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In today’s episode, we have a good one. It just a little case study and we are getting some insights from a good friend of mine – Peter Luxenburg,  about getting into Amazon, exiting and finding your funding. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Peter

    We have known each other in the Hong Kong ecommerce community for a couple years now – it is great to have you on the show. You’ve built and sold Ecommerce businesses and worked with amazing brands around the world. Can you give a brief intro for those tuning in today?

  • How did it all Start?

    Can you tell us about how it all began? How did you start the products and the sourcing?

  • The Value of Private Labels

    The real value is in the brand long-term.

  • Pros and Cons

  • To Scale or to Sell

    Scaling an inventory based business takes more capital and, to grow it, you gotta usually invest more money into it

  • What have you learned from working with different customers?

    Everything has to be very clear from the beginning and everything has to be coming well, communicated and agreed upon so that people can enter an agreement and exit an agreement without any hard feelings

  • How can people learn more about what you are offering?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Peter’s VIP Page
ScandAsia magazine featuring Peter Luxenburg
Peter’s Company
√ Visit our GFA partner – Mercury – for US banking solutons for your ecommerce businesss

Episode Length 42:23

Thank you so much Peter. I really enjoyed that. Hope everybody enjoyed it too and got motivated to just take action and make it happen.

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[00:00:00] Episode 341 Global From Asia. We’re in 2021. We’ve got a nice little case study. It’s a friend of mine and it’s a, it’s a good one. Again, some insights about getting into Amazon, exiting and finding your funding, what you really like to do. Let’s tune in. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:29] And now your host, Michael Michelini. Thank you everybody for choosing to put me in your earbuds. I noticed mostly audio, but I got to lay down. I feel, I feel fat. I think I am fat. I think all of us maybe gained some weight. Last year, I’m kind of letting go. I had, my father-in-law’s birthday was this past week, grandpa Wong, and we had a nice birthday cake, you know, kind of letting go of my diet, you know, like, I guess somewhat Keto or low carbs, low carb, letting it go seeing it now, as I see myself on video recording, but, and, Sorry.

[00:01:15] I shouldn’t even cough. It’s dangerous to cough, but I just had my second COVID test of 2021 here in Shenyang, China. They want us to test twice a week. They’re turning schools into hospitals and testing centers and turning teachers into nurses. Guess it’s better than building a new hospital. They’re converting schools to hospitals now.

[00:01:35] What a normal, new way of life, hope you are staying happy and healthy. It’s getting really kind of, honestly, a little bit scary. More of my friends I talked to have gotten COVID and it’s getting to be like a normal thing.

[00:01:51] Let’s just stay positive. I think that’s best the best thing we can do, but, and to keep learning and keep challenging ourselves. I hope today’s show’s gonna motivate you. Peter Luxembourg. Really nice guy, really active in the communities in Hong Kong and South China. In our GFAVIP membership as well. Thanks for his support.

[00:02:11] We get to talk to him about his story, you know, how he was from sourcing into Amazon and how he got out again and how he’s still involved and know the thought process and the mindset. And the, you know, there are some ways to differentiate. It’s a really fascinating conversation. I’m really happy. We got him on the show.

[00:02:27] Finally, he’s been on the list for a long time, so let’s take it away and listen to the show. We are proud to say mercury.com is one of our sponsors here at Global from Asia. It’s been a pleasure working with them and we use what we say. At least we try to use it and we’re actually using it. We’re using this for our latest Amazon brand and we applied for mercury.

[00:02:48] We got it online, have our checking, a savings account, virtual debit card, physical debit card. And it, we use the statements who apply for seller central and we got seller central approved. So we went through the whole process so far, so good, no application fee all online. It’s a dream come true for many people, because I would know how much of a hassle banking is especially us banking for non-Americans and they are helping those kinds of people.

[00:03:13] And they’re supporting the show. So if you wanna check them out the, even give a little bit of a bonus to you and I, to you and I for using our link. So check it out at globalfromasia.com/mercury. Hope to help you out with that. Okay. Thank you everybody for choosing to listen to another Global from Asia podcast, Peter has been on my list for a long time, so I’m happy to happy to finally get him on the show.

