Excalibur Brothers Brand Story Case Study with Luciano Drehmer

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In today’s podcast we are talking about brand story, case study, a recap of the Excalibur brand, some highlights as well as things happening for the rest of the year. Let’s go into today’s show.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • About Luciano

    Our amazing partner at Excalibur Brothers brand, as well as a design and branding expert.

  • Branding Brainstorming session

    The mastermind sessions – Luciano and Mike had to define the brand, products, voice, and feeling.

  • Registering a Trademark

    A critical part now for anyone selling on Amazon as a brand.

  • Product research

    Diving into which products to sell, collecting insights, and feedback. Discuss the process.

  • Research and Development Stage

    Ordering samples, asking for customization, the grind

  • Packaging for the Brand

    Luciano explains the concept of the red carpet as the inner, and the brown as the outer – to fit the story of a castle.

  • Factory Visits

    Also during the COVID times and the challenges. But it is important early on to get the feel and know the parameters.

  • Resources Built

    Brand book, brand voice, logo files, packaging instructions, QC requirements. Things needed for the brand.

  • Production sample iterations

    The amount of back and forth required to define the product and packaging.

  • Factory visits again, knowing the materials

    Learning about the materials, seeing the distributor, and more.

  • Before and After

    Looking at the product before we started, and afterwards.

  • Brand Website

    Importance of a brand website, and discuss the Excalibur Brothers website

  • Round Table program

    Our VIP program for customers who want to opt in for more benefits.

  • Amazon storefront

    Not just listings on Amazon – but to build a storefront.

  • The Amazon Listing

    The story needed from start to finish in building an excellent brand listing on Amazon catalog.

  • Video of a Product

    Demo a product video, and explain the story of it.

  • Brand as a Framework

    Using this as a framework for future products and growth. And as a brand licensing opportunity.

  • Joining the Blimp Method Program

    Excalibur Brothers is the first and a premium brand choice in the Brand Licensing Improved (BLMP) program.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 39:54

Thank you Luciano! You are amazing. We are so lucky to be partnered with you in Excalibur Brothers.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Episode 380 of Global From Asia brand story, case study, recap of the Excalibur Brothers brand, and some, some highlights. Also we can talk about some things happen in rest of this year. Let’s go into today’s show. Welcome to the Global from Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:27] And now your host, Michael Michelini. Thank you for watching or listening to this show. You know, my wife’s always, she’s like my branding agent. She’s like your videos are not clear and it does make you lose face. Blah, blah, blah. I honestly, you know, doing, I got this camera here, I’m trying a different position.

[00:00:46] I prefer the audio only, but I know everything is YouTube now and video and face and like get my hair, blah, blah, blah. So I’m honestly moving. There’s luggage all over the place. It’s super, super unknown and stressful for me. I, I, a lot of my friends in Shenzhen wanna do like a, make sure I do a going away party, but it looks.

[00:01:06] Maybe in a couple weeks, I’ll be moving to Thailand or maybe a month, maybe two months, or maybe I don’t get to go at all. So it’s just really, really stressful right now for me. So this week’s show, I thought I would take a clip of the, the blimp method webinar from last week. And take the parts only of Luciano.

[00:01:23] And I sharing about the journey since beginning of this year, going through the, the process. So it’s just one highlight for those that didn’t make it to the webinar that want to check this out. It’s it is a video version, but I believe the audio is fine. We talk about some pictures on the screen. So if you’re listening on audio, that’s fine.

[00:01:42] And then after this session, I’m gonna be just me on the microphone or on the video talking about the plans for the rest of this year, if you’re curious. So let’s tune in. And thank you to our sponsor, our returning sponsor mercury.com online bank. Well it’s a real bank, but you can do it totally online for us. Our blimp program participants are going through this as well.

[00:02:03] Thank you, Mercury. Travis’s great there.  He’s been on our show. He’s been in our events. We’re gonna have another event where we will have them attending as well. And if you wanna get a little bonus for you and us, if you sign up and do some special circumstances, you can go to globalfromasia.com/mercury. I also have a video tutorial that we use even.

[00:02:22] for Blimp people use the same exact video to learn how to use it. Oh, I hope you can check it out totally free. Why not see you 

[00:02:30] there here is the current brand and we’re gonna be sharing really deep insights about what we’ve gone through building this the last almost a year, I would say, but that’s Luciano on the top left he’s in the other room.

