Leveraging Taiwan For Your Sourcing and Manufacturing Business with Kara Atchison – GFA202

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We have listeners asking, and we are providing! Taiwan has been a topic that many are curious about, the corporate structure, the “scene”, and other fun facts. So this week, we are delivering. We have with us a guest I met at the Cross Border Matchmaker, Kara Atchison who is an American business woman based in Taiwan. She will talk about Leveraging Taiwan for Business as well as some tips and strategies for sourcing from Chinese factories. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/episode202.

Leveraging a Podcast To Build Your Product Brand With Michael Waitze – GFAE017

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This show is a bit “meta” in that it is a podcast about the benefits of starting a podcast especially in building product brand. I had the chance to catch up with our today’s guest, Michael Waitze – one of the amazing hosts at the Asia Tech Podcast. We grabbed lunch – pizza – yes – pizza in Bangkok – while recording this amazing episode about the benefits and power of a podcast.

Empowering His Amazon FBA Team To Build and Sell An Amazon FBA Business with Nate Ginsburg – GFA201

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This week we have Nate Ginsburg a friend of mine who have been following along our growth in the inter webs and got to sync up the last month. He’s done extremely well on Amazon FBA and been a great leader to his team and those in his network. Let’s hear from Nate all about empowering amazon fba team. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/episode201.

Next Steps on our First Order and First Amazon Private Label Listing – GFAE016

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Next steps past sourcing. We have the order for production samples going. Yes, the first attempt – from Yiwu market – was a disaster. But we are staying strong and carrying on. This time it is from a “proper” factory and not the Yiwu market. Lorenzo has ordered the production samples, and the next steps are clear. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/ecommerce016.

Recovering From The Rejected Manufacturing Order – Dealing With Production Timelines – GFAE014

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Recovering from a rejected order. Last week we discussed rejecting the Yiwu market order for quality issues, now we are sharing what happened and the factory visit results from last week. The pressure is on and we also answer some questions from listeners. Let’s get this interactive and – as we promised a live and real case study. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/ecommerce014.