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PSSChina: The Best Sourcing Solution for your Team!

PSSChina: PassageMaker China, is it for you?

If you do not know, PSSChina recruits, hires, trains, and manages dedicated teams based in China on behalf of their international clients. Those teams that are based on offices focus more on the supply chain management. Meanwhile, the teams that are based on the warehouses manufactures, assembles, packages, and inspects the complaint facility.

You would know that PSSChina is the best fit for you if the project you will have is stable, needs at least one full time person that is based in China, and the order takes almost over $100,000 annually.

Why is it best to outsource with PSSChina?

The cost in the US and in China has a big difference! The hourly rate in the United States is around $37.29 per hour, that is the labor rate invoiced to the customers of an ordinary US-based assembly factory. Meanwhile, in China it is only $2.29 per hour only. The workers in the United States earn $90,558 annually, that does not still include bonus and benefits. However, with PPSChina, your entire team can earn the same amount of money!

What are the services of PSSChina?

PSSChina uses its maximum advantage in China-based infrastructures, to recruit, employ, train, and manage the dedicated teams based in China, the following services are given:

  • China savvy management
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols (SOPs)
  • Business templates
  • Quality systems (ISO complaint)
  • Space (warehouse, assembly center and office)
  • Full licensing (import-export rights and VAT rebates processing)

PSSChina and its 4 Point Cost Structure


Manpower is divided into support staff (SS) and factory staff (FS). Both of its mandatory benefits and salaries are directly invoiced from the cost. Now, what is the difference between the two?

Support Staff (SF) pertains to the team members of the client who are based in the office. They are responsible for managing the supply chains. Meanwhile, the Factory Staff (FS) are those team members of the client that were assigned

Rents and Utilities

The space rented and utilized for the warehouse, assembly center, dorm, and office are already invoiced from the costs. This is done in a transparent fashion.

Direct Expenses

PSSChina uses open book accounting for the bills of Logistics and Project Expenses, and The Bill of Material (BOM).

Passagemaker’s Service Fee

There are two categories for the PSSChina fee.

Infrastructure Fee

It costs 2,000 RMB or $289 for each dedicated team member per month. The minimum monthly charge should reach up to 13,800 RMB or $1,994.

Project Management Fee

Managed by Client” (MbC) Option

This option gives you (the client) the will to directly manage the day-to-day activities of the support staff and factory staff. The project management fee is not charged.

Managed by PassageMaker” (MbP) Option

The option gives you (the client) the decision to assign PassageMaker to supervise the day-to day activities of the support staff and factory staff. However, in this option there is a small commission depending on the size of the project to be applied to the value of the goods and services coordinated by the management of PassageMaker. The minimum monthly management is 15,275 RMB or $2272.

Why PSSChina?

PSSChina is the right source solution for you. They provide a comprehensive and customized service fit for their clients. They perfectly provide the needed outsource solution.


PSSChina: The Best Sourcing Solution for your Team!
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