[00:02:40] He was sitting with me earlier. We’re here together. And, so we have, we have some listings live. We’ll show the listings. The first listing you see on the bottom, right? Is a wine glass polishing cloth. It’s getting just a couple reviews. It’s really only, only a couple weeks old. We’re really showing you things that we have just done.

[00:03:00] We’re also doing live masterminds. You can see on a top right here, screenshot. We’re talking about Bob he’s in HoChi min actually. Joe, I’m not sure if that’s Bob you’ve talked to before, but that’s Bob and he’s working with us on, on the flask. So on the bottom left, you’ll see a flask and we’re gonna go through the process, how we develop these and how we’ve built content and how we’ve, how we’ve promoted them.

[00:03:21] So this is a little intro of Luciano Luci. You wanna say hi. Hello, everyone. Awesome. 

[00:03:30] Yeah, lets yeah, you’re extremely, extremely talented design, strategist, 15 years doing professional branding, creating you worked in Amazon in Beijing. You’ve been down and for few years now, sorry, there’s some more background noise.

[00:03:46] so you’ve, you know, you’ve, we’ve worked inside Amazon and Facebook. Nike. You’ve worked with a lot of leaderships in branding and design, and I’ve seen it myself with working with you in Excalibur brothers, that you’re making 

[00:04:00] processes and systems that, have helped us get to where we are today. So, so welcome Luciano.

[00:04:06] Thank you so much. Thanks, Mike. It’s a pleasure to be here, building that with the community is very meaningful and learning a lot in the process. Yeah, we learn by doing here. It’s action, taking action. So now this is where we’re gonna go through the step. Step, step by step process that we’ve gone through to build this brand.

[00:04:28] This is Luciano and I’s notes on a whiteboard in my home studio. Now it’s full of kids’ drawings, from our kid stuff. But it is, we actually use this for some of our sessions. I don’t expect you to read this clearly, but you can, can learn projects by looking at this. This is really one of the main maps.

[00:04:49] I think I love this day, we spent like four or five hours on a Saturday afternoon after lunch. I think it was like two to like 2:00 PM to like dinner, like five or six at least. How many sessions do we have Luciano?

 [00:05:00] You wanna share a little bit about this slide and what we went through? As I, as far as I remember, we made two, two sessions, each session we took around four hours each, right?

[00:05:11] Yeah. And we went through a brand story, a customer persona. There are a lot of questions in this questionnaire that we do in order to understand the kind of business we do. And then we, we brainstormed a lot. and I think after the, the 

[00:05:30] outcome we had from the data we got, build Exalibur brothers, we then, then after that we decided which products we are gonna do crossing the results of the brand process with the data from Amazon.

[00:05:43] We, we come up with a solution. Right? Exactly. And then, and then after this cross result, we evolved in a new thing. Like we give a, a next step. So it was very, very interesting process because we are building a brand before the product. Yeah. Right. With the products together. Right. So it’s kind of one thing complement another, and then they, they build together evolve together.

[00:06:13] Yeah. I mean, there’s a few different ways to do it. Even this, this, this slide alone can be a whole webinar. Just this one slide. And this whole process is a very intimate process, but it’s basically defining your avatar, targeting who you’re selling to. If you look on the different columns, you’ll see like who, right.

[00:06:33] Humans, mind perceptions, you know, alone. So we went with the hero avatar. So we’re trying to help people become heroes and we wanna keep it broad. And we’re targeting men, primarily men, of course, women are welcome to buy these products, but you usually help who you’re targeting. And there’s, there’s lots of, there’s lots to this, but it’s about being strong.

[00:06:58] You can see fearless strength and honor be brave and protect unleashed to dragon, right? So this is, this is some brainstorming that we went through quite a bit to really define cuz cuz a brand, a lot of people think a brand is like a logo or a name, but a brand really represent in my opinion, the person that you’re selling to, the community that you’re targeting.

[00:07:20] And we are actually trying to, one idea is we’re targeting geeks like the new digital geek. That’s maybe a nerd that’s maybe really timid. Maybe they 

[00:07:30] didn’t have many girlfriends in school and m got picked on, but now they’re very wealthy. They’re, they’re new rich, the new technical programmer that has money.

[00:07:41] And they want to show people that they have money. So that’s kind of how we’ve been. But it’s evolving, but that’s kind of how we’ve gone with this. And there’s lots of questionnaires. Of course. Unfortunately, of course, we would love to dive into this, but we got about 80 more slides, but today is more of an overview of what we went through.

