weight is too big,

Chinese sellers are saying that if you don’t do brushing, you will be waiting for death, what you do is finding death, and if you don’t do the REVIEW, you will be waiting for death, and what you do is finding death.

Many people will think that I would rather find death. I don’t want to be waiting for death, which is destined to die, finding death. There is still a glimmer of life.

[00:06:26] 我听说是这些卖家都被清了,因为操控评论。
I’ve heard of this like site got washed, the reviews.

What do you think is the future of Amazon or selling on Amazon in the future? 

Do the people trust it? I heard some people are selling on like Shopify or, or Walmart.

[00:07:07] 是的,今年很多中国卖家都是转去做其他平台,当然亚马逊他们或许还去做,但是权重会一定放下了,
Yes, many Chinese sellers are turning to other platforms. Of course, they will still do Amazon, but their weight on Amazon will put down,

Will go to Wal-Mart, Shopify, or China’s AliExpress, including other local platforms,

This is inevitable, and the Amazon seller will have to do it for survival.

[00:07:30] 您还有其他的想法想说的吗?
Anything else you want to add?

[00:07:36] 我觉得中国卖家未来出路,还是要回到供应链,回到产品,
I think the future of Chinese sellers should have to go back to the supply chain, focus on the product.

Only focus on the supply chain, the seller doesn’t need to Control the comments, and it is also necessary to have a thick-scale development, which is inevitable.

If the Amazon platform policy makes us do changes, we must change,

If Amazon does not change its review policy, this problem can not be cured,

Including Amazon’s own self-service, they are putting some gift cards. They (Amazon) have a double standard.

They opened and closed their eyes on their own shop, and they still put their gift card,

But for other third-party sellers, they are sickle, cutting, double standard,

[00:08:35] 我们行业卖家们,大家都说,这次不是为了抓所谓的评论,这次都是抓的中国卖家,更多的是一种政治行为,
All sellers say that this time that Amazon is not just trying to catch the illegal review problem. This time, those who get in trouble are all Chinese sellers. It is more a Political behavior.

But for foreign sellers, American or European, they won’t have any trouble. We know that some of our Chinese sellers who also have foreign country accounts will have no problem.

So maybe this is the political reason between countries? Political behavior, in the name of this illegal review problem,

This has always been a double standard, which is particularly unfair. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce of China has also spoken. I won’t say more here about it!

[00:09:20] 但是还是要回来我们自己卖家迎合亚马逊的平台政策,开始走向合规,才是正道。谢谢,谢谢!
However, we still have to come back to our own sellers to cater to Amazon’s platform policy and start to move towards compliance, which is the right way.

Thank you. Thank you for that.

[00:09:28] 今年2021年,亚马逊看起来太难了,你有什么看法吗?
In 2021 now, Amazon seems more difficult. What’s your opinion? 

[00:09:37] 我觉得就是说,现在亚马逊今年是最困难的一年,但是亚马逊还是有机会的,
I think, this year is the most difficult year for Amazon sellers, but Amazon platform still has a chance,

Some good stores accumulated in Amazon should continue to do it smoothly and insist on doing it,

Wait until there is a good opportunity to develop such an angle.

[00:10:07] 为什么你认为亚马逊现在的政策已经改变,为什么现在变得这么更加困难?
Why do you think the policies have changed or become more difficult from Amazon now?

[00:10:17] 一是中国卖家去年在亚马逊赚了很多钱,结果今年很多的卖家全部都入场到亚马逊这边来,
First, Chinese sellers made a lot of money in Amazon last year. As a result, many sellers came to Amazon this year,

This competition is very big. This is the first point. The second point is that Chinese sellers have made some illegal ways, which has become more and more diversified and more serious,

This has led to the suppression of these by Amazon platform, which makes us, Amazon sellers equally difficult to move. Amazon rules are strict, and we find it equally difficult to move.

[00:10:54]  好的,你认为中国卖家从个事件之后会有所改变吗?未来会怎样?
Okay. How do you think sellers in China will change from, from this? What is the future?

[00:11:05] 我觉得就是说中国卖家对于严重违规的方式会降低,或者不再使用一些违规的卡片,
I think it means that Chinese sellers will reduce the way of serious violations, or no longer use some illegal cards,

However, if they are still controlling the review, maybe Chinese sellers will continue to do it. Amazon is still semi supported,

[00:11:37] 还有什么其他看法您想说的吗?
Is there any other parts you’d like to add?

