Digging in to the Product Research Process with Lem Turner

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GFA370. The Blimp Method is underway and we are diving deep into the product research and product selection process of the first batch of franchisees and products. We thought it would be a great time to invite Helium 10 on the show and share some insights and strategies on their best practices in today’s market. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/helium10/.

Diving Into Licensing with Amazon FBA Ecommerce with Meir Simhi

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Today’s episode is a follow-up to last week’s show where we introduced the Blimp method. We will be diving deep into the technicalities of this new program with the mastermind himself, Meir Simhi who has been in several of our shows. He will be alongside us again, advising and working with us in this Blimp method. Let’s hear more about … Read More

Next Ecommerce Journey: Launching “Blimps” (and announcing new Ecommerce brand) with Luciano Drehmer

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GFA365. In today’s episode, we will be chatting about this new program called the blimp method which is a whole new way of doing e-commerce. Our guest for today is Luciano Drehmer, a talented designer and brand expert and also our new business partner in in the new case study brand. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/blimp-story/.

Balancing Logistics In Challenging Times: China, USA, Europe with Forest Shipping

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In this time of pandemic, almost everybody is going into e-commerce. It’s a huge shift pushing everybody to online purchasing. But then, the logistics is still kind of old-fashioned and it’s really time to catch up to the demands. In this episode, we visited the office of Forest Shipping here in Shenzhen, China and talked to Forest Zhang and Diane … Read More

Chinese Amazon Sellers React to Mass Banning

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Today’s show is a special edition, an experiment. As you may know, Mike Michelini is back in Shenzhen and back having meetups and gatherings (can’t help himself). During the meetup with international and Chinese sellers, we decided it would make an amazing and unique GFA podcast to talk to the Chinese sellers and get their insight on what this crackdown … Read More

​​Ocean Freight Mania [How Long Will This Madness Go On?] with Nick Bartlett

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GFA357. There have been so many issues and so much craziness going on with cross border trade, trade wars, Hong Kong unrest then covid and now we have this ocean freight nightmare. In today’s episode we have, we have Nick Bartlett, a logistics expert talking about this ocean freight madness. So let’s dive into the show. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/ocean-freight-madness/.

Building an Art and Music Business as a Filipina In China and Vietnam with Mirasol Aguila

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GFA356. Today’s show is featuring an old friend – Mirasol whom I met in Shenzhen back in 2010 era. She is a talented artist and musician and has been pursuing her passion and dreams of music and art for as long as I’ve known her. She talks about her journey in building her career in Asia. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/artist-travels/.

The Future of Ecommerce & The Internet With CBM 2021 Panel 2: Digital Marketing Experts

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GFA353. In today’s episode, we will talk about Globalization, Blockchain, new technology and consumer behaviors. Hear from a diverse group of experts on what is happening in this global ecommerce ecosystem. From localization changes to completely new infrastructure – keep your eyes and ears open to new groundbreaking concepts. Let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/thefuture/.