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SourceFindAsia: Find the Right Trustworthy Suppliers!

For over a decade, SourceFindAsia have their own strategy in solving the problems encountered. They will help you find a top quality supplier that brings your business to its highest performance.

More than that, they also provide consultation services regarding the needs of your business.

The Amazon FBA Services of SourceFindAsia

The Amazon FBA is difficult to comprehend, we all know that. You have to deal with competitors who tries to counterfeit your products. Thus, SourceFindAsia is here to help. They have their own FBA services that can avoid putting your product into waste.

Sampling Service

In their sampling service, you will save up to a thousand of dollars through combining all of your products in a single package. The cheapest rate for this service is about $99 and an additional fee for the expenses, the service includes up to 10 samples. Meanwhile, you can opt for $159 and an additional expenses for up to 15 samples.

How does this service work? Go to their office at Mainland China to safely and quickly receive the samples that you need. A quality check and consultation also awaits for you there. Moreover, you will be introduced to an experienced FBA freight forwarder.

Sourcing Reports and Samples

SourceFindAsia is not a fan of miscommunication and business implosions. You can avoid this misfortune by getting the sourcing reports and samples package. They will provide a detailed information regarding the potential suppliers. This service package is highly recommended for those business owners who does not want to travel a long way to China.

They will provide the best factories that qualifies based on your products and communicate to them your needs. The samples can be claimed at their office in Mainland China to provide an hour of consultation with you. Moreover, they can ship the best samples to provide a detailed information. Moreover, this package includes an introduction to an experienced FBA freight forwarder and a 30% discount on their professional product photos service.

Product Photos

You do not have to worry, save your money and time! SourceFindAsia can provide you quality professional product photos. How much does this service will cost you?

If you need 2 to 5 photos, you will be charged for $22 per photo. Meanwhile, $18 for each photo is charged for 6 to 9 photos. However, 10 to 15 photos is cheaper because it will only cost you $14 for each photo.

The product photos service of SourceFindAsia is inclusive for plain backgrounds and shipping fee. If you wish to have a model and scenario for your product photos, there will be an additional fee.

Sourcing Reports Service of SourceFindAsia

In this competitive world of marketing, you can never trust easily. When you unknowingly choose the wrong factory for your business, it will ruin your product launch. The hard earned trust you had from your customers is easily destroyed. Thus, SourceFindAsia saves the day.

Their sourcing reports contains updated, accurate, and detailed reports and recommendations of the best factories fit for your product. You will have a peace of mind because you know that the research was thoroughly and correctly made.


SourceFindAsia: Find the Right Trustworthy Suppliers!
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