Announcing A New Kind Of Event – CBM – Cross Border Matchmaker

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The community here at Global From Asia loves events and connecting with each other. After our second Cross Border Summit this past April in Shenzhen- we had an overwhelming response to continue to do events and a demand to do the Cross Border Summit twice a year. The team felt that a summit twice a year would be too much and we have responded with a whole new type of event – called the Cross Border Matchmaker – with our first one this October – on Friday Oct 27, 2017 in the heart of the electronics market – Hua Qiang Bei – in the e-commerce center of the world – Shenzhen, China.

So What Is This CBM Thing – Cross Border Matchmaker?

Yes, more acronyms – ‘cuz hey – we’re in China and its easier to say CBM and CBS than the full name.

CBM = Cross Border Matchmaker

And we have spent months now internally working on the framework and format.

Matchmaking 3 Parts of an E-commerce Ecosystem

There are 3 parts of the e-commerce ecosystem – and they are:

  • E-commerce Seller (B2C) – the business who takes the products, lists them up on a marketplace or their own website, and sells them to the end consumer. We are focusing on the export (international) market for now, so these sellers will be those selling in the overseas markets such as USA and Europe.
  • Supplier of Products (Manufacturer, Brand Owner) – next up in the ecosystem is the person manufacturing the products. This can be the factory – or this can be the brand owner. This is the business who loves to design products and make new products. This business can also be an e-commerce seller – but we like to think they prefer to be a brand owner (supplier) or a seller when someone asks. A Supplier is looking for more e-commerce sellers to help build up their sales and distribution so that they can focus on making their products.
  • E-Commerce Platforms (Amazon, eBay, Shopify) – next is the system to help you sell your products. The elephant in the room for almost a decade now is Amazon – and Amazon FBA’s system – but we also have quite a number of other e-commerce marketplaces and platforms to help sellers move more product.

These are the 3 main parts of an e-commerce ecosystem – and these 3 types of businesses will be the ones speaking at this upcoming CBM – Cross Border Matchmaker.

You can also say there are other parts of an ecosystem such as investors, service providers, and consultant experts – but we feel the 3 mentioned above are the core “movements” in making a product sell in the world.

Differences of CBM and CBS

So what is the difference between our annual Cross Border Summit (CBS) and this new thingie here – CBM?

Main part is the matchmaker focuses on these 3 parts of the ecosystem (1) sellers (2) suppliers, and (3) platforms to “match” them together. It is less “educational” (but you will definitely learn from speeches from these 3 categories) and more “let’s make a deal” – we want the prepare those who are attending this CBM event to be ready for

Deal making.

When you come to this event, prepare to sign up for new products to sell (if you’re a seller), learn about new features in an e-commerce platform (if you’re a seller, or a supplier), and new sellers / distributors to cooperate with (if you’re a supplier).

Compared to the CBS – which does have this networking and deal making component built into it – but the CBM is a “pure play” and focus around connecting sellers, suppliers, and platforms in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Bring your business cards, strap on a QR code to your forehead, keep an open eye – and get ready to make some quality business relationships.

First Event Bringing Top E-Commerce Sellers From China and Overseas

What is really exciting to us is that we are going to bring top Chinese export e-commerce (Amazon) sellers with top international e-commerce (Amazon FBA) sellers. We see top events around the world for English speaking sellers, and we hear about Chinese (Chinese language only) seller events – yet there is such a “border” (barrier) between the two.

So we are proud to say we the first to bring both sides together – top Chinese Amazon sellers and top International Amazon sellers – and have them come up on stage to share.

This is what Global From Asia is all about – this is our strength. We are right on the edge (border) of China and the International e-commerce market and are excited to bring them together in the same room.

What Is the Agenda?

You can read our official event page for the Cross Border Matchmaker here – for the latest schedule and speaker line up – here is a sample format:

All day – booths around the conference area bringing you e-commerce suppliers, service providers, marketplaces, and other relevant and new concepts for you to build and grow your e-commerce business.

Morning – Speaker sessions from sellers, suppliers, and marketplaces. We start the day off with a great lineup, 20 minutes each giving you case studies, examples, and trends in the e-commerce marketplace (international).

Lunch – Provided for Speakers and VIPs only.

Afternoon – more speaker sessions, also mixed with panels and networking time.

The official event wraps up at 6pm, and we have a VIP dinner for those who bought that level ticket.

4 Ways To Participate at our CBM

Does this sound like an amazing event or what? We are so excited to have you, and we have put together 4 different ticket options for you to choose from. This is to cover all expectations and budgets.

1) Trade Show Booth Area Pass – Free – want to see the booth area and our “up and coming” trade show for the cross-border e-commerce industry? We welcome you to join in the booth area and this is totally free – just register ahead of time.

2) General Entry Conference Ticket – Paid – want to see the speeches from top Amazon sellers, marketplaces, and suppliers? We only have a limited space in this Hua Qiang Bei center, so signup in advance. Also, signing up in advance we will have you complete a survey so we can work to better match you to the right businesses.

3) VIP Ticket – want to see the speeches and also get more access to the speakers and other VIP guests? This ticket level get you in the general entry ticket but also the VIP lunch and VIP dinner so you can have more time with the speakers and special guests. Our host team will work closely with you to make proper introductions as well.

4) China Trip – Coming from overseas and want to get a tour of Hua Qiang Bei as well as a more full service tour from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and back? We put together a complete 2 day package (Thurs October 26 and Friday October 27) for you, with hotel and VIP level ticket – check it out at

We hope these options allow you to choose what is best for you. We have made these different levels to accommodate e-commerce sellers of all levels and we look forward to you growing with us.

Ready To Go? Get Your Early Bird Tickets

We are so excited to announce this new Cross border Matchmaker event. This is something we plan to do on a regular basis, and look forward to you being part of the first of many to come.

We appreciate your support and if you signup and pay in advance, we will give you special early bird pricing.

If you are a GFAVIP member, also check our private forum for a special price and link. Interested in becoming part of our private membership? Check out full benefits and pricing at

See you there!

Cross border Matchmaker .com – or simply

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