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YunExpress Thailand

In the ever-expanding world of eCommerce, businesses across the globe seek seamless and cost-effective solutions to navigate the complexities of international shipping. Among the leading players in the logistics landscape, YunExpress Thailand emerges as a formidable force, revolutionizing the way businesses approach global distribution.  As a branch of the renowned Chinese logistics company YunExpress, this service has quickly risen to … Read More

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Casia Cross Better Logistics

Casia Cross Better Logistics

Logistics has always been a challenging endeavor. Its many intricacies are better left to the experts. Since the pandemic started though, logistics has been more difficult than ever. Companies have had to scramble to find new ways to get their products to their customers. This has been especially difficult for companies that rely on international shipping. Casia Crossbetter Logistics has … Read More

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DocShipper: Your Import/Export Assistant for Sourcing, Logistics, and 3PL

DocShipper is based on a – unique – business model challenging the archaic logistics methods & facilitating the purchase of goods worldwide.  With the experience of the founders in international trade, they are redefining international logistics & procurement for SMEs and corporations. With the vision of shaking up an industry that got stuck in the pre-digital era, technology is one … Read More

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Superton Technology: Logistics Solution From China to the World

eCommerce is quickly becoming weaved into the fabric of society. Purchasing and selling items online is a practice that is steadily being picked up by more and more people. For those who operate in eCommerce or want to start, one of the most important aspects is the logistics of it all. This is doubly important when it comes to cross-border … Read More

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ShipItDone 3PL Warehouse: Amazon FBA & E-Commerce Beyond

If there is one thing that lies at the heart of any successful business, it is efficiency. If your supply chain can’t handle the variety of fulfillment that you need or can’t scale, this can set your online business back by months, if not years! Each time you move stock, you incur costs and the potential for damage. Selling on … Read More

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Visichain Limited: Unlimited Opportunities for Supply Chain Management

Have you ever wondered how goods and products travel around the world and come into your hands? Clothes, smartphones, laptops, and pretty much everything else we can buy. How do goods travel from production to the store where consumers will eventually purchase them?  This is all thanks to a force that is mostly invisible to us consumers. It is called … Read More

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FBAchiever for Amazon Sellers

FBAchiever provides documentation support for receiving, warehousing, and delivery of your products to the Amazon Fulfillment center of your choice. Along with counting your items, they will work with each individual order to ensure your products meet the specifications your manufacturer and shipper have documented. FBAchiever includes e-mail support and is easy to reach as well as contact for any … Read More

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Journey To Creating a Logistics Business: WANBEXPRESS

Know more about WANBEXPRESS Logistics and how it was brought to reality by one of its founders, Michelle Zhou. Be inspired by the story of their struggles and their growth into what it is known now today. Get a peek of their facility through the video tour with Global From Asia’s Mike Michelini.

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SINO Shipping: Your End-to-end Logistics Solution

A very crucial aspect of any eCommerce business that is operating globally is logistics – how to deliver your products from your suppliers or manufacturers to your customers from all over the world. If you have long been in the eCommerce industry then for sure you may have or are sourcing your products in the manufacturing haven, China.  Then, you … Read More

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ShipRocket: Simplifies Your E-commerce Shipping Experience

ShipRocket strikes the right balance between price and convenience as it allows you to focus on keeping your customers happy through its all-in-one platform for all your e-commerce shipping needs. Reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative, the company simplifies e-commerce for merchants by saving them time, money, and lets them focus on their core business. ShipRocket is India’s best logistics software, offering … Read More

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uParcel: Your Easiest Way To Deliver!

If you are looking for a capable and efficient way to deliver, then uParcel is the one that you are looking for! With its easy to use features, affordable and reliable deliveries, you won’t have any doubts that uParcel can help you with your package, giving you a worry-free transaction. uParcel, founded in 2015, is a leading logistics and warehouse … Read More

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Source From Asia: Your Sourcing Agency for Your Smart Business

Finding a sourcing agency is hard, and Source From Asia is the answer to your business needs. With its years of experience, strong team and proven suppliers, Source From Asia can help you run your business, smartly. The company is an English sourcing agency based in Guangdong, China. It’s your one-stop shop to help you in incorporating your designs, developing, … Read More

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1ShipDirect: Shipments Made Easier in Different Locations Worldwide!

In doing business especially for e-commerce, their role is important. They offer B2C services to deliver items at your customers’ door. Offering their top-notch services, it will now be easier to ship items from suppliers or sellers to customers. 1shipdirect offers their services not just in Asia but, in other continents too like the United Kingdom, the United States, and … Read More

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Easy China Warehouse

Looking for a warehouse in South China for your Amazon FBA or e-commerce business? Check out Easy China Warehouse today.