[00:03:38] Peter Luxembourg. He’s a Swedish entrepreneur based in Hong Kong Frost Limited Amazon Seller e-entrepreneur. Amazon consultants and all around nice guy and really helpful in the community. So thanks for, uh, thanks for coming on the show and, and, and doing this with us today, Peter. Hey, thanks Mike. I’m glad to be here today.

[00:04:02] Yeah, we’ve been, we’ve been talking about having this for a while now, so I’m glad to be finally here. And, hopefully it brings something to the table. Yeah, for sure. I mean, even, always, we have, we have our, our one-on-ones in Hong Kong in the past and, and then the community. So, so maybe just for those that aren’t familiar, you mind giving us a little bit of how you got started in the, into e-commerce and business.

[00:04:32] Sure. So, like you mentioned, I’m from Sweden originally. I moved out to China in, back in 2007, uh, in a completely different venture, came across some Amazon sellers in 2011, very early on. And, I jumped on the train in 2013. And started to develop my own private label as a side business, to my full daytime job that I had.

[00:05:04] And, in 2014, I felt like that if I want to develop it further to the next level, I would have to put full focus on it. So I resigned from that job I had. And, I’ve been working on Amazon since end of 2014. Full-time. Awesome. Awesome. Congrats. Yeah. I mean, the wave has been, it’s been growing like crazy, so you definitely made the right move.

[00:05:33] So how did you, I mean, Let’s. Yeah, let’s talk about the, you know, I think as a fun story to learn a little bit of a story, so yeah. You’re like in China and you’re, you’re hearing about Amazon and e-commerce so how did, how did it start? Like, I guess, how did, how did you maybe start the products or the sourcing, you know, the, the beginnings.

[00:05:59] Like I said, I am, the guy I came across in 2011. I mean, it was so early on, he was another Swedish guy. He was a former poker player, which had been living in Guatemala for four years, making a living out of home. And then he came, he and a couple of American guys, they, they, they started this Amazon thing, you know, and back then it was very hush-hush.

[00:06:24] So they moved to Shenzhen and the Swedish guy was actually a former university colleague of mine from Sweden. And we just bumped into each other on the street in Shenzhen. And I was like, what are you doing here? And he was like, what are you doing here? You know, Oh, we haven’t been spoken, speaking to each other for over 10 years.

[00:06:44] So it was quite fun. And he told me about this, you know, B2C Amazon and this and that. We’ll say, John, his name is John. And I said, listen, you’re a Swedish guy. Yeah. So my friend in Shenzhen showed me what he was doing. And we were living opposite houses in a place called  Shekou, a lot of foreigners living up in there and say, come over.

[00:07:08] I show him what I’m doing. Well, I was, said I was working B2B. That was what I was doing in a completely different industry. And I came up to his apartment which was a three bedroom apartment and he and another American guy was sharing that flat. And in the living room there, there was sitting 10 people like Chinese workers picking and packing stuff, you know, and I was like, this is crazy what he was doing.

[00:07:38] You know, he said I’m shipping them to send to Amazon. So. Hold on a second. And then the door rang and a DHL guy came and he picked up packages and off that went and I was standing there for one hour watching this picking and packing and you know, bundling stuff. And they were doing very nice labeling putting in some insert cards and.

[00:08:00] And another DHL guy come and picks up another box. And this was going on. I was like, this is crazy. And we met a couple of weeks later and he had moved them to another bigger apartment. And the next time I visited him, there was 20 people in his apartment picking and packing. And then he said that, you know, that whatever he went to to buy in, whether it was Huaqiangbei or Lukou, he packed his bag.

[00:08:26] And then they stuffed it and shipped it. Well, as you said, as soon as it lands in our Amazon warehouse itself, when it comes in, as I told them, you have to tell me more about that. So I was a little bit slow starter because I was comfortable with my life B2B, fixed job, fixing car, but I got curious and eventually I started to work a little bit for him, especially on the sourcing side and operational side because he was traveling.

