Subscribe With Android!


I am an Android user, and I think for the longest time we lost out to some awesome knowledge and education with podcasts mostly being on the iOS/ iPhone platform via the Podcasts app. But as we’re in the year 2015 (when I write this anyway) there are plenty of options for Android users to also get access to the Global From Asia podcast as well as others out there. Let me share a few options.

What Is Subscribing?

By subscribing, you automatically get notifications of new shows on that podcast, and have the option to have the audio file (normally mp3) automatically download on your mobile device so you can listen when you have time, or to manually click “Download” on the episode if you want to listen to that one.

iTunes Doesn’t Work For Android Users

If you’re using an Apple product, you can subscribe via the iTunes link.

Of course this page is for Android users, but in case you are still learning what is what – if you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, then you will the link above. That is how most people consume podcasts – but that means you have an Apple product.


This is the original solution for the Android podcast listener – Stitcher is an app that allows you to listen to podcasts on both iPhone and Android. You can download the Stitcher app and search for “Global From Asia".

Also, here is the Stitcher show link:

With Stitcher, as far as I know, you can only stream the podcasts not download them. So if you’re internet isn’t so good this may become an issue as you may lag or get stuck in certain times of the show. This is a free app.

Pocket Casts Mobile App (Paid)

This is a podcast app that I personally use to consume podcasts – it does an amazing job at getting all the podcasts I listen to in its directory (I’m curious how they do that, they have Global From Asia but I never submitted the feed for the show) so you have a high chance to getting all the podcast you listen to there.

There isn’t a link I can put on this post, but you download the Pocket Casts app (its on both Android and iOS) here
pocket casts

Sorry, this app isn’t free, I paid 4 bucks for it, and I think it is well worth it just even if you listen to 1 show on it! I create filters, and I have a bunch of podcasts there that I listen to. I set it so that I have to manually click “Download” when I want to listen to an episode. You can also stream it if you’d like -but for me in Asia, my internet normally sucks so I download and listen to it after its fully downloaded.

RSS Feed

You can go old school and use an RSS reader and subscribe to my podcast category feed URL

And just like a blog, you will get notifications / feed of the new podcast category tagged items in this wordpress site – Global From Asia. Some listeners I know use this, I personally am not techie enough, haha – but maybe this will work for you.