Placed The Order, Contract with Factory Signed, Next Steps Planned

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GFAE022. Episode 22 of Ecommerce Gladiator here, and the gladiators are still pushing forward. The last couple weeks have been brutal to us – Santa Claus may have almost left us coal – but we have made progress and placed the order! In this week’s update, we have a bunch of the partners on – Cadrian Chan, Lorenzo, and Roland discussing about our factory order placed.

Building Up a Youtube Channel From Inside China with Winston Sterzel, SerpentZA

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GFA206. In today’s episode, we have China’s first Youtube blogger, and been a regular blogger since 2008. – Winston Sterzel otherwise known as SerpentZA. We get him on the Global From Asia TV show (and audio podcast) to share his journey building up a China youtube channel and making it a top channel. For full show notes, check out

Onto the Next Supplier & Our Small Order Hassles with Chris Gormley

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GFAE021. It has been a quite emotional ride here with Lorenzo and Roland heading up the operations side and sourcing – a part of e-commerce that I am not a fan of at all! Listen to our small order hassles as we bring them back on the show from last week. Also pulling in some experts to help us, an American manufacturing expert – Chris Gormley. For full show notes, check out

Equity Crowdfunding Tips From An ex-Googler who moved from Asia to London to build a fintech company with Viktor Nebahaj

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GFA205. Equity crowdfunding tips From An ex-Googler who moved from Asia to London to build a fintech company. In today’s episode, we have Vicktor Nebahaj who will tell us how he followed his passion in equity crowdfunding to get into his current venture Free Trade so let’s listen in! For full show notes, check out

Scared The Factory Off With a Contract? Chinese Supplier Negotiations Saga Continues

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GFAE020. This week’s show we have the majority of the founders of our Amazon FBA business on to discuss the latest upset in the China sourcing saga. It comes down to us sending them a contract with terms and punishments if they are late delivering and them coming back saying this order won’t be ready until after Chinese New year! Tune in for more discussion about supplier contracts. For full show notes, check out

Managing Financials With A Remote Team With Jack Pinkerman

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GFAE019. Let’s talk about numbers and financials especially managing financials with a remote team. Today’s episode, Jack Pinkerman – Para Living Inc co-founder and CTO will talk about cash flow, bookkeeping, and dealing with cross border payments between USA, China, and Hong Kong. Tune in! For full show notes, check out

Leveraging Cross-Border E-Commerce for B2C Into China With Dominiek Pouwer

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GFA203. This week’s GFA interview series we have Dominiek from TMO Group. I have known him since at least 2012 and he has been at this cross-border e-commerce into China game for the long haul! Tune in as we talk about leveraging cross border e-commerce for B2C Into China With Dominiek Pouwer. For full show notes, check out

How Much Time Does It Take To Buy From China and Sell on Amazon FBA?

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GFAE018. A common question, and on this Thanksgiving holiday I thought I’d be solo on the mic and share. I was talking to a consulting client about how much time it would take him to find a product in China and get selling on Amazon FBA in America. In today’s E-commerce gladiator episode I go through the thought process of how much time it takes to buy from China and sell on Amazon FBA.

Leveraging Taiwan For Your Sourcing and Manufacturing Business with Kara Atchison

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GFA202. We have listeners asking, and we are providing! Taiwan has been a topic that many are curious about, the corporate structure, the “scene”, and other fun facts. So this week, we are delivering. We have with us a guest I met at the Cross Border Matchmaker, Kara Atchison who is an American business woman based in Taiwan. She will talk about Leveraging Taiwan for Business as well as some tips and strategies for sourcing from Chinese factories. For full show notes, check out

Leveraging a Podcast To Build Your Product Brand With Michael Waitze

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GFAE017. This show is a bit “meta” in that it is a podcast about the benefits of starting a podcast especially in building product brand. I had the chance to catch up with our today’s guest, Michael Waitze – one of the amazing hosts at the Asia Tech Podcast. We grabbed lunch – pizza – yes – pizza in Bangkok – while recording this amazing episode about the benefits and power of a podcast.

