Use Case of Bitcoin Transfer To Skip International Transfer Fees w/ Adrian Bye

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Looking for examples on using bitcoin for your international business? Welcome to episode 94 of Global From Asia!

Summer is in full effect, recording intro today on Sunday afternoon just back from the pool – Miles can swim! He has arm floaties on but he’s kicking like heck and moving across the pool like a pro! The Chinese parents and my wife are in amazement…I have to hold her back from coddling him and holding him all the time….just one of the many differences of how East and West does upbringing. I literally put him in the water and let him bob up and down a bit til he figures it out.

Lot of people seemed to enjoy my interview last week, getting quite a few emails from people who liked and learned a bit about me. Man I am still nervous that interview is outline, didn’t cut out some of the answers where I was a bit embarrassed, but hey – guess that is why you guys like it.

This week’s show we have Adrian Bye, who has been in China now since late last year. He and I have been in touch a lot and he had a rough time with banking and international transfers when he first arrived but has seemed to have figured it all out with bitcoin and he’s on today to share!

Let’s rock!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Adrian Bye
  • How did Bitcoin start, what is the background
  • What about that collapse in the price?
  • How do you use it to move money around between USA and China?
  • Discuss bitcoin exchanges, and getting it into local currency
  • How long does the process take to transfer?
  • What are the normal fees of using bitcoin for international transfer?
  • What are some exact use cases Adrian uses
  • Talk about the Chinese bitcoin exchanges
  • Banking issues when he first got to China
  • Ways people can contact Adrian

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 27:18

Thanks Adrian for coming on, much appreciated. I’m really tempted to take a week or two off from the show – the weather is so awesome. But I want to keep things going for now, have a few great interviews ready to go.

Also – reading off a 5 star iTunes review – this is from no other than James Solis, who interviewed me last week! Technically he left this review before I saw it and before I even asked him to come on the show – pretty awesome guy right – so let’s read it off!

5 Stars
From: James Solis
Title: A great international business podcast with honest and real entrepreneurs
The Global from Asia podcast provides you with a great insight on different aspects of international business, my favorites consist of international trading and ecommerce. Not only does Michael come off as a genuine, trustworthy host – but he does a great job in choosing other like-minded genuine guest speakers who provide real world advice and stories that hit close to home. Their stories have motivated me to start getting involved with international business. I truly enjoy listening to the Global from Asia podcast and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in international business or doing business with China.

So that does it for this week’s show – I love hearing from you guys, topics you like, topics you want to hear more about. Have a wide range from selling on Amazon from China, Hong Kong Free Press, Startups scene Hong Kong, and more. So keep that subscribe button on, peace!

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