About GFA Reviews

Our GFA (Global From Asia) reviews section came in response from 2 sides:

Our readers asking us for recommendations on which products or services that stood out from others in the industry.

Service providers and software companies providing solutions to our audience asking us to give them an honest reviews.

So – here it is – our dedicated reviews portal on Global From Asia!

##How does it work?
Not rocket science here – basically, we have a team inside GFA who has the responsibility to find relevant software and service providers and write up an honest review – as well as how to guide – for that system.

I know what you’re thinking – especially “TIC” (This is China) – how can you trust these reviews are real and genuine?

Well, we are going to do our best to focus on the how to side of the software and system – and then at the end give our unbiased feedback on it.

But here is another way

##Leave Your Own Comments and Feedback on the Review
We are also giving you your chance to leave a review on that software or service. Just like a normal blog post, you can hop on over and give your review of the product or service we are discussing in that post.

Actually -we encourage this kind of feedback. It is part of building a global community of cross border business enthusiasts – and your honest report and feedback will help us a lot.

##This Could Evolve To Something More
The idea is – start small and see how this goes. So it has the basic functions of a normal blog – just dedicated to product reviews. We can expand it to be more custom – with 5 star reviews and ratings from the general public.

Step by step – we just want to test the market response to this review platform and see where it takes us.

##Have a Product or Service You Want Us To Review?
Interested in having us review something in the market?

Great – this is what we’re trying to do!

If you have a product or service – RELEVANT – to what Global From Asia is about – namely – China business, Hong kong business – a lot of times in banking or VPN, Amazon FBA, product sourcing, – what we are calling cross border business industry – then let’s talk!

Submit this form and get the conversation going!

If you would like to write the review and have it published here, state that in the form as well. Or if you’d like us to review it, both work. Again, we are experimenting – but our top focus is providing helpful feedback for our readers and audience in the space of cross border ecommerce and international business.

Reviews in the works:

Banking & Finance:
Free Financial Self

EComm Island PH