[00:08:57] So I took care of him when he was not, not around. And then he said, why don’t you start? And I say, I don’t know how to start, you know. And they said, listen, there’s this super cool ASM course as well,, amazing selling machine, you know, what’s yeah, it was not the first one. It was like the number two, the second release they had, it was seven of course cost a few thousand dollars, but I thought, okay, if you promise you mentor me, do the investment and I’ll be happy to, like, I take you in as a shareholder and you like to be my mentor and I work on this and you helped me in developing the on sky short.

[00:09:37] So I think my first product, according to the model that the course was giving and with the input of my new mentor and that’s how I picked my first product, you know, and, uh, One product was amazing. Just the feeling of get your first sale that whilst I called them up first sale, I said, yeah, sure. More would come more calm.

[00:10:02] Don’t worry. Yes. Okay, cool. And off we went, you know, and like I said, I did that as a side business for a year before I dropped my job.

[00:10:14] I was, I was still living in Shenzhen back down. Okay. And then the matrix, I moved to Hong Kong and I’ve been living in Hong Kong past eight years. Yeah. Okay. Exciting. Really exciting. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a good, you made that decision. I think there’s a lot of people there’s always this joke right.

[00:10:34] In the Amazon community or the entrepreneur community that is it too late, you know? Everybody. Like, everybody always feels like it’s already too late. Like there’s too many people doing it. It’s too competitive. You know, we, I think even in 2013, 14, I feel like people were saying that. So I, you know, I think that’s a very common question issue now.

[00:10:58] I mean, what would you tell somebody as saying that now? You know, I mean, I feel it there’s always this hesitation, right? Yeah. I mean already, like you said, 2014, there was like hesitation. Yeah. Is it too late? You know? And back then, you know, the, I think the Chinese IP addresses were blocked, so the Chinese centers could not even open up.

[00:11:20] And then a few years later that was possible and there were, there were millions of centers coming on board and then one would see the obstacles like, okay, that’s definitely too late, but it wasn’t too late. Right. So there is. Every year there’s always something that you would see as a threat or some reason why it should not start.

[00:11:42] But what I, what I can see from my own experience is that the most important thing is that first of all is not too late. And the best thing you could do, even though you don’t find your perfect product is just to jump on board and learn the ropes with some things so that you cannot. Learn, right. I mean, every obstacle or danger you can foresee.

[00:12:07] That’s good. Of course. But don’t let that stop. You just kind of guide you in the other direction, but I think, you know, I guess one thing to note, though, from what you did is were you, did you do a private label from the beginning? Cause ASM was private label. You know, I think your friend you mentioned was just buying.

[00:12:26] Was he doing private label or was he just doing like arbitrage? Was he, had his own listings? I mean, I think let’s see. He must do. He said that he said the key to success was to own buy box, right. And own the buy box. You will definitely go for, for private label. So there was never any talk about reselling or doing any kind of arbitrage of other products.

[00:12:49] Private labels straight on own the buy box, the customer, you know, and was his highest priority, which she, which I have kind of inherited was customer service. I really put the customer first develop product. The customer wants. Meet every critic or meet every review, comment, everything own the customer dialogue.

[00:13:15] That was his keys to success because he said the more positive reviews he gained, the better sale got. Right. So. Private label on the buy box, on the customer relationship as far as you can with Amazon review management. Yeah. Well, yeah. So I think that’s an important part to say, like, you know, your friend and you, and what I think the key to success is having, you know, I w like to show, you know, especially, well, we have an advantage being an Asia too, but I think no matter where is owning the brand, I think the brand is the main.

[00:13:53] Valley, of course you could get cashflow on Amazon or drop shipping or, you know, selling online. But I think the real value is, is in the brand long-term right. Like people recognizing and, you know, and then like you said, owning the buy box. So I think that’s, that was a smart decision rather than some people, you know, they got high turnover, you know, and there’s retail, arbitrage RA, you know, but I think we usually talk about PL private label, you know, here and then owning the, like you said, owning the experience, making your own listings, your own photo.

