So happy to see you on this page – this is where the real magic happens! We work hard here at Global From Asia to product great content and a quality service! Thats because we want to give clients a feeling of safety and friendliness in operating their international business from Hong Kong.

If you’d like to show your support, we are so appreciative to hear it and will provide a couple ways to do so below.

How To Leave Us a Review

Leave an iTunes Review

If you’re a listener of the podcast and enjoy it, one of the best ways to support the show is to leave a 5 star review on iTunes. Many say it is hard to do, so let’s dig in

Step 1: Download and Install iTunes

You don’t need a Mac to use iTunes, you can install the PC version as well.

If you already have a Mac, it should come pre-installed, so just look for it in Launchpad.

Step 2: Login to your Apple iTunes Account

Apple users are most likely already an iTunes user, and logged in.

If you’re a PC user, you may not have an Apple account, you can follow the instructions here.

Step 3: Go To iTunes Store

Click onto the iTunes store if you’re not there when you login by default. This is where you can search for podcasts and other iTunes music and entertainment.

Step 4: Search for Global From Asia

Now it gets interesting. Search the iTunes store for our show, “Global From Asia” and it should come up right away.

Click into the show details.

Step 5: Click on the 2nd tab titled “Ratings and Reviews”

On the second tab, there is a tab called Ratings and Reviews. Click onto that tab.

Step 6: Click Leave A Review

There is a button to leave a review. Click that button and it will show you an option to choose how many stars (1 to 5 stars), where 5 is the highest rating and 1 is the lowest. After that you can give a title of the review, and then a full text box to leave a full review detail.

Step 7: Write Up a 5 Star Review, Be Genuine

I appreciate an honest review. If you enjoy the show and want to do this. No need to write a full book or anything! Just a few words about why you like the show, things you get out of it, your favorite episode, and other ideas will be great.

Leave a Review On Your Blog, Website, or Social Media

Have your own blog or website? Or maybe an active social media sharer! Leaving a review on any of these platforms is awesome. Here are some guidelines and helpful tips that maximizes the way it can help us out.

Tip 1: Its OK to Link to our Website

Some listeners ask if it is OK that they link to us on their website. Yes! Please! Here is the code you can copy/paste if you’re not familiar with HTML code.

Global From Asia: International Business Via Hong Kong

You can change that how you like.

Please note, we are an HTTPS secure website. So when linking, it is better to link to the https version rather than the insecure http version.

Tip 2: Tag Us on Social Media

We have social media accounts on most platforms (if you can’t find us on one, let us know!). By tagging us, we will get an alert of it and can help re-share it on the platform. We also will consider mentioning it on our podcast, blog, and other channels too!

Send Us a Testimonial by Email

We love to hear from you! Send us in your testimonial and we may feature it on our website! Had a great experience with one of our client services reps? Or just love the podcast and/or blog?

Sending us a quick note helps motivate the team and push us to continue to crank out great content.

When you send us these notes, we will confirm with you if it is ok to re-share online or not, just to make sure.

Potential to Win Free Swag!

We appreciate your support by leaving a review. On a case by case basis, we may reach out to you and offer some new Global From Asia “swag”. This is such things as t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more to you for your support.

We’re saying on a case by case basis because we don’t want to make this the only reason you leave us a review.

Thanks Again for Supporting Global From Asia!

Its people like you who help build up the show and the business bigger.

We’re sure that good things come around to those who give and wish you the biggest success in your life and business.