[00:07:59] And of course we registered trademark, right? So a brand, we filed in US and China. So there’s also China trademark, I think is not fully complete, but it’s most likely to go through, but of course, filing a trademark, especially for Amazon. Nowadays, you need to have a, file trademark. We went through the, brand accelerator program and you can see, we just did one category here is, you know, and we had to go through an, a, an agency because of brand registry, but then we were able to get this to go through.

[00:08:30] I don’t think it need go through too much time of this, but of course, registering a trademark’s important for your IP and essential nowadays, Amazon. Okay, this one is I had to blur it out. I’m sorry. I, I, I, I was thinking about it. I, I just felt like there’s some things I gotta blur out, but I try to show as much as I can.

[00:08:51] And there is one showing and the reason there’s one showing is that’s gonna be one of the products that somebody here today, or somebody joining this program, we think is a good opportunity for them to join. So, Actually we have a great team. There’s there’s so many people on his team. Aubrey’s here.

[00:09:08] Aubrey, you wanted to say hi really quick. Maybe just say hello, if you’re. Sorry to put you on the spot, but hello everyone. There’s Aubrey. Okay. Yeah. Aubrey’s our community manager. Well, she’s kind of doing quite a few things, but she’s, she’s also helping bridge this with our team and our franchisees, but, uh, there’s a lot of great people putting this together.

[00:09:31] And we use Google sheets, Google docs, and you can see, we have product, all those misspelled product number and categories. So we have lots of different categories because we’re not trying to be category specific. We’re trying to be about men’s gift. So it can be different categories. But it’s targeting like a gift item.

[00:09:51] It’s actually kind of in the bar. It’s become somewhat in the bar bar gear barware. But you can see luxury, watch roll. We’ll share more about that later, but you can see the score is 94.4%. So it’s green. You understand? So you can see ones. I blurred out in two broad, huge competition, low demand, high competition, low demand, too many sellers.

[00:10:13] You can see all these high pricing possible. So luxury watch roll is one we’re doing, and we would love to have somebody here, join the program and take that product. We’ll share more about that later. So that’s why I didn’t blur this one out. We’re basically, to go with that one. Pretty good. We, we have the green light, but this is what we went through with a lot of the products.

[00:10:31] As Luciano mentioned, we, we did analysis. We did data research of each product, and this is another slide. We are recording this. We will give you the slides and the recording. Please don’t share us on YouTube or publicly, but within yourselves. So you can see here. This is our research we did for that watch roll.

[00:10:51] And then we dive deep into the keyword search volume, the revenues, the price tags. So these are different check boxes you can see, and we’re 

[00:11:00] scoring these. And then we’re putting at, and we’re looking at the competitors on the right side, and we’re looking at the competitor’s brands and the competitor’s pricing.

[00:11:07] And we’re looking at the average price. We’re looking at the search volume. We’re looking at into the number of competitors. We’re looking. If it’s of course no patent. Well, we’re trying not to hit patents cuz we can get taken down off Amazon, no hazmat. Right? So various things. So we have this checklist, any feedback on this Luciano or Meir of course Meir’s gonna be sharing more later.

[00:11:28] So this is a story of Excalibur brothers. And then we’re gonna go into the business model with Meir later, just so everybody understands a little bit more. The schedule of course may or even others could jump in, but Luciano, you have some points you wanna add on this. Yeah. Then we, we, we decided for this, about the line and we even tried to, to add some other like elements to this list that for example, like opportunity to customize could be another thing that we, 

[00:11:58] We always look at, but pretty, pretty much. I think this, this, this is pretty, pretty good. That ready? Yeah. So then the next stage again, I’m trying to really, I mean, this is the first time we’re sharing this. These are pictures just for the last few months. So then we started to get samples, you know, I guess obviously one advantage of being in China is you can get samples pretty fast.

[00:12:19] From the factories. So we’re getting our house full of, David’s here, house full of samples. And you can see some of the products that we launched already. We’ll see, we can see some 

[00:12:30] more information about these, but we started ordering different samples. You can start to see some, even have customization like that

[00:12:36] Polishing cloth. Luciano. Yeah. Help customize it. So we have this flag on, I don’t know if you can see my mouse over. I think you see my mouse. You can see, we make it like a flag, not just a label, but a flag. And then at the logo. So we’re trying to integrate this. Maybe Luciano could talk more, he was already about the branding on the product and customization.

