Easy China Warehouse

Global E-Commerce Fulfillment Directly From China

Shenzhen China boarders Hong Kong, the world’s largest air-freight hub. Having our warehouse headquartered here enables fast world-wide shipping at lower prices than Hong Kong based fulfillment centers.

We only charge for 3 things in in the fulfillment process: storage, pick & pack, and shipping. We keep billing simple and straightforward.

By ensuring your logistics are handled by our world class American management team, we provide you with the trust and peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Internet Marketer Shipping Services

  1.  Low cost shipping lanes for “Free plus shipping” offers
  2. Print on Demand:  Utilize our manufacturing partner network and take advantage of customized Print on Demand apparel with an MOQ of 1 for each design
  3. Product testing:  Have us help you procure products from Chinese local online marketplaces, so that you can test the market to find winning products.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

We can ship to your backers no matter where they are in the world. Our shipment services can reach any country in the world.

We provide final destination tracking so you can confirm your backers have received your product

No matter how small or large your campaign we can provide shipping turnaround within 24 hours of receiving your products

Value Added Services

Easy China Warehouse can enhance your customers experience with value added services such as:

  1. Marketing inserts
  2. Branded packaging
  3. Quality Inspection
  4. Product Sourcing support


Easy China Warehouse
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