Alternatives To Selling Your Business with Coran Woodmass

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Welcome back Coran Woodmass on the GFA podcast! It’s been a pleasure to have him involved with the community over the years speaking at our Cross Border conferences, and being a guest on the show.

Today’s topic – Alternatives To Selling Your Business – is perfect for the GFA community. Many of us are bootstrappers and lifelong entrepreneurs who build businesses. We enjoy the start, but are not sure what to do once it hits a certain critical mass. Let’s tune in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Coran Woodmass

    Can you introduce yourself to our viewers today?

  • Alternatives to Selling Your Business

    What kind of people mostly do you think this topic would be for? You’ve even done that with your own businesses, would you say? Can you share some examples of what it looks like?

  • The First Steps

    What are the first steps someone needs to do to prepare for this alternative to selling your business?

  • The Pitfalls & Mistakes

    What are the mistakes many make during this transition of preparing this alternative model that you have seen?

  • The Drawbacks

    What are the drawbacks of this alternative model, vs. simply selling the business outright?

  • Steps of an E-commerce Business Doing this Method

    Can we go through steps of an ecommerce business doing this method of the alternative of selling their business?

  • Thank you Coran

    How can people connect with you and your businesses?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Coran’s VIP Page
GFA episode 136 – Selling your Amazon FBA Listing / Business with Coran Woodmass
√ Visit our GFA partner – Mercury – for US banking solutons for your ecommerce businesss
Cross Better Logistics

Episode Length 56:44

Thank you Coran for being on the show, and thank you everybody for listening in.

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