[00:12:57] Yeah, I think, I think, I think what I tried to do and actually, what, what is very important is that we try to find the right balance because this is amedieval themed brand. And we try not to be very catch in terms of showing this elements of medieval age. So. At first, we, we are looking for doing medieval products, right?

[00:13:22] We’re gonna do the horn drinking horn discussed about selling medieval products. But when we end up using the medieval thematics as a brand, as part of the brand background is, is more of a brand story thing that cover up the brand. Right. Instead of making it as a medieval product brand. Yeah. we try to keep this medieval elements in the product line.

[00:13:52] Very, we, we try to hint that when you look at product that they have this feeling but of course it’s 

[00:14:00] very subtle. So it can appeal to a broader audience as well. Not only people who like medieval products, but general generally like men who are looking for elegant products would, would not be turned off or, or at the same time that you can.

[00:14:17] Reach this broader audience. And we think this is strategically in terms of like making the right balance for, for, for the, the brand. So it’s a good point. 

[00:14:30] Yeah, thanks. That’s a really good point. Yeah, actually a little bit of history of this website. It’s a 2003 website, excaliburbrothers.com. You can check it out if you like.

[00:14:40] And originally it’s actually, my friend Lauren who started this. I met him in 2004, back in the day on a forum. about selling online, merchant forum and, he’s in Michigan. He, he was drop shipping swords and there’s still a lot of that content on there. And when I was look, we were looking for a brand to, to launch on Amazon.

[00:15:00] This has, this site has traffic and it has a domain age, obviously 20 year old, almost domain. That’s been hosted almost the whole time. So, and I took it over during COVID 2020, and we rebuilt it. But then in the last years, when we started really turning into an Amazon product brand and filing trademark. But it’s, it’s an interesting strategy that I recommend people to do is to buy like an affiliate site, a drop ship site and convert it to a product brand.

[00:15:26] So that’s kind of what we’re doing with this brand. It was an established website with traffic and trust and authority and backlinks, but we converted it into an actual product brand from a drop ship distributor of swords and knives. But, yeah, it’s a good point. Cuz we were thinking about sticking in a smaller niche of just like swords knives or like drinking at ales. But we decided we want to go broader.

[00:15:48] But like you said, using the medieval style in the brand, which has been really awesome. So the packaging again, I mean, I feel like this might be a little bit longer than hour everybody, but 

[00:16:00] I believe this needs super valuable. So just to warn you, I think we got a lot of amazing stuff to share. So this is some of the branding that Luciano helped put together.

[00:16:08] Again, Luciano, I mean, I don’t even go so, so deep, but do you wanna give us a little bit of some insights of, of your strategy on the brand? Yeah. Packaging packaging is amazing. And after we, we come up with the, With the branch strategy and the product line we decided, right? We, we come up with this product list that we’re doing.

[00:16:29] We started to, to pack the products together in the same way. So now at this point, we’re trying to do is, is building a system that can be consistent because it’s really in branding. Like it’s really hard for you to control a hundred percent how your brand is perceived, but. There are many factors that you cannot control.

[00:16:54] You cannot control buyer’s behavior in many degrees, but what you can do is increase the trust they have 

[00:17:00] in you by being consistent, repeating the same thing over and over and over and, and makes you look more, makes your brand looks more confident and, and helps building trust and awareness. So I think if you deliver a good product and service, this will definitely.

[00:17:18] You create this sensation to people. So we decide on these colors like brown for the outside. Most of the time we’re gonna do products that are 

[00:17:30] very masculine. They are target into gentleman. And we think that this color is the most suitable for that. We are gonna keep this most of the products and inside we keep this red details.

[00:17:44] When you open the product, you remind a bit of the royalty. Of of the medieval times bring, bring up this feeling of value that when you go to a red carpet in a Casto, you often feel that this is 

[00:18:00] special. So we, we wanna trigger the sensations in people in a very, I mean, there’s a, there’s a, a book called it, the sex appeal of inorganic that tells that.

[00:18:14] Things and objects can be sexually attractive. So , it’s true. And then what I try to, to do, and I, I do this is, is trigger these emotions of people feeling attached in a emotional level to the products. Great. All right. Man, you’re giving some really gold, some real gold today. I really appreciate these insights, even though I’m getting some points from your sharing.

