Tasking Out Your Amazon FBA To Grow with John Cavendish

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GFA331. In today’s episode, we have John Cavendish back on the show who is a very experienced seven figure seller who has been in and out of Amazon businesses and we are talking about outsourcing tasks. Learn how to actually grow your business, find people to help you get to the next level. It’s a very interesting topic for you today. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/sellercandy.

Leverage PR for your Ecommerce Business with Shane Oglow

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GFA329. In today’s show, we Shane Oglow who is a PR internet market specialist whom I met years ago in a mastermind in Thailand. He is very active in he ecommerce, SEO, Amazon world and we are going to talk about the importance of PR in today’s world. So Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/leverage-pr/.

Experiences Venturing in Africa (Yes, Africa) with Marek Zmysłowski

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GFA325. Global from Asia is all about Global business, the concept of cross border, international – and the wild and adventurous stories business people go through venturing through them. Our guest for today is Marek Zmysłowski is from Poland, who first dove into startups and has a venture in Africa. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/africa-ventures/.

Crowdfunding 2.0: Insights Amazon Ecommerce Sellers In The New Phase of Crowdfunding with Don Wilder

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GFA318. In today’s show, we have Don Wilder whom I met in the PRD (South China). He has been crowdfunding for more than 7 years now and have successfully launched dozens of products on Kickstarter and helped other amazing entrepreneurs to do the same. We are fortunate to have him share with us today some of the latest tips and insights for those looking to crowdfund in this new “generation” and decade. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/crowdfunding2020.

Eurozone, Euro, Schengen? European Business Insights For Cross-Border Businesses with Augustas Kligys

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GFA317. This week’s show is all about understanding Europe. If you are someone who does business in Europe, doesn’t understand Europe much and want some insights, learn from our guest today – Augustus who is European and an expert. He is an event organizer, community builder and he is also in the Amazon space and e-commerce. Let’s tune in.

Opportunities in SE Asia (and Differences of Southeast Asia Ecommerce & Amazon) with Andy Lee

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GFA316. In this week’s show, we have Andy Lee who is an amazing network influencer. We talk about Southeast Asia Ecommerce and he will be sharing some pretty good insights such as setting up your company, how launch, differences with Amazon and a lot more. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/southeast-asia-ecommerce.

Post Pandemic Amazon World With Howard Thai

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GFA312. We have a cool show for you today with Howard Thai, a professor of Amazon and we will be talking about post pandemic Amazon world. A lot has been happening in ecommerce and Amazon with the Covid19 pandemic and Howard will be giving his insights of what he is seeing with big sellers and different categories. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/post-pandemic-amazon-world.

First Indonesia COVID-19 Case Makes Amazing Moves to Coming Out Stronger – with Ratri Anindyajati

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GFA311. Covid survivor story. Today’s show is a little less business and more about Covid. It’s an interesting story of Ratri and her family as the first COVID cases in Indonesia. Experiencing the nightmare of getting Covid as well as how society treated them. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/covid-survivor-story.

Making Business Sense of The National Security Law in Hong Kong with Tariq Dennison

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GFA310. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about national security law in Hong Kong with out guest today, Tariq who I met many years ago in the Hong Kong scene and we reconnected. We try to not to get political and more business positioning and what you should do. Tariq is very knowledgeable in the whole financial business world in America and Hong Kong. Let us tune in as he shares some practical insights as a business owner. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/national-security.