ShipMonk: Personally fulfilling your business needs!

Maintaining a business is hard, and ShipMonk is here to provide the most personal fulfillment for your business needs. With its top-notch inventory management and order management system, ShipMonk can make it more comfortable and stress-free for your shipping.

Get to Know More about ShipMonk

Jan Bednar, CEO of ShipMonk, started the company from his dorm room. With his entrepreneurial instinct, what started out as small favors and messages in Facebook turned into a sustainable business for Jan Bednar, who was voted to Forbes 30 under 30 for 2018.

ShipMonk is the fastest growing logistics company, which has increased from $100K in 2014 to on pace to hit $25M in 2018. With what started out at a dorm room now has become one of the trusted logistics company.

ShipMonk has now grown and expanded and has locations in Florida, Southern California and the Czech Republic.

ShipMonk’s Services and Feature

MultiChannel eCommerce Fulfillment

ShipMonk’s does not only provide reliable and efficient shipping. With their order fulfillment services supported by advanced management software, you can trust that all of your orders are managed and shipped correctly.

Retail Service Fulfillment

ShipMonk also integrates with B2B and B2C platform for you to be able to sell directly to retailers when the opportunity arises, making ShipMonk a valuable partner to help you strategize and execute your retail fulfillment.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

ShipMonk also offers subscription box fulfillment, for those who are interested in the subscription box platform, which helps you save money on your shipping. Working with these successful subscription box companies, ShipMonk put their experiences and their knowledge of the business eliminating your shipping doubts and worries.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

ShipMonk is also an expert at crowdfunding fulfillment. They can fulfill Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns. With proprietary inventory management software gives each of the clients full control of the fulfillment process. What is the best part? The software integrates automatically with your crowdfunding sites, so the setup is pretty much quick and straightforward.

Amazon FBA Prep Services

ShipMonk also has a thriving business with Amazon, so that companies can get their products ready for fulfillment. With taking advantage of the FBA service by Amazon, you can avail of Amazon Prime Membership, and other perks like free shipping offer if you order through Amazon. ShipMonk always meet the FBA requirements 100% of the time.


With great features to support its services, ShipMonk takes the upper hand of an automated order fulfillment service to ensure you an efficient and accurate picking and packing. ShipMonk does not believe in charging for unused services so you will only pay for what you have shipped.

One more thing to look forward to ShipMonk is that their cost and flexible shipping. With ShipMonk’s extensive and professional network within the shipping industry, they were able to provide “Best in Class ” service with the help of the most reliable carriers. With ShipMonk sharing their discounts they get from these carriers, you and your customers can get to enjoy it which gives you control over your shipping costs.

What are some of the Integrations of ShipMonk

You can forget about the manual order input. ShipMonk integrates directly into your shopping cart and downloads orders for on-time fulfillment. ShipMonk integrates with more than 150 shopping carts and marketplaces which again ShipMonk is staying true to their words to make it easier for you to transact all your business priorities.

Amazon Integration

With the integration of Amazon to ShipMonk, it will be better and faster for you to send those items out.


ShipMonk has direct Shopify integration which means that there are no more importing orders.


Many people are using Cratejoy as their platform to sell. With the help of ShipMonk, it will help entrepreneurs to sell their items efficiently.


Begin your shopping experience with WooCommerce. A lot of us are into online shopping; you don’t need to worry, ShipMonk will help you in delivering those purchased goods in a jiffy!

How Does Integration Works?

ShipMonk will make the shipping hassle-free. Integrating your store with the ShipMonk’s platform, we’ll connect the store so that the orders placed will sync automatically to the ShipMonk’s order portal. The requests will still undergo a series of “checks” to ensure that the application is valid. Once validated, ShipMonk will fulfill those shipments and push the tracking number to your marketplace and customer will get an email and they can track it using the carrier’s website.

In this way, it will create a more systematic and organized shipment, limiting any flaws or mistakes for the delivered products.

ShipMonk’s Happiness Engineers

They are our hardworking and diligent frontline. ShipMonk gives dedicated happiness engineer to every new client so that they can always support them with every query. What separates ShipMonk’s support system is the values that they have.

Our Happiness Engineers look after each client, whether you have a small or big business, with the utmost care. They are friendly, can multi-task, tech-savvy, pro-active, and are shipping expert so that all problems can be solved. What is important here is that they listen to all of your concerns and questions, which means that they can provide you with better solutions.

How Much Will it Cost You?

It depends on what services you will avail of ShipMonk. Here is the list of the prices:


You need to identify first to be able to determine your pick fees and your storage requirement fees.

Storage Fees

Account for One-Off Cost

Here are some of the additional tasks that ShipMonk can assist with their corresponding fees.

Subscription Box

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Retail Service Fulfillment

It is being calculated based on the weight and number of items.

Choose ShipMonk

With ShipMonk, you do not need to worry about a thing. With it’s easy to follow steps and cost-efficient prices, this is a good deal. ShipMonk is also perfect for small to medium-sized companies looking to outsource fulfillment. Aside from these, they have the ever-reliable Happy Engineers to help you. You can visit their page and sign-up now!

More reasons to choose ShipMonk

  • ShipMonk is the fastest growing logistics company, having grown from $100k in 2014 to on pace for $20MM in 2018.
  • ShipMonk is perfect for small to medium sized companies looking to outsource fulfillment
  • ShipMonk’s inventory management and order management system is top-notch.
  • ShipMonk is also an expert at crowdfunding fulfillment. They can fulfill Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns.
  • ShipMonk also has a thriving FBA prep business, so that companies can get their products ready for fulfillment by Amazon.
  • ShipMonk has locations in Florida, Southern California, and the Czech Republic.
  • ShipMonk gives a dedicated happiness engineer to every new client so that they can always be supported.
  • ShipMonk offers subscription box fulfillment for those interested in subscription box platforms.
  • Jan Bednar, CEO of ShipMonk, started the company from his dorm room and was voted to Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2018.



- Marianne Dayap

ShipMonk: Personally fulfilling your business needs!
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