[00:18:42] So now, you know, so if you can notice here on the right, this is almost the same. I think it’s the same. So we, this is I think around March or February, I think February 2022, this year. We went to a Dongguan factory. We didn’t go to this one is, well, we actually went to other factories, but we didn’t go to a factory.

[00:19:01] First. We went to a packaging supplier actually I’ve ended up blown away with the packaging. It’s very complex. But, you know, we spent a half a day in this conference room going through all these different materials, different layouts, different colors. Again, I know again, I mean, we, you can give some tips, but I mean, we got a lot of slides, but do you wanna share a little bit about this process?

[00:19:25] I know we, you said you want to go to a packaging supplier and just really sit in this conference room and just, 

[00:19:30] yeah, because, because. We, we, we like took very like a lot of attention on, on every detail. And I, like, I think the factor is a good way to get to know what they can do and, and put your hands on some samples and catalogs and, and talk to them directly.

[00:19:50] Some factories are very helpful in order to, for you to come up with something to life, they have teams and they help you 

[00:20:00] prototype things fast. Yeah. So we, we cowork with them and, and other factories as well and into developing this as was very. Long and, and doing COVID painful because of, we cannot like really go there when we need and the block downs.

[00:20:20] But yeah, we couldn’t go to the other factory cuz of my QR code test. Yeah. I, this is my videos. Mike’s blog. I did it from personal 

[00:20:30] YouTube, but yeah, it was, but at least we got the packaging on that day, but we couldn’t go to the cloth factory because of my COVID test time. I think I had a 48 hour. I needed 24 hour something.

[00:20:43] But, and then of course, we’re trying to make this story for you. I hope you’re all enjoying this. You know, we’re trying to share real the real story, but this is a picture actually outside this exact apartment around March, 2022, fut was totally shut down. Totally locked down. We have these space cadet people everywhere.

[00:20:59] They were setting up dorms, but we were busy. You know, we were locked in, we couldn’t even get samples delivered. You know, they didn’t even have SF express or anything. Couldn’t even get samples. But we worked on this, you know, I, I didn’t know this. I mean, I made this, but I, I, of course we can’t share all of this, but this is a brand, right.

[00:21:16] This is stuff we made. Are you made, you know, I work closely with you, but. Some of this I wrote, or I made, but this is a brand, right? I mean, I think this lists, people don’t understand this is a brand, right? Of course the logo on the right is a brand. The words are a brand, this shields a brand, but this is the brand assets.

[00:21:34] Right. Do you wanna give some insights a little bit about some of these documents? We built, we built several documents and also like a lot of not, we, we build a lot of, not only if these documents like brand book, brand, voice, and, and style build style guide for everything right. For photography, we have a style guide for, for lifestyle, a style guide for patterns, a style guide for packaging style guide for, so you, when you scale the brand, everything that comes from.

[00:22:09] From the product, it parts from the same family, even the product line we developed have a guideline to, to be like, the products are, are, are they, they really talk with like a family, right? Yeah. So even, even the system to keep 

[00:22:30] building this, like as a factory, Yeah. I mean, we’re constantly giving these to different factories and we’ve used 3PLS.

[00:22:37] We’ve used, you know, QC agents. So we’re sending, we just send them. Of course we don’t send ’em all of this, but we’ll send ’em the QC process. The videos really help. I mean, some of these are videos of me and you with a package showing them this is first, you know, you put the card up front, this is, you know, Fold this seal, this sticker on the outside, not on the inside, you know, it’s, it’s very important.

[00:23:01] So you still have this football fields of agent of, of testing people across the, the road, but we’re still working hard, right? This is March, 2022, and we’re getting samples now. So, you know, and you can see the, the, the hints of the, the brand is the shield. A lot of times brands doesn’t have. I know a lot of people think it’s cool to put your words on your product right on the outside, but we’re not, you know, we wanna be more subtle.

[00:23:28] We didn’t want to have the, the words right on the front of the product. So we try to find subtle places to put it. Like we had tested it, putting on the inside. Right so that we don’t wanna interfere with the quality of the product, but we wanna still show our brand. So, so these are some subtle, and of course the quality is important.

[00:23:48] Obviously you can have the coolest branding and marketing, but if your product’s not good. So like sometimes the scratches here. It would, it would have you’d put your fingernails. So we started even here. So we had, we 

[00:24:00] started learning about leather and then do we wanna have genuine leather? Do we wanna have polyurethane P you know, PE leather?

