Buying, Selling, Licensing, & Transferring IP: Trademarks & Patents in Hong Kong and Asia with Tayan Patel

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Curious about IP buying and selling in Hong Kong and Asia,then listen up and you’re in for a treat on Global From Asia episode number 69 – show notes on

Thanks everyone for tuning in today, I’m really to be in your earbuds, some news only a parent may appreciate, but today my son Miles crawled for the first time, really exciting but ya, I know most of you may not have kids and have no interest in that, but one day that feeling will be an amazing one for you and you may remember me telling ya!

We have another 5 star review – let’s insert some applause here – from R. L. Smith here in China and let’s read it off:

Go to podcast for Biz in China

Mike really knows his stuff and this podcast is my go-to podcast for anything related to business in China, particularly import / export and eCommerce which are just the topics most relevant to me. Having been in China a few years myself I know Michael is really plugged in to the entrepreneur scene in Shenzhen and HK and is always ahead of the curve of what’s happening there… so listen up and take notes, basically! 😉 5 Stars.

Thanks R.L. appreciate that, and I am so excited to get this kind of feedback, I will keep on cranking out China focused podcasts too.

Ok, so now onto the show, this one I decided to do this week as I got an interesting question from a DynamiteCircle Member, Michael “B” since I don’t want to disclose his full name without permission – but here is his question:

“Hi Michael, Terry Lin recommended reaching out to you since I’m looking for recommendations for a Hong Kong tax consultant who can help with IP valuation/sales from our Hong Kong company. /Michael”

And thanks Terry Lin, from the Build my online store podcast, you are a good friend and I love keeping up w/ you on the DC and in twitter – you seem to be everywhere man!

so today I brought back on the show Tayan Patel, who is a Patent lawyer from Washington Dc and a college friend of mine – while he isn’t in hong Kong – he is traveling to Asia more and knows our audience so he talks about valuing and buying / selling IP so hope this helps you out Michael B!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Tayan – was on with us back in episode 20 talking about USA intellectual property for overseas companies – thanks for being here Tayan
  • So you’re heading to India soon, exciting – business, pleasure, or both?
  • Monetizing IP – people thinking of IP as an asset to sell and/or license to potential buyers/infringers.
  • How do you value IP?
  • How do you structure selling IP – just like any other asset, get paid for it, then transfer it over? Any special differences?
  • How do you structure licensing IP – monthly, yearly, by milestones? Can you give some examples
  • How about transferring IP internationally?
  • Say I sell my US company to a HK company, and there are trademarks – what happens
  • Or the other way – a Chinese trademark sold to someone in USA? how does transfer of it work
  • Thanks so much for sharing – how can people reach out to you – and which of these services can you help them with?
  • Tips on determining the value of IP
  • Ways to find buyers of patents and trademarks.
  • What is the concept of cross licenses?
  • Talk about royalty, percentage of sales, and royalty per piece
  • Definition of licensee
  • Exclusive by country or region
  • Non exclusive license
  • How to know how many sales the company had if dealing with royalties
  • Front loaded or backloaded licensing structures
  • Are the royalties normally paid annually or quarterly?
  • Length of a license normally for either a trademark or a patent
  • Ways to reach out to Tayan

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 33:09

Thank you Tayan, I learned a bit there too. Show notes as always on the blog at so check it out – and also don’t be shy and leave a comment there with your feedback, did we cover it all, any clarifying questions, I’ll get Ty on there if there is a question relevant to him.

Now for some fun stuff – I am putting a picture on the show notes, I met a listener Colin from US who I mentioned sent me a 1 sentence email asking if I’d want a beer while he is in town and we made it happen – he also gave me some baby toys for Miles from his company which is an awesome thought, thanks man – so if yo want to see the photo check out the show notes.

meeting colin in tst

It has been a fun week of emails and messages from listeners and readers, this one below is from a Eddie Freeman in NYC which says –

Hi Michael, I just read the nice write-up about you from the December
NJBIZ magazine. Growing up in family business, I appreciate the risks you
took to pursue the life you wanted. I would love to meet you over a coffee
or drink when you are back in the area. Congrats, keep it up!

Eddie Freeman

Thanks buddy, and I look forward to keeping these shows rocking each week in 2015, I have gotten even more feedback but picked just a few, I am just ecstatic and we have a long way to go everyone this is just the beginning!

Listeners in China – I know the site is slow and blocked and iTunes etc is loading slow – I am almost ready to release a wechat page publicly with all the episodes there for you to download in China or anywhere for those who use and prefer wechat – stay tuned for an official announcement.

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