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PSSChina: The Best Sourcing Solution for your Team!

If you do not know, PSSChina recruits, hires, trains, and manages dedicated teams based in China on behalf of their international clients. Those teams that are based on offices focus more on the supply chain management. Meanwhile, the teams that are based on the warehouses manufactures, assembles, packages, and inspects the complaint facility. You would know that PSSChina is the … Read More

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infinitegroup asia logo

InfiniteGroup Asia: Providing Speed, Quality and Transparency

It is quite impossible and hard to sell a product especially if it is your first time trying to venture into such business. Well, you don’t have to worry, with Infinite Group Asia, they can help you sell your products with a simple joint venture that they have created! Infinite Group Asia started as an aluminum and glass distributor. It … Read More

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SF express logo

SF Express: Delivering to your every expectation!

When choosing a delivery service, you not only look for a convenient, fast and reliable service but also someone you can trust. SF Express takes your trust very seriously. You can ensure your package is delivered on time, accurate and safe. GFA TV has featured SF Express on the video series – Check out the SF Express TV here. Established … Read More

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brinc logo

Brinc: Build, Connect, Grow, and Accelerate Your Business

Brinc accelerator is a world-leading acceleration program wherein an investment is done to the best teams. The program is focused on different stages. There are four structures in the program: You do not need to worry about the product you have that has been fully designed, it can be manufactured now by the help of Brinc. Moreover, Brinc can help … Read More

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Enter China

Enter China: Helping Founders Scale Their Business Through EC Accelerate

Notice For Those Opting In For Special Offer If you are signing up for the EC Accelerate program, when asking for the GFA (Michael Michelini) discount, be sure to email beforehand so that we can better help your case. Our customer service specialists will assist in the negotiations and your review of the program Did you know that 95 … Read More

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LeelineSourcing – Your Trusted Sourcing Partner in China

Importing is one of the oldest businesses that existed, yet hard to maintain. Importing is easy as long as you have found a capable sourcing company to help you with your needs. Good thing, Leeline Sourcing is more than willing to help you with your business needs. Not only that, LeelineSourcing does not settle with one solution for all, preferably, … Read More

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SourceFindAsia: Find the Right Trustworthy Suppliers!

For over a decade, SourceFindAsia have their own strategy in solving the problems encountered. They will help you find a top quality supplier that brings your business to its highest performance. More than that, they also provide consultation services regarding the needs of your business. The Amazon FBA is difficult to comprehend, we all know that. You have to deal … Read More

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Insight Quality logo

Insight Quality: Guides and Promises a Quality Product

There are common problems we face in our overseas operation, some experience quality issues from their factory, others have a failed social audits that affected their shippable status. Some owners also need a quick implementation of corrective action plans to set their operation right, and others lack backup suppliers when there is an overwhelming number of orders. The list goes … Read More

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ShipMonk: Personally fulfilling your business needs!

Maintaining a business is hard, and ShipMonk is here to provide the most personal fulfillment for your business needs. With its top-notch inventory management and order management system, ShipMonk can make it more comfortable and stress-free for your shipping. Jan Bednar, CEO of ShipMonk, started the company from his dorm room. With his entrepreneurial instinct, what started out as small … Read More

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floship logo

Floship: Shipping and Logistics Solution

Floship takes an exemplary care to those business who operates with international shipments. They provide an end-to-end shipping and logistics solutions. They offer a simplified shipping with a complete peace of mind, an extensive integration that leads an e-commerce platforms, a comprehensive dashboard, and ships worldwide at a competitive rate. If you need an international shipment, Floship is the smart … Read More

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EasyShip logo

EasyShip: Easiest WorldWide Shipping Platform

EasyShip empowers the eCommerce entrepreneurs with their solution by worldwide shipping. It is their mission to break the barrier of international eCommerce. They believe that whether a big business or a small business should have the capability to send worldwide. They offer round the clock service to provide the best shipping solutions. It constantly updates, cuts edge, and it is … Read More

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forest shipping

Forest Shipping: How Does It Work?

Forest Shipping is a Chinese freight-forwarding and shipping company that was founded in 2010 by Forest Zhang. Its main business is to provide professional customized logistics services to Amazon FBA sellers. Forest Shipping handles labelling, inspection, packing, processing and shipping products to Amazon Warehouse. It’s basically a one-stop solution for FBA sellers. It has a worldwide network and can ship … Read More

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