[00:24:07] What’s the material, right? The smell we’re reading the reviews of the competitors on Amazon. What are people saying about the size of the, of the, this is for leather, actually, Meir suggested this product. But it’s for reading glasses, not really sunglasses, but reading glasses, but just, we’re just trying to give you some insights here of the process.

[00:24:29] You know, multiple samples. I don’t know how many samples of this Luciano on like six, five, I was losing track. How many times there was a delivery from the SF of, of a new sample. This one, we order so many different samples from so many different suppliers buyers, especially because we didn’t have like.

[00:24:48] Official supplier that we work with. What, at this moment? Have right. We have more like, yeah, we’ve got bill. This is supply chain bill. The product line that is on, 

[00:25:00] on the pipeline. Ready. But yeah, we order, like, I don’t remember 10 samples. Yeah. I was losing track. You were more patient to me. It was like always something coming, just so you know, we’re all, we’re locked down together here.

[00:25:14] David’s also here and we’re just, you know, grinding through this also testing, right? This is the leather leather. Flask, not really leather flask, but it’s a metal course, stainless steel, but it has a leather, but we also, we changed it. We changed this. I think again, I, I have so much to go in through today, but we’re testing this.

[00:25:32] We’re soaking this in water. We’re putting this in the sun. We’re dropping it. Right. We’re really trying to make sure this is the quality, the glue I’ve gone through a lot of this over the years. But, yeah, I mean, this is also here, you know, you can see, this is my hand holding as I took a picture of my camera, you can see, this is a lot of the iterations I did.

[00:25:48] Couldn’t go through every single picture. So I just, I just took like a, a screen grab of some of the images, different flasks we’re looking at. Right. Different packaging. This is 

[00:26:00] hard system. We had videos, you know, different types of, of leather, different ways of, of the, the, the, the, the, the shot cups that come with the flask.

[00:26:09] You know, we can’t go through all this today, but we’re just trying to give you an idea of the, of the, of the vibe and the feel of course, visiting the factories. This is obviously Luciano me, and this is from the factory. This is in long hua. I think Longhua it’s like an hour drive from Futian. I think Northeast.

[00:26:24] Yeah. I, I think this is Longguan. Longguan. Yeah. Yeah. Longguan, Yeah. 

[00:26:30] His name is English. Name is joker. It’s pretty funny, right? He’s a joker. Yeah, but actually this is a distributor. So we actually went to their, they were assembling. They assembled a leather. We’re buying from. They’re one of our vetted suppliers, but they also, we wanted to see the source.

[00:26:46] So they buy the leather here. So we went to go have tea, of course this, my video camera, but we also wanna understand the materials. We understand the process, you know, we of course quality, but also just understanding it’s actually

[00:27:00] American leather. They buy the, the hide from American cows. They import in Guangzhou and then they treat it in Guangzhou, and then they distribute in Shenzhen.

[00:27:10] So we kind of got to understand that in this process, Any comments in this Luciano? I think we can move forward on this unless there’s some yeah, yeah, we can move it’s okay. Yeah. There’s just a lot of amazing stuff. I mean, I went kind of a little bit crazy with the story. Yeah. There is, there is a comment that we, we were, we were trying, we will talk with them about the leather.

[00:27:32] And then you mentioned that the it’s actually American leather that yeah, we learned that while we were sitting there. And yeah, but, but we, we plan to do some goat leather as well in the future next. Yeah. We had goat. That guy gave you a lot of beers. Right? How many beers? No, we didn’t drink. He was offering us some beer.

[00:27:51] It was like a Tuesday at 2:00 PM. And he’s drinking beers in his shop, but yeah, he wants us to buy a leather more, you know, I think m we’re. Go a little bit faster on these last few slides of the product development, but you can see here, this is the before, and this is the after, right? So this is like the standard flask set you might see on Alibaba.

[00:28:09] Yeah. Right. We get the samples, but of course it’s not just, we don’t just sell this. Right. Like we actually stripped off, this is polyurethane material. PU we stripped that off. And we just buy the metal from this, this supplier. And then we buy the leather from this supplier and then we ship the leather to no, no, we ship the 

[00:28:30] metal to the leather and the leathers assembled put on applied to the metal.

[00:28:36] And then, you know, we have this signature on the bottom. We have our, our, our, our stamp here of the shield. We also, as, as Luciano has discussed about the colors, the brown of the on top of the, of the shot glass. So this is the process, right? This is kind of the process. This is part of the, the brand story and quick points Luciano.

