Tips & Tricks During Your China Sourcing Endeavors w/ Manuel Becvar

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Happy mid January everyone. I’m waiting til the latest time possible to record today’s intro – thinking maybe I’ll have my second kid in time, but nope, still waiting…. jeez on the edge of my seat here, by next show baby Maggie should be here.

So I am excited to announce, we’ll be moving back to having the Global From Asia podcast weekly instead of every other week. We had a meetup at the HK office last week and Chris from Zhuhai said he is losing track as its throwing him off, plus others have mentioned it too….we have so many amazing interviews already recorded may as well ship em faster – so hope you guys can keep up!

And I have partnered up w/ Wilson Blue for the Cross Border Summit on April 16th, he’ll be co-organizing the event with me – he was on a couple shows talking about selling on Amazon USA direct from China. I’m excited to be working with him, and if you want to grab your early bird tickets they’re at

Ok enough of the chit chat – this week we have Manuel from Import giving us some tips and tricks for electronics sourcing in China – so listen in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Manuel

    A bit about his services.

  • How to get started sourcing

  • First step?

    Alibaba? Global Sources?

  • Sample process

    What happens when there is a hiccup?

  • Building business relationships

    How to build your relationship with the supplier?

  • Visiting suppliers

    When is the right time to visit the factory?

  • Best practices

    Best practices when doing a factory visit, times, customs.

  • Contract tips

    Tips on the contract .

  • Late production

    What to do when the production is late?

  • Case study

    Someone is stuck finding a supplier

  • Contact

    Ways people can reach out.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Event03
  • Wilson Blues podcast 1
  • Wilson Blues podcast 2
  • Crossborder Summit
  • Leave us a Review

Episode Length: 25:20

Thanks Manuel I wish this podcast was around back when I was sourcing ! If you guys enjoy it please send him a note and let him know, or buy some of his services on his site!

A friend and listener Arash was trying to leave an itunes review and said he had some tech issue, man, I would love that review! haven’t gotten one since November and I’m starving for one here. Every review counts and the apple itunes gods tell us that it helps us get found more on their search, so if you can take a few minutes to leave one, I’d appreciate that

So next week we have Rosemary Coates talking about reshoring manufacturing to America – a bit of the inverse of today, it was a fun one so catch you next week. And maybe I’ll have baby Maggie on the show too!

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