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Enter China: Helping Founders Scale Their Business Through EC Accelerate

World’s No. 1 Community for Physical Product Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 95 percent of startup businesses fails? But, Enter China believes so much in you.

You only fail entrepreneurship only when you quit.


Instead, look for solutions. Join the community Enter China has built.

They offer blueprints with proven tactics, mentorship, and a network that guarantees success.

The founders of Enter China designed the community for the future business founders.

What Does Enter China Offer?

Enter China offers education.

The key to success is to know the appropriate process on how to launch a physical product business. Believe it or not, 95 percent of the startups fail, the reason behind this is they do not have a proven blueprint to guide them. There is a difference when you manufacture your own product and source an already profitable product. But do not worry, the differences are discussed in the blueprints and it has generated 9 figures a year.

A community is built in Enter China.

When you launch a successful venture, you will need a mentor and peers of the same phase as you are. You will not feel like an outcast in Enter China, because their group of more than 300 successful entrepreneurs have their own fair share of experience in every stage of the business. Each one of them started from scratch, all the way to selling a business. Enter China actively supports each of their community member in each step that they take.

They have product launch in Enter China.

They have built the perfect environment to introduce and launch new products. The community members of Enter China has launched a crowdfunding campaign, and it raised over $100,000 US dollars!

Introducing The EC Accelerate Program

Over the years the team at Enter China has created an accelerator program called “Enter China (EC) Accelerate”.

This is an intensive, hands on program with the founders as a coaching program to learn more and take action in launching your own physical product.

Why Join The Enter China Community?

In Enter China, you will not be lost because you are not alone.

Across 26 countries, there are more than 300 people who came together and built a community. These 300 people came together to build products, brainstorm ideas, and challenge each other. In total of their efforts, they have built businesses worth more than $100 million US dollars!

When you talk to the EC Accelerate team about signing up for the package, tell them you read the Global From Asia review for special perks!


A Massive Game Changer

EC Accelerate was a massive game changer in so many ways. My co-founder and I were learning as we went, taking an old school approach to figuring out how to launch a business ourselves as this wasn't our first entrepreneurial venture. We spent the better half of a year's worth of time and energy on our own. As we neared our campaign with a few months to go, we realized the importance of having access to a proven process to the preparation work that goes into building a strong, premium brand from day one. When we mapped out our pre-launch strategy, we decided to invest in EC Accelerate to validate and refine our process to make sure we didn't miss critical steps. EC Accelerate has the most complete framework in the world, and EC is on a mission to guide founders to successfully launching and scaling their business as long as you're willing to put in the work to make it happen. We ultimately ended up far exceeding our target and selling nearly $40,000 worth of Brutal Buddha shorts in our first month. We'll take Brutal Buddha Gear to the next level with the process we learned in EC Accelerate. #NamasteBrutal -Evan Tate, Co-Founder, Brutal Buddha
- Evan Tate

A TRUE & HONEST REVIEW from someone in the

It was hard for me to make money online and I was mostly drop-shipping products. My biggest concern was how to get TRAFFIC THAT BOUGHT STUFF to my website. As a veteran software developer, making the websites and installing plugins was no problem, but what good is a pretty website that gets no traffic and doesn't sell? I also wanted to learn how to create my OWN brand and product, so I would not be subject to the whims of my drop shipper. Also my drop shipper would constantly ship lower end products that resulted in refunds and ruined my brand, it was a nightmare. I needed coaching from someone who was PROVEN to be successful, not blow smoke up my tailpipe, had walked the walk and could actually help me. I decided to enroll. Yes, the program is expensive, but I knew it would be. The big question is: "Is it worth it"? The answer... *IS YES*. Here's my FULL and HONEST review: In phase 0 you're instructed on how to create a product. My desire was to create a really complicated tech product, because that's what I knew as a software developer - but with their sage wisdom, I was persuaded to build... "A Cool Fanny Pack''. Seriously? I mean, seriously! It was one of the 5 products I thought up in Phase 0 where everyone starts. I put it down only because I wear a fanny pack, and have it considerably tweaked out. It turns out a "Cool Fanny Pack '' is a lot easier to build than a 7 piece touch screen computer... go figure. In the following phases of the course, you are instructed on how to VALIDATE the idea with their proprietary research process and templates. I learned SO much about my product here: Where it fits into the market and what 'niches' exist (Note: I did not clearly understand what Niche was until EC). I found the LOCATION of where people talk about my non-existent product. Once you build this huge list, you're a lot more aware of where your product idea may or may not fit into the market. Now before I go on, make no mistake: If you do not do the work, you will *NOT* be successful. It is work, make no mistake -- but isn't that kind of what you're looking for? Continuing on with the program phases, you are taught how to build a proper website and to really capture a sale. I refer to this part of the program as "THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" because, if you only knew them, you'd be successful. My eyes were only beginning to open to these inner secrets of e-commerce sales... With my website complete (https://DADDiSHOP.com for your perusal) it was time to LAUNCH. Launch isn't cheap. You have to spend money on marketing. EC Shows you how to most effectively start marketing, and again, they truly have "SECRETS" that really should have been obvious to me (and may be to you). Over 3 days, I continued to hone my marketing campaign, and my website was... WORKING. This was the exact solution I entered into the EC Accelerate program to solve. So without even going in to the final module of their framework -- that initial problem and reason I came here for is solved. Now I'm about ready to launch(and you don't have to, but seriously, these guys have at the moment something like 80 out of 80 crowdfunding campaigns successfully funded not to mention the private launches they do with founders who don't want to crowdfund! The most recent is over $100,000... Seriously!). Isn't this the dream? The amount of information jammed into this course is overwhelming. There is a lot of work to do. It is not a "5 simple tricks to success", it is a high end program, I thank my lucky stars these guys put together. We have a private Facebook group for EC members, new people arrive all the time. I'm grouped with 3 other people at the moment who are launching at the same time, we compare notes and jump on Zoom calls to share screens, results, and do peer review. Next week nine of us are meeting up in Toronto! (Pending Coronavirus limitations...). So look, if you've made it this far in the review, I think you're likely a candidate. EC Accelerate opened my eyes and filled in every question I had, and now I have DADDi as a result. You will have to work your butt off, for real. You will be confused, frustrated and have questions - but it is ALL there in the course content. I am a slow learner, it takes forever for lessons to stick, I do rather poorly in my academics -- but here I am, with a brand and product, DOING IT. Without EC, I would be where I was a few months ago... blind and in a state of darkness. 😉 Come on over and check out REAL results at https://DADDiShop.com and see what results Enter China can deliver! -Andy
- Andrew Normore

Great community

Before I started with EC Accelerate, I struggled to build my own business. I tried to do dropshipping and even bought small inventories of products I never sold through. After I joined, I followed their step-by-step framework to launch my own watch brand. The framework isn't the "prettiest" in terms of how it looks. The program is focused on results for their founders. It kept me on track with simple (but not easy) to follow steps. The most amazing thing for me was that I got to join a Facebook community with all members of the program! Being in a group of +500 like-minded founders really motivates me. I recently launched my first Kickstarter campaign (Ignite Watches) with a product from scratch and sold over $12K in my first 2 weeks and I'm excited to grow my company with the fundamentals the EC Accelerate framework taught me. -Nathan
- Nathan Verduyn

Enter China: Helping Founders Scale Their Business Through EC Accelerate
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