[00:28:59] I know there’s a lot to this. You can even see the interiors, the red, like you said, and the packaging is the brown and the outside. Yeah, we, this, this one, we, we, we customize things that the, at the ultimate level we ever even the, yeah. And there’s a lot of details. It should, it should look very good. Right.

[00:29:19] It’s working. Yeah. Here’s uh, the result, these are shipping to Amazon, actually. I think today we confirmed the logistics cause there’s but yeah, I mean, let’s get into the, the websites. 

[00:29:30] So the website. You can check this out. This is a screenshot I took today at excaliburbrothers.com. Luciano helped. We revitalize this.

[00:29:38] It was a drop ship site for, you know, 18 years, but the last year or two, we’re making it a product brand. So again, use the slogan, use the logo, use the colors. I can’t fit the whole website of course, on, on a slide, but we, we rebuilt the whole site design to match the new brand. We also added this program called the round table 

[00:30:00] and it kind of kept expanding and we even have some new ideas of how to grow this, but, uh, this is a, a, like a card that’s put inside the packages and people can join this membership.

[00:30:10] So it’s right on the whole menu. You can see here, right? It’s right on the website. You can go to this right now, round table, and you get a code. You put this code into the website and you can unlock this extra content. And I know some of you might be worried about Amazon TOS, and I could talk to you about that for a long time.

[00:30:28] I have everything ready for that. I can explain the process and the tos to you. If you’d like, I don’t have time right now we can do it in Q and A if you’d like, but basically this is a opt in program for customers to get even more value. And we add eBooks. We add downloadable instructions. We add communities for customers only.

[00:30:51] Yeah. There’s a lot to this. So do you want add a quick point luciano to this? It means part of the story in order it’s like a membership for customers. Yeah, we, 

[00:31:00] we build this like round table, uh, part, this is the part where you, you see a dark closed to suggest that is a exclusive club. In order to get there. You buy caliber brothers product, and then you can have a Cards to open it. Exactly. Exactly. So you can read our script. It’s it’s, there’s more to it than just this. You can scroll down, you can go.com/round table, if you wanna read it. 

[00:31:30] Yeah. Any other points? I. I think. Okay. I think that’s good. And then of course the Amazon, Amazon, I know everybody’s here. Just loves Amazon.

[00:31:39] So this is Amazon storefront. This is we have amazon.com/scholar brothers. You can type it in, look at it right now. Welcome to your kingdom. Again, consistency, consistency listings, brand new listings, brand new storefront, like a month, less than a month old. Again, I can’t fit all this in the screenshots. I think I’ll focus on the listing.

[00:31:57] So here’s the listing of the first Product the polishing cloth. You can see just a couple reviews, really just launching, we’re getting some early reviewers involved, you know, driving some PR traffic. Yeah. Yeah. Medieval for sure. So you notice like, like we were discussing, it’s called excalibur brothers, but it’s a polishing cloth, right?

[00:32:19] It doesn’t have, it. Doesn’t have to be knights of the round table products. Like we’re thinking about helmets and swords and, uh, and drinking ales. But this is just a 

[00:32:30] regular product that is normal, boring competitors. They’re so boring. They’re so boring. They’re just doing it as a wine polishing cloth, but we’re making it a medieval high value, high priced item.

[00:32:44] And this is selling even without a coupon, double the price of competitors. And these are some screenshots from the actual listing, of course, li is doing amazing working with the team, our, our design team behind the scenes. Do you wanna share a little bit about the listing process? Yeah. And, and then we, we.

[00:33:06] we built this listing framework that we following for all the products, as you can see that everything on the listing is still consistent with the packaging, the website, you have this, this beige and brown tones on the, on the background and yeah. It’s and the team is doing an amazing job to put them together.

[00:33:28] Yeah. I. you know, like there’s so many people that maybe they’re even to in today, they’re really supportive. But yeah, I mean, we have great people, you know, of course Luciano and I are here on, on the stage. Aubrey’s assisting a lot, but we have great people like that are really helping us. You know, this can’t, can’t be done by just a couple people.

[00:33:47] I know we talk about the video and I’m afraid to play, but I’m gonna try to show the video. So this is a video you can watch on a listing yourself.

[00:34:41] So I cut a little bit short, but that’s the video. You can watch it yourself on listing or it’s not on our YouTube as well. Hopefully try and go back to the. Can you see my still see my let’s see how about that? There we go. So that’s the video Luciano, you wanna share about that? I don’t, I know you’re even making this into a system, right?