[00:14:26] Right? So you did all of that of course from the beginning, from day one, right? I think, yeah, that’s, that’s what I was. I ended up what I learned, but of course over the years I’ve tried other things as well. I re arbitrage, I tried reselling try different different things. So,yeah, I think there’s, there’s maybe the label doesn’t suit everybody.

[00:14:54] Of course. There’s definitely advantages for that. It also means that you probably tie up more cash because you have to buy margin inventory. So everything has its pros and cons, but I think if you’re looking at building something longterm and asset that you want to want to sell. You know, I sold, one of my brands, if you’re willing, how much you could share, that would be an image.

[00:15:22] I think a lot of people always love to hear that whatever you’re willing or able to share. Yeah. Like, I guess, I don’t know if you want to get to that step or if there’s something more before to sell, do you want to share, or do you want to go to the cell now? Yeah, we can. When we can, I think we can jump a little bit back and forth here because

[00:15:42] to each other. Right. But, to, to, to continue on that track, sure. My full focus was building a private label brand. I mean, I didn’t want anything else to start me. Right. And then building another brand next to it. That was not the same category, kind of spread the risks and reach out to more customers.

[00:16:02] But if we rewind a little bit, what happened then when they opened up the possibility for Chinese sellers to get on a platform, was that it put more pressure on being more innovative as a product developer or putting product offers there because. Instead of just buying something and then do private label and then resell it, it, it, it became more, a competitive situation on, on simple products.

[00:16:31] So that made the whole experience, um, a little bit more advanced because you had to kind of combine different factories or actually develop your own products, not just buy something off the shelf and put your label on it. So it was, it was. Hard to see the, those easy sell disappear, but it also puts some pressure and you to kind of be more innovative and actually bring more to the customer.

[00:17:01] Right. So I think for, for Amazon as a platform, that was a very smart move. First of all, to create that abundance catalog, but also to create more offers that the customers actually found more attractive on, on, on Amazon that they couldn’t find on the regular meat. Agreed. Yeah. Also continuing to building that till 2018, when I decided, there was two way to go for the brand either to partner up with somebody, to.

[00:17:39] To make it a much bigger brand than I had, uh, built by myself by my own resources until then. So I had a potential partner to, to work with the Shenzen company, which had the manufacturing capabilities and some other resources. So I could kind of bring them on, give up some equity and then build it up.

[00:18:06] The other lead I had was that I got from one of the global sources summit here in Hong Kong was one of these online business brokers that I started to talk to start a dialogue, and then it ended up and that’s okay. I list, I list the brand. Let’s see what happening. And, um, in my private life, you know, I had this.

[00:18:35] And, you know, I, I married, you know, I moved to Hong Kong and had one kid, second kid, and then third Ramos commonly at the whole time. Oh my God. You know, uh, working full time, you know, my wife also worked full-time in Hong Kong and these kids just, you know, required time and resources, same page. Yeah, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

[00:19:04] So, and so when I had that and I stood in front of those two decisions, whether to partner up and putting, like, build the brand to the next step, we’ll give up equity or to success and making kind of a soft, easy exit to get some breathing space. I thought that I take the second option because they realized that although I built a brand though and built a, some kind of an asset long-term, there was too much insecurity in it.

[00:19:44] Like how much more money I had to put in and how much money I would get to now versus two years or five years down the lane. And, and I got curious how it is closed circle. Yes. It was just too tempting to just do it. You’ve done it yourself to me was it was not a life changing moment, honestly speaking, but it gave me a well needed breathing space.

[00:20:19] And, And time to focus on what’s actually important in life is family. So it’s, I don’t regret that decision for a, for a second. Yeah, it was fun. Yeah. I think it’s a common point that a lot of sellers get to just like you’re saying, and I’ll just kind of recap or put my, my spin on it, but yeah, you have the decision to scale or sell.

[00:20:45] I think, I think we have some, some content about that too. It’s like you get to a certain level, especially like you mentioned earlier. Inventory, you know, scaling an inventory based business takes more capital and, to grow it, you gotta usually invest more money into it, right. To grow more SKUs or to go stock deeper or to, you know, go multichannel or whichever strategy or multi-market place.