I think it will be more and more difficult to do it on Amazon platform. This is a reality, but opportunities and challenges coexist,

However, we have been working in Amazon for several years. With the accumulation of experience, suppliers, supply chain and capital,

The demand is getting higher and higher. If you can do well in these aspects, as an Amazon seller, you will have the opportunity to continue to survive on this platform. Thank you!

All right. Thank you. 

[00:12:17] 大家好,这位是Alex,他曾经上过我们的视频访谈,今天非常高兴有邀请你回来。
Okay. Here’s Alex. He’s been on the vlog before, man. Great to have you back.

Yeah. So we’re talking about, you know, Amazon and we’re here in China and the center of the sellers. 

You’re an Amazon seller. And many accounts have been getting closed. 

It’s a hot topic in China. So I’d love to hear your insights.

[00:12:37] 大家认为为什么会发生这个事情呢?
Why do you think this is happening? 

In my opinion, and I also heard a lot of rumors,

the first reason is because of the black hat operation, about how sellers manipulate the review. 

So I think this is the top reason for that. But I’m not sure about the Chinese sellers. I also heard of black hat technology.

[00:13:04] 我也听说甚至以色列和俄国卖家,
I have been told that there are even like Israeli sellers and Russian sellers. 

They’re very good at this kind of technology too. So I also wanted to ask you. 

Like, this closing down the Chinese sellers, it’s unfair. 

I feel similar. 

Most of us are hearing it’s just happening to China-based sellers. 

Even Chinese sellers with US accounts, I’m hearing this is not happening to them. From my understanding

[00:13:31] 这种情况主要发生在中国的卖家身上。但话说回来,很多人会说,
it’s mostly China-based sellers that this is happening. But then again, what a lot of people will say,

it’s like, oh, but that’s where the black hat is. A lot of Chinese sellers are black hat. Not all but many. 

So some people say that’s why. But then some people feel like it’s political like a trade war, you know, maybe it’s another version of the US-China.

[00:13:54] 甚至我们今天与之交谈的一些人也觉得这是政治性的。 
Even some people we talked to today feel like it’s political. 

I’m not sure about that, but I assume it’s more because of the manipulation of the review. 

Yeah. If Amazon was doing the same to other country sellers, then I think it’s not political. 

It’s more like their own operation to do this. I mean, this is a good operation for.

[00:14:18] 其他那些卖家,那些专注于自己产品的中小型卖家。
Other sellers for those small and medium sellers who focus on their own products. 

They’re trying to really deliver a very good product and they’re doing honest operations.

So I think this is good to these small and medium sellers in the long-run. 

So, what do you think is the future of, you know, selling on Amazon?

[00:14:43] 是啊,我是说,这很有趣。人们说,在中国我们有天猫和淘宝啊。
Yeah. I mean, this is interesting. People are saying, in China we have Tmall and Taobao. 

Firstly, we have Taobao. So Tmall is more like branding stores. So in the future, maybe Amazon might have this kind of operation too. 

For normal products, they have like, basic and for those curated SKUs,

[00:15:08] 品牌策划,他们(亚马逊)可能会有另一个更高的版本,如天猫。我是这么想的。
curated brands, they might have another higher version like Tmall. So that’s what I’m thinking. 

Yeah. And also I think in the future, the curated products and curated brands is going to be the tendency. 

And, as a seller, you should focus more about interaction with your customers, and you also need to put your own platform or your own social media accounts.

[00:15:39] 因此,通过这种方式,你可以将所有其他消费者、联系人用户引流累积到您自己的平台。
So in this way, you can accumulate all other customers, contacts to your own place. 

So I think the quality and the content and the interaction with the consumer should be very important in the future. 

Great. Thanks, Alex. Really appreciate it. Great to see you again. Sure. 

[00:15:59] 你对2021年的亚马逊卖家市场有何看法?
What do you think of the Amazon Seller market today in 2021?

[00:16:09] 在亚马逊卖家现在这个阶段,现在是精细化运营的一个阶段,亚马逊的政策会越来越严,但是严的政策不代表是坏事情,
At this stage of Amazon sellers, it is a stage of refined operation. Amazon’s policies will be more and more strict, but strict policies do not mean bad things,

It will better balance the market, so that means more high-quality products and high-quality sellers, especially Amazon Chinese sellers, can promote more high-quality products to consumers all over the world.

