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ShipRocket: Simplifies Your E-commerce Shipping Experience

ShipRocket strikes the right balance between price and convenience as it allows you to focus on keeping your customers happy through its all-in-one platform for all your e-commerce shipping needs. Reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative, the company simplifies e-commerce for merchants by saving them time, money, and lets them focus on their core business.

Get to Know More about ShipRocket

ShipRocket is India’s best logistics software, offering automated shipping solutions. Through it, clients can ship anywhere in India and abroad with the help of leading courier companies and at reasonably discounted rates. Since the time it was established in 2012, the company has acquired 15,000 happy clients with about 20,000 daily shipments.

How It Works

The platform needs you to do only four easy steps which make it hassle-free!

  • Choose your shipment

The first step is to import all your orders with the automated channel sync and select the shipment.

  • Select a courier partner

Depending on your requirement, select a courier partner.

  • Pack and ship

Prepare and pack your orders, print the labels, and turn them over to your chosen courier partner.

  • Track

You can track your order and keep your customers updated through SMS and email notifications.

ShipRocket’s Features

Recommendation Engine

Any merchant may have a hard time choosing the right courier partner given the impact it can make on delivery time, customer satisfaction, reverse pickup, as well as shipping cost. With ShipRocket’s recommendation engine, you will be able to choose the ideal courier partner for your shipment depending on your order’s pickup and delivery locations.

The platform will do a comparative analysis of the different courier partners on file and will give ratings on them after evaluating the couriers’ performance on several parameters including cash-on-delivery (COD) remittance, return to origin (RTO), pickup-up performance, as well as delivery performance.

International Shipping

ShipRocket allows you to take your business anywhere in the world. With the company’s courier partners, clients can now reach an international audience without any hassle. You can ship all your orders easily by just using one platform, which means that you can also track the current status of your shipment using the same.

Automated Shipping Solution

ShipRocket provides an automated shipping solution to help streamline bulk shipment processes. With features like automated label generation, marketplace store sync, and pickup request as the merchant, all you have to think about is getting more bulk orders.

Prepaid and COD Services

Encourage more customers to purchase from your online store by providing a wider variety of payment options. With ShipRocket’s prepaid and COD payment method, merchants get to cater to those consumers who prefer to pay in cash or prepay.

Sales Channel and Courier Integrations

ShipRocket integrates directly with the following sales channels:

ShipRocket provides a substantial list of courier partners for you to choose from depending on your order’s pin code as the minimum price. Its current courier integrations include the following:

  1. Aramex
  2. Delhivery
  3. Ecom Express
  4. FedEx
  5. UPS

The platform also enables the merchant to set priority shipping when using any of the couriers.

Meet Shiprocket’s Team

A product of Big Foot Retail, Shiprocket is the brainchild of Sahil Goel, Gautam Kapoor, and Vyshesh Khurana. Sahil, the tech guru behind the company, remains passionate about technology and looks forward to finding new ideas to simplify e-commerce for Indian merchants.

Gautam is the creative brain behind Shiprocket and brings in an immense knowledge in business-to-business sales and logistics. Vyshesh comes up with customer insights as well as other marketing requirements that are needed by Indian merchants in shipping and e-commerce.

Alongside the three founders is a workforce of more than 50 young and talented people who helps with the constant growth of the company. Aside from working hard, the team believes in creating a fun and no-drama workplace.

How Much Will it Cost You?

Shiprocket offers a variety of plans suited for every business need. Below is the price list with the corresponding minimum signup period and the indicative shipping price:

Each plan comes with the following inclusions:

Choose Shiprocket

Shiprocket helps you grow your e-commerce business while reducing cost. With just a single platform, you will be able to manage multi-channel orders and ship with ease. Its reasonable prices and straightforward process on how you can maximize the use of the platform makes it a good deal.

Whether you are a social seller, or you own a shop or a marketplace seller, or even a high volume shipper, the company can provide e-commerce shipping and logistics solutions for various enterprises of any scale.  Feel free to visit their website and sign up today!


Worst Company on this Planet

Pathetic service, they take international shipments and return after 5-6 days. We get charged for both side. Shiprocket team keep assuring but nothing happens.
- Tarun

Worst Company on this Planet

Pathetic service, they take international shipments and return after 5-6 days. We get charged for both side. Shiprocket team keep assuring but nothing happens.
- Tarun

ShipRocket: Simplifies Your E-commerce Shipping Experience
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