[00:21:12] So. It’s still a really good business. And a lot of when there’s a lot of buyers that want to buy at that point, there’s that point where there’s the people that build it from like zero to one, like, like you have done. And, and I I’ve been through, and then to go from one to, you know, like, you know, higher like scaling, that’s usually a different, almost different kind of business and some people like, you know, a lot of these buyers investors, or are they rolling up?

[00:21:40] There’s more and more of these groups like I’ve been a part of Alpha Rock and then there’s Thrashio. There’s, I’m talking to more and more of these investors that are rolling up these businesses that want to pick up businesses like you and have built and, so there’s definitely this market and it’s a natural, even without Amazon there’s even entrepreneurs.

[00:21:59] There’s the people like, I feel like, I don’t know, I’ll speak for myself. I kind of like the early stage, you know, but there’s so many people that like that kind of take something less risky and pay a premium, like, you know, they bought on a multiple from up from you for your business and a naked and.

[00:22:16] Since scale it more securely. So it’s a common complaint we all get as e-commerce sellers to scale or to sell. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. I mean, to sell, right. I mean, it’s also, like you said, it completes the journey and it’s like a, an ending to the, to the story, to the experience.

[00:22:37] Yes, exactly. And I agree. I also liked that early stage, uh, you know, You know, I, I packed my bags and I went with both buses around in China, six o’clock morning advice. Like I’m going to see that factory, you know, and we’d had it for a while, a couple of years and I really enjoyed it, you know, but at some point it’s like, Okay.

[00:23:03] It’s time to take it to the next level or maybe somebody else has better on taking the business to the next level. And I’m no expert in anything. I’m more like an all eater. I like, I like to know a little bit about everything, so it was super fun. And when people ask me, of course afterwards, what would you do now?

[00:23:25] And I was like, Honestly, I, I don’t really know exactly what I’m going to do right now, but maybe I’ll repeat, or maybe I don’t, maybe I find another product or maybe I do something else, but for sure it will be something Amazon related because I enjoy the Amazon space. Amazon is the future or e-commerce is the future up some knowledge for like five years.

[00:23:52] I don’t want to throw that out the window. So. I don’t know what to do, but I will be something Amazon related for sure. Yeah. Yeah. So, so if I can continue what next let’s go on. Yes. Sorry. You can take it from here. It’s great. You know, thanks to those, Global Sources Summit, the meetups that we had in Hong Kong and, the, the trade shows and the summits and.

[00:24:22] The network that you develop over the years, that both within the Amazon space, but also externally people knowing that you are an Amazon guy, has brought a new business opportunities in front of me. And that has mainly been done in consulting, like pretty much helping others get on the platform and to establish it as a, say, sales channel to their, to their existing businesses.

[00:24:55] So I have not been so much of a help to startups or entrepreneurs that wants to start from scratch. I’ve been a baby to give advice, but then I stopped being my core business. So I’ve been more working with brands that are already established in the traditional retail. And when I say brands for, for my, for me, it says I’m a Swedish, I’m more familiar with Europe than I am in the U S those customers have mainly been European brands.

[00:25:29] So that means also that, uh, for them to go on, Amazon has been. To go on Amazon in Europe, like UK, mainly Germany and France. Those three countries have gone in the countries having in, focusing on. Okay. So, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And, I always, I actually kept, I had two, two businesses in Europe today, which is my own Amazon accounts.

[00:26:02] Where I also offer customers who don’t want to have their own selling account, where they want to have some help with the management of it. They just simply want to get sales phenomenon, but they don’t really care whether it’s from their own account or from somebody else. So I offered this kind of a reseller retail solution where they pretty much, I use my account and I.

[00:26:30] Technically speaking, I buy an SAP. You could say nice. Okay. Interesting. I didn’t know that. So I do that in, in, in, in those three marketplaces in the UK, France and Germany. Not everybody wants to be in the UK or, or not everybody wants to be in Germany. So then I have a company set up for, which is kind of a UK.

