Chinese Amazon Sellers React to Mass Banning

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Today’s show is a special edition, an experiment. As you may know, Mike Michelini is back in Shenzhen and back having meetups and gatherings (can’t help himself). During the meetup with international and Chinese sellers, we decided it would make an amazing and unique GFA podcast to talk to the Chinese sellers and get their insight on what this crackdown … Read More

​​Ocean Freight Mania [How Long Will This Madness Go On?] with Nick Bartlett

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GFA357. There have been so many issues and so much craziness going on with cross border trade, trade wars, Hong Kong unrest then covid and now we have this ocean freight nightmare. In today’s episode we have, we have Nick Bartlett, a logistics expert talking about this ocean freight madness. So let’s dive into the show. For full show notes, check out

Building an Art and Music Business as a Filipina In China and Vietnam with Mirasol Aguila

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GFA356. Today’s show is featuring an old friend – Mirasol whom I met in Shenzhen back in 2010 era. She is a talented artist and musician and has been pursuing her passion and dreams of music and art for as long as I’ve known her. She talks about her journey in building her career in Asia. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

The Future of Ecommerce & The Internet With CBM 2021 Panel 2: Digital Marketing Experts

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GFA353. In today’s episode, we will talk about Globalization, Blockchain, new technology and consumer behaviors. Hear from a diverse group of experts on what is happening in this global ecommerce ecosystem. From localization changes to completely new infrastructure – keep your eyes and ears open to new groundbreaking concepts. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

Broken Border and How The Community Has Adjusted with Jan Mendoza

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GFA351. In today’s podcast, we are showcasing upcoming speakers for the Cross Border Matchmaker – which is on Friday May 21 – evening Asia time, afternoon in Europe, and morning in Americas. We will discuss some of the topics, some of the speakers, members, programs, and what to expect. For full show notes, check out

Kids Are the Future – Initiative to Give Kids Ecomm and Business Experience with Anne Baes

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GFA349. Today’s episode is Global from Asia kids, GFA kids. We are talking about what really matters, the next generation of global business owners. We got a special treat and we are sharing a little bit of a story. Find out how you potentially can be involved. Let’s tune in! For full show notes, check out

3PL & Shipping During The Pandemic (Plus Bonus Story Pack) with Marshall Taplits

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GFA348. We have a double header for you in today’s show – Marshall Taplits from Ship It Done shared on our GFAVIP mastermind session last week, and we wanted to take his sharing session and make it a podcast. We’re talking about shipping in 3PL during this pandemic that never seems to end. For full show notes, check out

First Year Of a Decentralized Internet (& Experiences as a CEO of the Top Marketplace) with Tieshun Roquerre

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GFA346. In our show today, we are still talking about decentralized internet. It is a great show we have the Founder and CEO of – Tieshun Roquerre and we are into this 3-part series handshake and dweb in the global major show. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

Inside Story of Buying and Selling nft/ & Crypto Handshake Names with Ryan Ramirez

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GFA345. This is the first episode of a special mini series here at Global From Asia. We are diving into Crypto a bit again and this will be a 4 show mini series about the evolving decentralized internet (dWeb) and covering different players in the space. At the end of the show we’ll give our own insights and applications for ourselves as well as you as a listener, now – let’s tune in to the first episode of this series. For full show notes, check out

Cracking The Walls: Getting USA Banking For Global Ecommerce Sellers with Travis Price

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GFA343. In today’s episode, we’re talking about America, US banking for non Americans for the international community or for e-commerce sellers. Our guest for today is the head of e-commerce growth. We give some really good insights and we talk about some USA banking strategies and of course their service and how they can help you. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

Preparing Your Global Business Financials for The New Year with Shlomo Freund

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GFA339. Our guest for the last podcast this year is a good friend of mine – Shlomo freund. We used to co-host China Business Cast back in the days. He has found his passion in helping people with their financials. This is a perfect time to think about the new year since we are nearing the end of the year. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out

Sustainability in Import/Export B2B Trade with Fernanda Tisserant

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GFA338. We are talking about sustainability – thinking about the environment and a new way of doing BRB trading especially in today’s world. Our guest today – Fernanda Tisserant, is a social Entrepreneur and an expert in Import & Export. She will share some insights on how to integrate sustainability in your business. For full show notes, check out