[00:16:38] 现在很多账户被关闭了,你认为这是什么原因造成的?
So accounts are being closed, why do you think that’s happening?

There are two points in the situation of Amazon’s market last year and this year. One is that the market reduced, it is affected by the epidemic, which makes many consumers’ wallets empty,

On the other hand, Amazon’s own policies now reduce some illegal sellers. After eliminating these sellers, many quantities, including fake reviews and brushing, will be reduced,

This part of the quantity is also within the market of reduction. Some bad products, some inferior products and the brushing shop have also been well ranked before. If they will be kicked out, the overall quantity will also decline.

[00:17:37] 你认为未来亚马逊和跨境电商会怎样?
What do you think is the future of Amazon and eCommerce?

In the future, Amazon will still become a good platform for its development, but the competition will be more intense, because many people will jump in the seller game,

There are three kinds of people who come to join in the seller game. One is a B2B manufacturer who has been engaged in foreign trade for many years. This kind of person is still greatly affected by the epidemic. These people will want to find another way,

Amazon platform is a good sales channel. They sell their own products on the platform. They have a competitive advantage. They have the advantages of capital and supply chain,

It just needs experience. At the stage of Amazon shuffling, a large number of experienced talents will come out and hired by these new sellers, and they will do better on the platform in the future;

There is also a kind of people who join in the seller game indiscriminately. At the beginning of this year, many sellers made a lot of money on Amazon.

This kind of people just saw that everyone has made money, so they will come and do it. This kind of person is also a part of it.

Another kind of people are traditional Chinese e-commerce platform sellers. Chinese e-commerce sellers have many competitive advantages, such as Taobao and tmall. The competition has been very fierce,

These sellers have a very large operating capacity, capital and supply chain capacity. They will also become a direction when they turn to Amazon.

These three kinds of people will become new sellers of Amazon in the future, and these people will also bring better products to Amazon. Of course, the competition will become more and more fierce,

[00:18:46] 好的,你的生意是做软件的,你想分享你的ERP软件吗?
Okay. And your business is software. Do you want to share about your ERP software?

[00:18:52] 关于ERP,这块很多跨境电商卖家都在用了,但也有很多卖家实际上并没有熟悉ERP,我们做的这个ERP也是主要面向我刚才说的这三种人,
As for ERP, many cross-border e-commerce sellers are using it, but many sellers are not familiar with ERP. The ERP we do is mainly for the three kinds of people I just mentioned,

We can help them quickly understand Amazon, how we make money on Amazon and how we do Amazon. How do we sell it? What can you make money by selling,

for factory sellers, or transformation sellers, or investors in Shenzhen, these people need ERP to help them manage their products,

[00:19:43] Do you need to do any advertising?

Don’t need to advertise. It’s embarrassing to advertise. We’re also in the spirit of helping sellers do this.

We also hope that more seller friends are willing to come to know our Ling Xing ERP. We really hope that our ERP can empower sellers, create more profits and help them save more costs. Thank you.

Thank you very much

[00:19:45] All right. Thank you so much for tuning in to the podcast. We’re too deep into the episodes.
好,那下面来让我们真正听听他们都说了些什么。非常感谢您收听我们Global From Asia的播客节目。我们来一起讨论下深度话题。

Almost 400 shows and always trying to experiment and learn about new types of content, different styles. I have a feeling we’re going to do more like this. 

All this was a pretty big investment. We had to have a lot of translation, captioning, voiceovers.

But I think with today’s world of so much content, we want to stand out and we want to bring you some really original, on-the-ground insights of what is happening here in the seller community in China

and just let them speak for themselves, not, not various reporters and news.

[00:20:56] And you know what Chinese media says or Western media says, what are the sellers saying themselves? So I really hope you enjoy this show. We’re doing some broker deals.

We’re buying out Amazon sellers, we got some pending, got some going through the works in just a couple of months. Quite a long process, but we’d love to work with you.

If you’re interested  at, we’d love to see if you’re qualified and if we could make a deal together for selling your Amazon business. 

That’s it for today, Mike Michelini here, Global from Asia podcast, over and out. 
今天就到这里,Mike Michelini,来自 Global from Asia播客节目,再次

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