[00:35:00] It’s not just that, that you have a strategy behind the video. Yeah, the video is also the system that we can is a framework that we can build for all the products we have. You have the, the medieval intro with this like super like music that is, that reminds of the old times. And then you have the product rotation that we keep and then utilizing the product.

[00:35:24] It’s, it’s kind, it’s kind of like scalable as well, like system. Yeah. We build a, we build a good, uh, so for that as well. Yeah, it’s amazing. All right. Thank you, Luciano, man. This he’s amazing. So, so lucky to be partner with him on, on excalibur brothers. And you know, we’re talking to Jorge and Bob and Francis and Peter and Meir and you know, everyone, and it’s just a lot, a lot happening.

[00:35:48] So I just wanna give people some updates for the, the next rest of this year in 2022. It’s what a year it’s. You know, I’m still looking at my old books, like destination China, Hong 

[00:36:00] Kong supercharged. If you’ve seen on video, e-commerce gladiator is kind of one of the more popular ones and China’s startup.

[00:36:09] This one, got some hate, got some hate on Amazon reviews, but we are just grinding away here in life in business. So for me again, I’m trying to get to Thailand. It’ll probably be a last minute going away party there’s I might have to go to Beijing, embassy of Thailand or maybe Guangzhou life is super stressful for all of us.

[00:36:28] You know, I think when we leave our home countries, you know, it’s never easy to, to live outside of your home country and then to try to move between one country and to another. But I. I’ll share more about the process once it actually works. at this point, I’m, you know, a little bit stressed. I’m not gonna lie.

[00:36:50] Keep it real. That’s what we try to do here. So some updates we’re gonna go big into Thailand. We’re gonna go deep, actually working with a couple factories, lots of brands, lots of business 

[00:37:00] going on. Lots of opportunity. There’s um, you know, a school discussion, some living compounds for some others that, uh, we work with.

[00:37:10] Again, it’s still a little bit early and stuff we usually talk about in our masterminds with global information, VIP members and others in our closer circle. So I can’t share too much openly, but there is some amazing things gonna happen for, for Thailand also, you know, we’re, we’re launching a lot of new products from this webinar, from the community.

[00:37:29] We are gonna add more products to the excalibur brothers. We’re gonna be building out more traffic. Oh, it’s been a lot. I’m gonna share some of the learning. Privately and also publicly. As I always do, but we’re working really, really hard on various external traffic strategies. Also, the next podcast will be coming up will be an advanced one on conversion optimization for your e-commerce store, which I’m even gonna be planning to learn some new things.

[00:37:57] So I’m gonna go deeper and deeper into the more technical and advanced stuff of eCommerce and branding for the rest of this year. On this show, I’m also gonna probably invest in a little bit more of a studio. It’s just, I’ve been super stressed because I don’t know where I’m gonna. I don’t wanna, like some people say, oh, your background’s not good.

[00:38:13] You know, it’s what I like about video, you know, cuz the wife’s check in saying, some friends are saying it’s not good for my personal brand. I’m more about building stuff and letting that stuff represent. Not me personally, although I know personal brand is important, but there’s gonna be some huge,

[00:38:30] huge upgrades in, in this show and in this life of ours and business of ours.

[00:38:35] And as I said, a couple shows ago about opportunities. There’s lots of opportunities. and we are gonna be providing it. You know, there’s been amazing people partnering with us in various businesses and there’s just a lot to look forward to. So it’s almost actually the years flying by. It’s already August before, you know, it’d be September, then Q4.

[00:38:56] and I hope you’re as motivated as me, you know, it’s super stressful. I think for most 

[00:39:00] of us, you know, I get daily tests now in coronavirus, I have to, you know, like scan apps everywhere and to cancel the meetups because of COVID, it’s been super unpredictable. It’s super stressful. I’m still on fence about audio, but I’m gonna invest in some new equipment, new setup in, in Thailand if I can make it there.

[00:39:19] So look forward to that. You know, we just gotta stay positive. We gotta keep grinding. We gotta double down. We’re gonna come up like three times better. And, uh, I think a lot of us have been through a lot in the last couple of

[00:39:30] years. I know I have been, and I look forward to engaging with some of you and connecting and making some business deals.

[00:39:37] All right. See you all later. To get more info about running an international business. Please visit our website at wwwd.globalfromasia.com. That’s triple www.globalfromasia.com. Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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