Empowering His Amazon FBA Team To Build and Sell An Amazon FBA Business with Nate Ginsburg

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GFA201. This week we have Nate Ginsburg a friend of mine who have been following along our growth in the inter webs and got to sync up the last month. He’s done extremely well on Amazon FBA and been a great leader to his team and those in his network. Let’s hear from Nate all about empowering amazon fba team. For full show notes, check out

Next Steps on our First Order and First Amazon Private Label Listing

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GFAE016. Next steps past sourcing. We have the order for production samples going. Yes, the first attempt – from Yiwu market – was a disaster. But we are staying strong and carrying on. This time it is from a “proper” factory and not the Yiwu market. Lorenzo has ordered the production samples, and the next steps are clear. For full show notes, check out

Recovering From The Rejected Manufacturing Order – Dealing With Production Timelines

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GFAE014. Recovering from a rejected order. Last week we discussed rejecting the Yiwu market order for quality issues, now we are sharing what happened and the factory visit results from last week. The pressure is on and we also answer some questions from listeners. Let’s get this interactive and – as we promised a live and real case study. For full show notes, check out

Journey to China and Back Again with Nicole Webb

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GFA198. This week we are taking a journey – to China and back again. Nicole Webb is a very amazing blogger who shared her journey moving to Hong Kong, and then Xi’An China where she has documented it on her blog and this podcast. For full show notes, check out

Yiwu Catastrophe! Quality Issues on Our Product Order, Rejected and Next Steps on Product Sourcing

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GFAE013. The blood and sweat – and yes – tears – of a physical product business is already coming out – episode 13 and the first order we have – has been rejected. Well, some of it – our core product – just could not be accepted. We bring our sourcing and operations partners at Para Living Inc- Lorenzo and Roland – on the show to share about the rejection, the story, and the fuming Yiwu shop owner. A few lessons and talks about what is next. This episode is all about rejecting manufacturing order. For full show notes, check out

The Story of Coming Back To China To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon FBA Business

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GFA197. Jerry Gan, the founder and CEO of Value Link, also the CEO of AMZ Tracker. He is a top Amazon seller with a massive team and growing leaps and bounds as a seller, but also as a software provider for Amazon seller, owner of AMZ Tracker, Zon Blast, and others it is a pleasure to bring him on the show. Let’s listen as Jerry talks about how he went to America for his education and his coming back to China for business. For full show notes,

Announcing our Amazon FBA Product – Time to Launch

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GFAE012. We promised you – and we are doing it – we are exposing the product we are selling on Amazon FBA – coffee accessories – the brand name is Sisitano and the order was placed this past Monday. A bunch of the partners of our Amazon FBA business dialed in and we talked about our new product and what our plans are for launch and marketing, enjoy our product launching! For full show notes, check out

Buying Online Businesses in Hong Kong and Asia

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GFA196. This week’s episode we have guest expert Murray Priestley. He lives in Hong Kong and his focus is buying, scaling and selling online businesses. A natural leader, he acts as a catalyst for rapid growth & execution. Listen in as Murray talks about buying online businesses in Hong Kong and Asia. For full show notes, check out

Preparing To Place An Order at Yiwu Market with Andy Church

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GFAE011. We are preparing to place our Amazon FBA business first order at the Yiwu market! Lorenzo has been doing on the ground hustling, and we met Insight Quality Ino and have the founder and my good friend on today’s show – Andy Church! We have an epic conversation about preparing yiwu order and making things happen, let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

Traveling as a Transformation – How Living Abroad Changes Your Mindset with Gregory Diehl

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GFA195. Are you one of those people who love to travel or how it is like living abroad? This episode will bring you insights about different viewpoints, different cultures and somewhat holistic picture – a transformation that will happen to you when you travel. Keep an open mind – this is critical to succeed in international business. Greg Diehl is on the show to give us some unique viewpoints and things to ponder. For full show notes, check out