How Companies Can Do Chinese Competitive Market Research with Xiaoning – GFA180

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Ever been curious how to do proper research before jumping into the Chinese market? Want to learn how a market research associate gets her analysis done. Let’s dive in to Global From Asia episode 180!

About Xiaoning: She helps guide small and medium sized B2B and B2C businesses to better understand the market and successfully enter and expand into the China market.

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Connector.

    Introduce Xiaoning

    Where are you from?

  • Connector.


    How you got started in your career of market research

  • Connector.

    Best Ways for Competitive Research

    What are some of the best ways for foreign companies to do competitive research

  • Connector.

    Market Changes

    How to keep on top of the market changes

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    Chinese Company Name

    Picking a Chinese company name – what is the best way?

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    Chinese Translations

    Some “chinese translations” gone wrong

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    Talk about Your services – and then – Mike can talk about how to get your services on the GFA marketplace

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Global From Asia Events
Xiaoning’s market listing on GFA market to help you find a Chinese name for your company (good price!)
Xiaoning’s profile on GFA market
Best Buy
Coca cola

Episode Length 23:11

Thank you Xiaoning for today’s podcast. If you guys are interested in using her services, she has a few for you to choose from – from small tasks like helping pick a Chinese company name (or even personal name) to deep competitive analysis in the Chinese market. We have these as packages on our GFA market – check them out today in the links above!

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