[00:26:54] Yeah, I like it. You have the VAT regulations and especially now with Brexit. Very good not to have cross border sales. Yeah. It’s a weird world now, man. See such a world. It’s like anti cross border globally now. Amazing. What’s going on there? Yeah. So I am not very. Politically oriented. I actually don’t understand why they really want to get out of we’re very similar.

[00:27:27] Yeah. We’re just business people. I don’t like politics. Yeah. I don’t know either. Yeah. But that’s all I didn’t know about that. That’s really cool service. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m, what I’m doing at the moment. So there’s different. Every customer has their different needs and I can’t satisfy everyone.

[00:27:45] So I turn some down of course, which I’ve used, I think the keys to success. So for everybody to be happy is that there is a, there is a good match in communication and common goals. And expectations so that it won’t be any friction. Everything has to be very clear from the beginning and everything has to be coming well, communicated and agreed upon so that people can enter an agreement and exit an agreement without any hard feelings.

[00:28:22] So that’s something I learned also from, from, from working with different, with different customers that they expectations are so different from what they can get from Amazon or not. Yeah, for sure. Can I have great sales in, in physical retail, but on Amazon, it doesn’t really, it’s not Amazon suitable, not everything is going to sell.

[00:28:49] Unfortunately. Yeah. I mean, I like it. Yes. It’s the goal like whether it’s, you know, even clients or especially business partners, but to have common goals and expectations is, is very. Yeah, very important part of, uh, doing business with people. So this has been fascinating. I, I I’m even interested. I mean, I know so many people want to get into the European market, but yeah.

[00:29:13] Even me, I did, I did. Okay. So long ago, even so, so long ago, like when 2008 or something, I didn’t know what I was doing and I had a UK warehouse, but, um, besides since then it was like a huge nightmare and it’s true. It’s totally different to. I know some people are successful at doing this, but I think it’s smarter to find partners like what you’re offering.

[00:29:36] And, so how, how could, uh, people, you know, and then how could people learn more? I mean, I guess reach, do you have websites or info? I know you’re active on LinkedIn and. Yeah. I mean, my website frost limited calm is a very consulting, consulting oriented. So, we offer pretty much every resource that is, that people need.

[00:30:03] I have a network of, um, entrepreneurs that we were all worked together, but when it comes to this retail solution, that is something that I don’t really market Frost Trusts as a company. There’s a, Frost is one of them. And then I have another business called Zoe and that is doing this screen retail solution.

[00:30:26] So that is like I said, it’s nothing that I offer on a, on a broad basis because it’s so much analyzes and attention. So. If somebody is just to talk to it, just get in touch with me and I can show some references and we can discuss it. Okay. Okay. This has been fascinating to hear, thanks so much for sharing.

[00:30:46] Is, is there other, I guess maybe what would you tell somebody? You know, we’re just entering 20, 21. The show will be online in January. You know, what’s the general advice to people, you know, getting into this or, or growing this, you know, and I think we’re both on the same page. E-commerce is the future.

[00:31:04] Amazon obviously is a dominant force in e-commerce in the West, you know, what, what are some tips or feedback for people nowadays that you think to wrap it up today? I, I, definitely think it’s important to kind of network and get into those communities is a good word. Of course it’s very easy to get information overload.

[00:31:28] So you have to be a little bit selective and, fight to find way where your time spent, brings you more return on investment. So to say, and there’s a lot of good podcasts out there. And I think from all the podcasts and from all the kinds of communities, et cetera. So if, if, I have to be selective on where I spend my time or where I kind of listen to podcasts and communities.

[00:31:58] Of course I’m in, I’m based in Hong Kong. I like to be a part of Global From Asia. Would you mind? Yeah. Thanks so much, Peter. It’s great to have you. I know entrepreneurial spirit, that’s all around you and all the people that you interact with so that I take as a general business advice and entrepreneurial inspiration.

[00:32:20] When it comes to more Amazon specific, if I’m listening to podcasts, I will kind of limit myself to be very stay with the helium 10 guys. You know, I like the brand new starter stuff, what they’re doing there. I liked the case studies that they’re doing, how to use the software tools that helium 10 offers.

