Cross Border Summit 2024 + GFAVIP Membership Relaunch with Michael Michelini

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GFA 430. Prepare for the upcoming Cross Border Summit 2024 as strategic planning and effective communication are underway to tackle unforeseen challenges. Learn how past lessons are driving improvements, including enhanced trade show expos and events. Plus, discover the relaunch of GFAVIP Membership with GFA trainings offering exclusive benefits. Join us on this podcast episode to delve deeper into these exciting developments and GFA’s vision for future growth and innovation.

Exporting Food From Thailand to USA (Import / Export Workshop) with Jengis Gonzalez

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GFA 429. Gain streamlined insights into navigating administrative procedures and sourcing tips in the global food trade. From obtaining essential registrations to ensuring labeling compliance and optimizing procurement strategies, this podcast episode equips listeners with actionable guidance for efficient operations and regulatory compliance. Tune in to stay ahead in the dynamic world of international food commerce.

Workshop: Learning Blockchain for Ecommerce with Beau Troxclair

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GFA 427. Unlock the potential of blockchain for ecommerce with practical insights and expert guidance. Learn how to connect your blockchain wallet, navigate blockchain marketplaces, optimize logistics, and attract early customers in this informative podcast. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, join us to discover the transformative power of blockchain in online retail.

Preparing For A Sourcing Trip: Product Preparation, Mapping, & More with Michael Michelini feat. India Sourcing Trip

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GFA 424. Explore the thought process behind defining products and brands, discover strategies to expand an existing brand with a diverse product range, and learn how to make informed decisions on expanding to India and new markets. Gain valuable insights into mapping out a trade show to optimize your trip, preparing effective pitches and product specifications to maximize in-person interactions.

Riding The Ups and Downs, Re-inventing Yourself, A China Entrepreneur Story with Gabby Gabriel

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GFA 422. Join us in this week’s episode as we delve into the captivating entrepreneurial journey of Gabby Gabriel. From the reasons behind her venture into China to the growth of the LGBT community, building a mobile app, pivoting to a marketing agency, and the resilience needed to start over – Gabby shares valuable insights and lessons.

2023 Reflections & Cross Border Summit Learnings

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GFA420. Join us in this insightful podcast episode as we explore highlights from Cross Border Summit 2023, discuss key takeaways, and unveil exciting projects with Mike and Peter. Thank you, Peter, for your valuable insights, and to our listeners for tuning in to this engaging conversation!

Origin Story (Part 2) What Does Mike Do

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Origin Story (Part 2) What Does Mike Do

GFA 419. Today’s show we talk more about the “now” – what is Mike Michelini up to – what kinds of businesses is he in, and what is the future he sees in ecommerce, global trade, and more. Last show – we talked about the past, Wall Street, China, ecommerce – what are you up to now, Mike?

Origin Story and Background of Global From Asia interviewed by Lorenzo Payman

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GFA 418. Join us on a transformative journey with Mike, as he shares Global From Asia’s origin story with Lorenzo Payman. From Wall Street to the bustling markets of China, discover the passion, challenges, and purpose driving his entrepreneurial empire. Gain valuable insights on sourcing from China, the corporate world, and the pivotal moments that shaped his path. Tune in for an engaging conversation that explores the heart and soul of entrepreneurship.

Professor’s Story: How Howard Thai Got Into The Ecommerce Game [OG Story]

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GFA 415. Dive deep into the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship in our latest episode featuring Howard Thai, AKA The Professor. Explore Howard’s remarkable journey, from chance encounters in Shenzhen to pioneering ventures in cross-border trade. Gain exclusive insights into scaling businesses, cross-cultural commerce, and the resilience that defines successful entrepreneurs. Join us in this engaging conversation, filled with wisdom, inspiration, and gratitude. Tune in now and discover the secrets behind Howard’s success.

AMA Round Table With Max Anujorbhand From Amazon Global Selling Thailand

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GFA 414. Explore the world of ecommerce with Max from Amazon Global Selling team in Bangkok, Thailand, on this week’s Global From Asia podcast. Discover Max’s personal selling experiences, learn how Amazon Thailand actively supports sellers, and gain valuable insights from an interactive Q&A session. Join the conversation and dive into the latest ecommerce trends with industry experts in this insightful episode. Don’t miss out on Max’s expertise – tune in now and elevate your online selling game!

Maximizing Thailand Air & Warehousing For Your Ecommerce Success with Peng Tao Zhang

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GFA 413. Explore the dynamic world of e-commerce logistics with our guest, Peng Tao Zhang, as he shares YunExpress’s expansion journey to Thailand and valuable insights into utilizing their services. From domestic platforms like Lazada and Shopee to international markets, learn essential strategies for business growth. Join us in this episode and gain valuable expertise. Thank you, Peng Tao Zhang, for your insights, and to our listeners for tuning in!

India Sourcing Masterclass: Best Practices when Sourcing from India with Meghla Bhardwaj and Margaret Jolly

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GFA410. Explore the world of sourcing unique products from India with our latest podcast episode. Discover the advantages, eco-friendly options, and diverse product categories waiting for Amazon e-commerce sellers in this informative discussion. Tune in now and gain insights into this exciting sourcing opportunity!

Tactical PPC Strategies and Recent Hack Strategies with Chris Rawlings

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GFA409. Unlock the secrets of Amazon PPC success in this thrilling episode of Global From Asia’s podcast. Join host Michael Michelini as he delves into the dynamic world of Amazon advertising with special guest Chris Rollings. Discover how human creativity and AI are shaping the future of Amazon PPC and gain invaluable insights to supercharge your e-commerce endeavors.

Building, Selling Amazon Brands – Seller Story Time Creating Brands, Selling, & Starting New with Chip Ge

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GFA405. In this episode of the GFA Podcast, we interview a remarkable seller who shares their experiences in brand-building, selling, and starting over. Discover valuable lessons from the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of their journey, as well as insights into adapting to a changing business landscape. Get ready for an inspiring conversation packed with actionable insights for entrepreneurs. For full show notes, check out

Tax Strategies For Cross-Border Business Owners: Go Where You’re Treated Best with Andrew Henderson

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GFA404. In this exclusive interview, Andrew Henderson, the founder of Nomad Capital, shares invaluable insights and strategies to help you maximize your earnings and protect your wealth in the ever-changing global landscape. Discover the latest trends and flows of money among the elite, and gain actionable tactics to secure financial success. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the world of business ownership, this episode is a must-listen for those ready to take control of their financial future. For full show notes, check out