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Good day from Bangkok – sneaking in this podcast welcome from the DCBKK event. Will keep it short – heading to airport now for the Smart China Sourcing Summit by Global Sources.

Today’s show we have Rico – my business partner in Enter China community talking about his story of how he made moves, came to China and progressed from English teacher to business owner, enjoy!

Also this is Canton Fair season – we have that page with all the events at and the show notes for today are at

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Intro Rico

    Rico – we are hanging out in the backyard of my apartment complex – taking a break between Enter China webinars – living the good life man, right!

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    So, your background – you’re from Africa – how did you end up in China?

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    Source Find Asia

    Then you got into Source Find Asia with ChinaMike (no, not me) – how did this opportunity come to be?

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    How To Get Started

    A lot of people contact me, as well as probably you – and ask – how to get started. I think that shouldn’t be the first question right? I mean, you and I – we are just doing it.

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    So you’re doing this sourcing, and now the podcast – Made in China show – which I was a guest on – thanks – (episode ____) – what got you to get into podcasting (as it is a lot of work, as I know!)

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    How To Questions

    So listeners on here, like people on the webinar we just had – they ask – how to find a product – how to get to China – how to find workers – how to find translators. What is your answer?

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    Big Mistakes

    In your sourcing business – as well as in the Enter China community – what are some of the bigger mistakes you see clients make when working with you – and factories that people can learn from?

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    First Step

    For those who never bought from a factory in China before – what is a good first step. We have had shows on recently that focus on just buying from US distributors – when should someone make the jump to factory direct?

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    Scenarios for Buyers

    And when things go wrong with a factory order – how should the buyer react? Let’s say a couple scenarios

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    Production is late

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    Bad Quality

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    Case Studies

    Any examples or case studies that would be good for listeners to hear?

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    How do you stay motivated – I see you are very focused and hard working – and a Gary Vee Fan!

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    And how can people find you online- you, like me, do too many things – you have the sourcing business, the podcast, and Enter China – what are some links we can add?

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Episode Length 35:11

That is all folks. Rico is a great guy I have gotten to know from being inside Enter China .co – he is a member who signed up, took advice, learned from others, and rose the ranks to partner of the community.

Hope today’s show inspired some of you to take action in your business and life. You may not be happy where you are, and heck, some things I do I still don’t enjoy – but we need to make small steps each day to get closer to our dream. Let’s do those together.

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