Emerging Startup Communities in Hong Kong & Around The World w/ Paul Orlando

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Thanks everyone for tuning in, episode 34 of the show – I have to say, I am a bit exhausted – I slept in a Chinese hospital 4 nights last weekend as my wife had early pregnancy false alarm….that is a blog post in itself coming soon – life is definitely an adventure and we need to embrace it – that’s all I’ll say there.

So today’s episode goes into the startup world again, but I truly believe this can be applied to all businesses – Paul Orlando, is extremely passionate about this global movement where small pocket communities of entrepreneurs and business people can gather together to build a great support network. He shares his insights in Hong Kong, as well as for all those other communities where entrepreneurs may get a bit lonely working alone on their projects. So let’s dive in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Paul Orlando
  • What exactly is an Emerging startup community?
  • The importance (or is it) of community for startups
  • Thoughts on Hong Kong for business
  • Bootcamp and then Accelerator HK – can you share the story here
  • An example / case study of how communities help a startup
  • Is it all about “Startup” or can this be applied to “normal businesses” as well?
  • Talk about your new book – startup sacrilege
  • Ways listeners can reach out to you.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length: 30:13

thanks for that Paul – and actually next week we’ll interview T from Taxiwise, a co-founder there on his experiences, as well as his recent news of selling their company in Hong Kong! I’ll be here, cranking out more podcasts too. That’s a wrap!

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