[00:32:41] And I think that’s where I get it. Most bang for the puck, both in tools to use on Amazon when it comes to product research and also from little bit of a front end, I’m thinking in terms of product research and, how to kind of put products out there, lounge strategies around that. So. Yeah, easy information overload.

[00:33:12] If you try to, to listen to everything, choose your channel. Stick to that. And my highlight recommendation is the helium 10 team. Awesome. Yeah. I mean, they’re doing amazing things. Of course they have their software, but they do amazing content at podcasts. Everything that they’re doing is really great. So awesome, Peter.

[00:33:33] Yeah, we just made this just in time and frost limited.com. Is your consulting sites and then your LinkedIn we’ll put on here. And it’s also, like you said, it’s a pleasure to have you in our community. You’re supporting with our GFAVIP membership too, which is really appreciated and, really, really happy to have you also in our, in our podcast lineup, it’s been on the list.

[00:33:56] It’s been on the list and we made it happen today and it will be a great one for 2021 is, is a good inspiration for people to take. I think it’s also, like you said, I think, I think what you’ve shared quite a bit today, I think my big takeaway was you took action. You know, there’s so many people that are like, you know, listening to podcasts, going to these events, you know, seeing friends of theirs, like selling online, but they’re just thinking it’s too late or is it for me?

[00:34:20] But you, you took, you know, you said it took a little time, but you did it. You still very early and in Amazon world, but there are so many people, even myself I’ve gotten in and out and I’ve. I wish I had just always been in. Right. You know, but I’ve been in and out and, but it’s never too late. It’s never too late to start, you know?

[00:34:38] And when’s the best time to plant a tree. What’s that quote, you know, they say a hundred years ago or today. Right. I think there’s some I’m wrong. Exactly. But it’s like, you know, Today, build the tree today, right? We’re in a new year. People are maybe not yet in it. But they should have some competitive advantage.

[00:34:56] Right? I think it’s fair. You have, try to have a little bit of an angle, I think is also something to think about, but, but it’s never too late, you know, take, take, take action and, and, and, and execute. Right. Exactly. And it’s not for everyone. But you won’t find that out until you like really try and you should not give up, even though you failed.

[00:35:19] Second time, third time. I mean, it’s, you know, many people are suitable to be employees, right? That’s where they feel most comfortable and that’s what they want to do. Some people are more like adventurous and they want to try and they want to be entrepreneurs, then do that. But like you said, you got to get started and don’t let a failure or a mistake or.

[00:35:49] As something, uh, kind of hold you back. I mean, I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to product selection. I mean, the outcome is see is that, Oh my God, how could I, could I not see that? You know, every, all the signals pointing, it should be a success, but it wasn’t. And then, you know, you try four or five things and then one is successful.

[00:36:14] That’s that’s good enough. Exactly. That’s what it is always the story. I guess the last part we can go on from, eh, you know, you never succeed. If you don’t, you’re gonna fail or at least, you know, people, if you don’t, if you’re afraid of failure, you’ll never make it. Okay. Success because you’ll stay in below the, what it takes to, to succeed.

[00:36:34] There’s a lot of motivational stuff, but, but, But I think like you said, we’ve all picked the wrong product, but the point is you keep learning and improving and get into the habit. But this is a pleasure Peter. I’m really happy. And I know we’re both very busy and I’m so happy you made this happen and thanks.

[00:36:52] We’ll link it up on the show notes and this will be on our, our library as a good show for people to get involved and make, make things happen, which is what you’ve done. And it’s great to see. Thank you again, I’m in and out sometimes. And I’m trying to listen. I’m trying to contribute. But time is limited.

[00:37:12] You can’t be on everywhere at the same time. Yeah. Agreed. Thanks Peter. Fantastic job, Mike. Keep on rocking what you’re doing. I think 2021 is going to be super interesting in many aspects. I think you’re going to succeed with the Global From Asia. I start to grow and I can see there’s more people coming in right online in the future.

