How Overseas Investors Can Tap Into the Hong Kong and Asia Startup Markets with Jay Kim

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This week, we are talking investment! It is a topic many people are always interested in getting into (myself included) and wondering how does it start. Especially here in Asia where – during my Wall Street days, it seemed so obscure and high risk.

So we bring on fellow podcaster and friend, Jay Kim, to the show. He is the host of the Jay Kim show, based in Hong Kong and an investor himself. He shares some of the mindset needed for investing, differences here in Asia, and more, enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Jay Kim

  • How did you get started as an investor?

    For those thinking about becoming an investor, what are some tips they should look at when starting out?

  • Hong Kong Market

    How is the Hong Kong startup market looking, from the perspective of a startup investor?

  • Do you need to be on the ground in HK or asia in order to tap into these deals?

  • Ways To Tap Market

    What are some ways overseas investors, say in USA or Europe, do to tap into this market?

  • Differences in the structures required to invest in HK

    Can you do it with a US company / fund? Do you need a HK company to do it?

  • Maintaining Portfolio

    Maintaining your portfolio, from abroad. Any tips? Or should there be a partner or trusted advisor on the ground where your investments are.

  • Investment

    How much does someone need to start investing in HK or Asia based startups in general? What are entrepreneurs looking for?

  • Case Studies

    Any case studies we can use to put all of this together?

  • Thanks Jay

    and you have an awesome podcast where you can help those interested in investing to follow along – what’s that website and what other ways can people keep in touch with what you’re unto

Thanks for coming on the show!

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Episode Length 44:18

Thank you, Jay! This is what I love about podcasting, making contacts and connecting others. Check out his podcast too at The Jay Kim Show and my interview there.

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