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InfiniteGroup Asia: Providing Speed, Quality and Transparency

It is quite impossible and hard to sell a product especially if it is your first time trying to venture into such business. Well, you don’t have to worry, with Infinite Group Asia, they can help you sell your products with a simple joint venture that they have created!

More About Infinite Group Asia

Infinite Group Asia started as an aluminum and glass distributor. It began on June 29, 2016, in Miami, Florida and the Hong Kong corporation on September 16, 2016. Now, they have businesses in several different countries like Vietnam, China, and Singapore with a diverse range of sectors including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Product Design And Development

Infinite Group Asia also has experienced when it comes to electronics, healthcare products, construction materials, and specialty liquors. Infinite Group Asia’s greatest asset is their experience and with their strategic locations in the vast array of different product services.

So, if you are looking for speed, quality, and transparency, you don’t have to look any further, Infinite Group Asia can cater to your business needs.

How Does Infinite Group Asia Works

Infinite Group Asia can help you to be successful in selling your products in China. As your partner, IGA, with all the strategic resources, licenses and services can assist you in increasing the sales of your current products by expanding your market into territories never explored before. IGA follow the following simple steps:

  • Analysis and Setting of Realistic Expectations
  • Develop and Customize your “Chinese Brand Face.”
  • Begin Market Presence: Register on Chinese Internet platforms, import/export, and logistics
  • Active Sales: Chinese CRM and digital promotional platforms.
  • Trademark, Patent, and Register your product and idea.
  • Set up distribution channels.
  • Provide and manage essential Chinese social media platforms.

IGA can help you infiltrate China and assist you to understand how the market works.

#Infinite Group Asia’s Services and Features

Supply Chain Management

With extensive experience in plastics, metals, composites, electronics, paper products, construction tools, and healthcare products, IGA drew their manufacturing experience from a wide range of engineering discipline.

IGA assess each project and select the most suitable facility based on quantities and target prices. Once that is settled, IGA will work with the factory undertaking a full project management service and will report to their customers for any issues or concerns.

Product Development in China

IGA is proud in their ability to take practically any inkling at any stage in its development, from concept to technical evaluation and providing the client with a fully developed design regardless of its purpose at a fraction of the cost that other western based company offers.

IGAs experienced team can help you develop plans, product solutions, and technical drawings on a consultancy basis wherein you still retain full rights and ownership of the design and all information under a strict confidentiality agreement that cover IGA and potential future manufacturers of the product.

Quality Control

IGA’s QC Services adjust to your timing and purchasing flow of goods. IGA offers a range of inspection services to meet the needs of companies that have products manufactured in China. Understanding the importance of ensuring goods checked throughout the process. IGA can help you with a single or complete end-to-end inspection.

Whatever services that you require, IGA can provide you written reports with images within 48 hours of completing the task. The capability of the supplier is a crucial factor for the success of your project, and IGA only works with reputable factories that have passed the verification process.

Supplier and Product Sourcing

It is a risky business if you source from Asia. It may also seem impossible to find a reliable supplier. IGA’s sourcing team can help assess and select the most suitable supplier that will meet your needs. With IGA, you will have your experienced group in China, who will make sure that your orders are in good shape without the issue of common problems.

With a database of established suppliers in China, IGA will know who is dependable and will use the data you provide to find which establishment best suit your needs. They can do this within a short period and can give you info regarding the ability of the suppliers with photos and samples of evaluation.

IGA’s Team

IGA, headed by Santiago Munoz, consists of a dedicated and hardworking team of engineers, inspectors, and designers to support you through the entire process of your transaction.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Infinite Group Asia or IGA has many services to offer. They are flexible in their approach, and typically they operate within one of the four of the following structures in regards to their functions:

  • Option A or the Diamond Service Plan

In this plan, IGA acts as the supplier for the production through an IGA sourced and verified supplier. They offer a closed price for goods inclusive of the full IGA service package. IGA will process all contracts, order payments, and communications.

  • Option B or the Platinum Service Plan

IGA will overlay the above Black Supply Solution service package over an existing supplier for an agreed margin percentage per product. Payments for the goods can either continue via factory direct or processed through IGA.

If required, direct factory communications may remain, and you can strip off the service package back to only cover specific project elements or quality checks. Typically, the service fee range between 3-10% depending on the following:

    • Service Requirements
    • Product Complexity
    • Factory location
    • Length of Contract
    • Order Quantity
  • Option C or the Gold Service Plan

This plan can include project management, related services, facility audits, quality control inspection or quality assurance activities. IGA will be the one to undertake specific tasks on day by day basis billing for time and related services. The IGA rate standard for QC engineer or PM is around $250/day (8-10 hours) all inclusive for activities within the following regions:

Zhuhai HQ

Guangdong Province







Zhejiang Province





Jiangsu Province





Shandong Province


Any factory outside of these regions will be subject to direct expense charges billed at cost.

  • Option D or the Silver Plan

The services rendered are the same with the Gold Pan. However, you will commit to a long-term person-day requirement set to a minimum of the number of days per month. It will run over a 6-12 month period or time commitment. It can enable IGA to apply a discount to the standard rate charge.

Choose Infinite Group Asia

Infinite Group Asia can help you be successful in China by ensuring your products are in good hands without you spending too much! Having an experienced team, you may feel like you are on the actual site overseeing your product getting to the correct suppliers. You can visit their page and sign up now!



InfiniteGroup Asia: Providing Speed, Quality and Transparency
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