[00:37:41] I hopefully we can have some physical events coming up, need some physical, but, uh, yeah, everything online is get a little bit tiring, but we’re doing our best. And I appreciate that positive encouragement. Okay. I think the connection, maybe it’s my internet, but anyway, it’s a little bit lagging now, but, okay, sir.

[00:38:00] Thank you again, really. And, uh, happy new year. Happy new year. Take care. Talk to you on the other side. We’re doing more and more for our members. We have GFAVIP members program, you might have heard about it before. We’re going to be pushing it more in the new year. We love these podcasts. We love creating free content.

[00:38:20] We love helping people all around the world. That’s what we started as, but we are working on more. Exclusive and private sessions. We have Andy Lee doing a private sessions on drop ship tactics. We have our masterminds every other week on the first and third, Tuesday and Wednesdays of the month, depending on your time zone.

[00:38:40] And we’re working on helping getting more people together. So if you like what you hear, you’re like the guests, you like the topics and you want to get an insight. It would be really amazing to have you join us it’s application only because we want to make sure you’re the right fit. gfavip.com.

[00:38:57] Hope to see you on the inside. Thank you so much, Peter. I really enjoyed that. You know, honestly, we didn’t even have an outline. We were talking about the show and I just said, Hey, let’s just make it like a case study, like discussion solves. Most of the times, those are my favorite kind of episodes to do.

[00:39:13] I hope you enjoyed that. Hope it motivated you to, I think my biggest takeaway was you just take action, right? You just make it happen. Like he’s seeing other people selling on Amazon, his friends, people in the community just boxing up product, shipping it to Amazon, selling it. You know, I noticed one time was like hopping on a bandwagon or FOMO, just like you might be feeling with Bitcoin right now.

[00:39:34] It’s pretty crazy to see. So, but it’s also a good way to motivate you yourself to take action. You know, listening to podcasts, you know, reading, reading books and watching YouTube videos. Those are, those are great. But if you don’t actually. Take action. And I’m having to meet in life in business. You know, if you don’t actually execute there’s, you’re not going to have anything, you’ll have this knowledge, but knowledge without action.

[00:39:58] I think I saw that in a school at the COVID test, they had these English and Chinese science says knowledge is a treasure, some kind of thing like that as a translation of a Chinese business person say, Oh, this is a treasure, but without action, this is a. I don’t know what exactly the award saw. It was on those big signs in the inside of the stairwell, in them, in the school.

[00:40:24] But it says a is, is, I don’t wanna say worthless, but it’s, it’s not, not actual value. Knowledge is knowledge is helpful and a treasure, but if you don’t execute and take action, it’s not, it’s not going to be worth anything. So I do hope that helps you. So next week, we’re going to skip the podcast. It’s going to be every other week.

[00:40:47] We actually already have the show after going. It’s going to be a really good one. And we actually got the one after that going. But we got last or mine’s actually, it was really amazing. We had four good tables. We had a three and Asia time, one on drop shipping, one on B to B, with sustainability and one on Amazon.

[00:41:05] And we had one in the U S time, Asia time with people on both sides, talking about influencers, which is really fun. So if you want to get on to not in on that, we’re going to start to expand that more. And I’m trying to really focus on that every other week. So next week’s the mastermind for members. At mastermind dot gfavip.com.

[00:41:26] But Nope, no pressure. If you’re not ready or not willing, whatever, it’s all good. But I’m focusing on now. It’s just, I’m totally overloaded. And, we’ll be bringing a podcast back the week after. All right. Thank you everybody. I’m excited about the new year, even though I have twice a week COVID tests, we gotta stay positive.

[00:41:44] We got to, and it sounds busy. COVID positive, so close together, but we got to. You know, think of the bright side, think of the new normal and to, you know, if you’re a good at e-commerce online business, you have an advantage and you got to use that and hope this show has helped you get there. That’s it.

[00:42:02] Sign it off. Take care. Bye-bye. To get more involved, running an international business. Please visit our website www.globalfromasia.com. That’s www.globalfromasia.com. Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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